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Happy early Valentine’s Day! I just happen to be working on a very nicely themed project, so here it is:

shawl 1

This is my second Wingspan shawl. I just finished one (in 7 days) for my MIL’s 60th birthday last week, and I love this pattern so I decided to make myself one too.

shawl 2

I’m not as much a fan of the yarn I’m using for this one, though.  The Karaoke did a surprisingly good job of blending light and dark reds and black, but the Lazy Perry Ranch ( yarn I’m using for mine is much lighter than I would like and not dyed all that well, IMHO.  But I wanted something that had gradual color changes and I already had this yarn, so that’s what I chose.

Valentine’s Day on a Tuesday is a bit difficult.  I don’t plan on doing anything special, maybe because my husband is working extra hard these days and maybe because I’ve already got a busy day every Tuesday.  But suffice it to say it will be unmemorable.  Tuesday tends to be good TV, so maybe I’ll get to some of my favorites.

I’ve been watching Glee since the beginning.  I used to “enjoy” the very soapy storylines but since the first year it seems to be trying to be more serious and is failing miserably. I now scan through to the songs, and only watch if my favorite characters are on or I like the show. I’ll continue watching, but it’s not nearly as good as it used to be (and that’s saying a lot).

Also on Tuesdays is the competing Storage Wars and Storage Hunters.  I used to only watch Storage Wars, but I discovered that I really enjoy Storage Hunters too, mostly because the auctioneer on Storage Hunters always thinks the bidders look like someone famous, and it’s funny to see who he’ll call out next.  Both shows include some regulars bidding on storage lockers and then their own guess on what something is worth (which seems lame to me).  They try to make money selling the stuff they buy sight unseen.  For reality shows, they’re pretty entertaining.

I hope you get to have a more festive Valentine’s Day than I do! I know at least I’ll be knitting something festive!


Back for More

I’ve been thinking about this blog for a long time. On some level, since we knitters have Ravelry, I’m surprised people still blog, but apparently they do 😉

At first I didn’t use Bloglines to read my blogs, then I got addicted to doing it that way, and then Bloglines got sold, and it didn’t work the way it used to so I totally got out of the habit of even reading the blogs I used to read.

However, I am still knitting up a storm and watching a lot of TV and so I want to keep posting if and when I can get myself up to do it.

So my plan is to get caught up, and then start blogging again! Sound good?


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