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Deja Vu

You are never going to believe this – I am knitting ANOTHER sweater! I brought my Sisik shrug with me (and just found another piece of a previous sweater/skein to frog to add to this one!) to San Diego, but when we went to Legoland I knew I couldn’t carry it around as it was too large (and hot), so I brought another sweater I started awhile ago. Yes, I am a rock star, and I knit all over Legoland and the San Diego Zoo. Someone even mentioned it to their friend as I walked by at the zoo (“Hey, she’s knitting and walking …”)

I was CONVINCED that this sock yarn I bought from Etsy was exactly like the gorgeous skein that Chris dyed for me, and started a sweater with it, assuming I’d marry the two along the way. Well, I barely got started when I realized the Etsy yarn had very little black, and quite a bit of red and brown, and Chris’ yarn was mostly just red and black, and also a lighter gauge. Damn it! Then I ripped back 12 rows because I bought 10 MORE skeins of black yarn that I thought I would use for striping, but it ended up being too light as well. So, I have decided to keep knitting until I run out of yarn, then start a lace edging on the sleeves and bottom that I hope will look good enough to finish it off. I’ve been knitting up a storm, and am getting near the end of the ball.


I hope to finish a sweater, any sweater this year. I have been so distracted by work (my job is going pretty well, but it is becoming more at-home and less in-house than I would like, the kids (school starts in 2 weeks!), and just general malaise that it’s been hard for me to buckle down and get anything done. I hope to have a finished sweater to report within the next month!


On the Road Again

So I’m desperate to say *something*, anything before I go on vacation! I’m heading down to Legoland, near San Diego, tomorrow and I can’t wait! I already had one “vacation” this year when we went to Las Vegas to celebrate my grandfather’s 98th birthday, but this one should be even more fun (save for the 9 hour drive!).

As you might have guessed, I agonized over what knitting to bring with me. I’m currently working on so many raglans (I still have way too much yarn, and have been really good, but did buy maybe 15 balls in the past month so I’m nowhere near using it up) that I always have a sweater to work on, but which one? A while back I started Stefanie Japel’s Cropped Cardigan with Leaf Ties, which I’m enjoying, but I’m making it in Knitting Fever’s Angora Extra and it sheds! I don’t have allergies, but this yarn gets up my nose every time. Not good for a small space, I assumed, so I’ll have to put it aside.


I also started a pullover (since I was bored with cardigans!) in some of my sock yarn. It is so scratchy, though, and I’ve got 7 balls of it! I’m not sure how long this project is going to last. I’ve now got 2 easy places to donate yarn, so this might be being sent off really soon.

black white

So the most applicable project to bring is what I’ve currently got packed. I made 2 ChicKamis recently, one in my Dale of Norway Sisik. Since it’s a tank and I had more yarn left over, I decided to create a shrug to match. I have since bought 1 more ball (1 of my new 15) of the yarn so I can make it a bit bigger, but we’ll see if I need to stretch the yarn out by adding some plain black. I’ve got tons of that. It is my standard winging it raglan cardigan pattern, and very boring. But I’m using up some yarn!


I’ll keep you posted on how far I get when I get back! Have a great week!


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