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Living in the Past

Last weekend I was looking through my old photos and found some projects I hadn’t added into Ravelry but probably posted on my blog years ago. I wanted to show them to you as I don’t have any current project photos, even though I finished a bib this week, started a bib, and have 5 more rows on my 4th baby blanket (one more in the works to go). Here are my pre-Ravelry FOs:

Actually, never mind. I looked through them again

and there are no old projects I’m really proud of. I guess that means I’ve advanced in my knitting, or photo taking, or both.

Anywho, I decided today to make a few 2011 goals. I’m not usually very goal-driven and that probably has lead me to be where I am right now, feeling very unstructured and unaccomplished. So let’s see.

1) by the end of the year I would like to lose 13 lbs. Last year I started with Jenny Craig, which I do enjoy, but I only lost 11-12 lbs. I figure I can do the same this year, and I’ll be 30 lbs until my goal weight at that point. I can stand waiting 5 years to lose all the weight – it took me 5-6 years to get to this point anyway.

2) in the next 6 mos I would like to get another job. Preferably part time, but we’ll see. I’ve been feeling very adrift since I got laid off, and really loved having some income and feeling like I was helping the family, even though my DH says anything I make pushes us into the next tax bracket, so it might not be that great money-wise.

3) in the next 3 mos I would like to get our garage cleaned out. My DH decided, 8 years ago, to use our garage as a “staging” area for our stuff before we moved it inside. We moved from a 2 bedroom apartment to a 3 bedroom house, and of course it got filled up with stuff that wasn’t sitting outside in the garage! I feel guilty that he works full time and deals with so much stress and I don’t do my fair share at home, so hopefully I can help out more here.

And as to knitting/crocheting goals, I’ve got even more. Here they are, in order:

1) Finish the bib I’m currently working on.
2) finish baby blanket #4


3) finish baby blanket #5
4) weave in the ends of above
5) finish my black sweater


6) finish my red sweater


7) untangle the trash bag full of yarn I have sitting around


8) get a handle on my yarn stash again
9) finish my WIPs
10) work on my Ravelry queue, and last, but not least …
11) by 12/31/11 I hope to have only a half of the stash I have today. We shall see.

Any suggestions? Any goals of your own?


Woke Up New

So, how was your New Year’s Eve/Day? I spent my New Year’s Eve at Chuck E Cheese, crocheting and listening to horrible pop music redone by Chuck E!

Yesterday was a bit better – I spent 12 hours untangling this unassuming skein of sock yarn that I bought 6-7 years ago at a now closed yarn store, and has been tangled for at least 5 years!


I’ve also been busy on my baby blankets. I finished 1 for my niece:


and my neighbor gave our kids some nice gifts again this year, so I decided to make a blanket for her daughter, who is due with her first baby soon. Of course I’ve been making girl baby blankets and she’s having a boy! So I started over with some nicely soft Bernat Softee, double stranded.


As to 2011, I’ve got the standard lose weight and find a new job resolutions, but I’ve also decided that this will be the year I untangle the trash bag full (!) of yarn that I have all connected. It will be so nice to get my stash even smaller than I did last year. Of course all the blankets I’ve made recently have been from new yarn, but afterward I’ll get some stash yarn used up, I resolve!


Happy 2011!


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