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I’m sorry to say I only get around to posting when there is a Ten on Tuesday I’m interested in! I’ve gotten sucked away by Ravelry and Facebook otherwise ;(

This week’s topic is “10 Things You Did This Weekend” and I actually had a pretty exciting weekend! (The following 3 weekends will be busy, too!)

1. The most fun thing I did this weekend was go with friends to the local hay maze! We hadn’t gone in a couple of years, but this year we were able to brave the traffic towards Half Moon Bay (mostly one lane per side) and have a great time solving the maze! My 7 year old even found the end for us!


2. “Teaching” my kids Japanese. My kids had been going to Japanese school for 9 years until they moved to the local public school this year. We wanted them to keep up their Japanese so we signed up for the local Japanese weekend school. Little did we know that we were somehow required to stay for the class (most parents do not stay) and help our kids at least. I guess I can look at it as free Japanese lessons (I’ve taken 2 semesters of college Japanese in the past) but I used to knit on Saturday mornings, so I’ve had to give that up for the time being 😦

3. Learning Italian. I go to Italian class on Saturdays, and have had to miss half of the class now that I’m at Japanese class, then rushing about 20 min. North to my Italian class, but my teacher says it’s okay that I come late, so I’m still going every week.

4. Ice cream! Our school had their Ice Cream Social on Friday night. It was really fun hanging out with the kids and watching some pretty young girls sing Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night” to the scared faces of the administration who hadn’t heard the song yet. Scary.

5. TV. I spend a lot of time watching TV in general, so I spent this time catching up on what I have left. I just found out that my 2 favorite new shows, “Free Agents” and “How to Be a Gentleman” were cancelled, so I sense some free time in my future …

6. Cooking. I went all “Will” (our former roommate once made 4 dishes at once, so I always think of him when I make more than one thing at once) on Saturday and made tacos and chili. We had the tacos on Saturday and the chili yesterday. I felt very accomplished!

7. Driving. Remember the traffic between home and Half Moon Bay? It took us an hour to go what usually takes me 20 min. And their pumpkin festival isn’t until next weekend!

8. Cleaning. I cooked on Saturday and cleaned yesterday while waiting for our friends to come down from the city. It was nice to have it done, but I still have so much to do!

9. Eating (out). Yesterday we went to the Half Moon Bay Coffee Co. for lunch (pretty good) and today we tried to go to the great Indian restaurant, Curry Up Now, but their website lied and they were closed today. We ended up at an Italian restaurant that was pretty good. I don’t know that I’d go back, but it was nice to get out with my husband (who never gets these holidays – who’s minding the store, anyway? 😉 ) and my oldest son.

10. And of course, knitting! I’ve been trying to finish my Stripe Study but it’s taking forever, and I borrowed 3 knitting books from the library so now I’ve got a huge queue that I really wanted to get to!

On Friday I started the Audubon Shrug and have been knitting away at that, but I’m really worried that the yarn that I have won’t be enough, and of course it’s discontinued! Rats!



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