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Head Games

Since I started the Camp Loopy KAL this summer, I’ve been thinking about KALs (and prizes!) so I decided to join along with the Ravellenic Games this year. (You may remember that way back when I taught myself how to knit socks on 2 circular needles during the first? Knitting Olympics, and I haven’t followed the Olympics or its associated KALs since then.)

First I looked at the list of teams, and found the group “12 Shawls in 2012”. I figured since I had already finished 8 shawls this year (!) that I would join the group. Little did I know that you had to start and complete the shawls this year, and at least 2 of mine I had started in December 2011, just over the line. And I only had 5 completed photos, so somehow I need to complete 7 *more* shawls this year to be eligible for all the prizes.

I tried really hard to understand the Ravellenic Games’ rules, but they got more and more convoluted as I went on. I was going to compete in the “WIP Wrestling” game and try to finish the Summit shawl I started for my MIL earlier this year. But then I started getting worried that I wouldn’t finish it in time. So it was suggested to me that I compete in the “Cast On Trap Shoot” game. I thought that was fine at first since I have to cast on and knit my Camp Loopy final project during this time too, but then as I started reading the rules again I got even more confused! Ultimately as I’ve understood it, the goal is to start as many projects as you can in the 20 day time period (?), and complete them to 1/3 before you move on to the next one. So far I’ve “finished” 3 shawls, and started 2 more since July 27th!

The first one is also my first intarsia project ever (and isn’t the Knitting Olympics goal to challenge yourself? 🙂 ), Two Face, where you use two different yarns and knit them together into a shawl. So far so good …

Two Face

Next, my second intarsia project ever, and I’m loving that one too! It’s called the Universal Kite Shawlette and I can’t wait to finish and make another even!


And finally (the other two are only a few rows done, so you’ll have to wait to see them!), my Camp Loopy #3 project. I bought a Zauberball and some solid black yarn from The Loopy Ewe and went through many project ideas, all failing miserably. (Mostly because they ALL were only charted and I hate charts!!!) I tried Multnomah, 22.5, and Revontuli and Lazy Katy, but to no avail. I finally settled on Autumn in Vincennes, a lacy shawl that has two colors but is not entirely charted (and is free), and so far, so good. I “finished” it for the games, but of course need to get back to it to finish it by the August 27th Camp Loopy deadline.



Summer Sunshine

Well, believe it or not, my summer is already over.

Last year my kids started in our local schools and our neighborhood school is in the year round program.  Personally, I’m not a fan of the year round schedule, but I don’t really want to change their schools since they’re doing pretty well.  Anyway, we got out of school on June 22 and started again on August 1st!  Back when we had a summer I hated summer because we couldn’t afford to send them to camp all summer. Now we could afford to to that, but we don’t have summer! 😦

The 5 weeks the kids had off was pretty fun, though.  We went to San Diego to celebrate my mom and aunt (father’s sister)’s 70th birthdays, and my sister and husband’s 40th birthdays.  I got a lot of knitting time during our long drive (normally about 9 hours but it took us 12 to get back 😦 )  Then the weekend afterwards we went up to Fort Bragg, CA to go on the Skunk Train (and of course Mendocino Yarn Shop!).  That meant another 4 hour drive (each way) and a 4 hour total train ride to knit!

Needless to say, I finished my second Camp Loopy project.  It’s a really fun one, and I would seriously consider making it again.  It’s Elfe, and I used 2 skeins of Cascade Heritage sock yarn, in 2 different reds.



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