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Eat the Menu

I’m enjoying this Ten on Tuesday – I guess I like making lists! Today’s is 10 Favorite Cookout Foods:

1. Hamburgers
2. Hot dogs
3. Brownies
4. Steak
5. Chicken
6. Red Peppers
7. Corn
8. Watermelon
9. I know someone who always makes a fresh (boxed) cake for a pot luck. So I’m going to say cake!
10. Chips and dip

We have barbecue every week it seems. My DH loves to grill.


Our House

Go right at Saratoga, cross the big street, and you’re at my house! Yes, we’re going to the Maker Faire this weekend. I have volunteered to clean up the TNNA Learn to Knit booth, and I’m happy to say we’re catching up with some friends who live 4 hours North and just happened to be coming here too!


Ironing Tuesday

I love Tuesdays. They are the day of my 2 knitting groups (I’ll miss my daytime trip to Half Moon Bay every Tuesday when school ends in a couple of weeks, though), and I’ve recently become enamored of Carole‘s “10 on Tuesday”. (I think she’s the instigator, correct me if I’m wrong.) This week, it’s musicals.

I really enjoy music, and have been loving Glee (now on Tuesdays!), mostly for the pop music, but I do enjoy musicals. Here are my picks:

1. West Side Story
2. Grease
3. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
4. Hairspray
5. Little Shop of Horrors
6. Spamalot
7. The Rocky Horror Picture Show
8. Sweeney Todd
9. Hair
10. Emma (I saw it last year in Mountain View, CA – it was great!)


Thank you!

Rhoda was sweet enough to nominate me for a “Sunshine Award” and I really appreciate it! In these days of Ravelry and (for me) Facebook, I really miss the Golden days of blogging!


Here are my favorites that I’m nominating, (except Rhoda, of course, who I would nominate she hadn’t already nominated me!):

Karen, Vesna, Shannon (who I really, really hope moves back here soon!!!), Carrie K, Kimberly, Chris, and Zonda. I’m happy to have you in my life!



Happy Mother’s Day!!!

It was probably a typical day for me, if not more normal – I’ve pretty much spent the day cleaning! (Way more than I usually do.) I am just finishing up a cake for my MIL who is allergic to dairy and soy – it looks pretty good, but it took away from my gym time. Oh well, I’ll go tomorrow.

I’ve been very busy knitting lately. (And crocheting.) I am happy to say I finished my 3rd sweater for the year! Not sure I’ll make it to 12 this year like last year, but we’ll see. I really love how it turned out. I randomly started a sweater months ago when I was going to the movies and needed something stockinette to knit while I was there. I tried one thing with a garter embellishment, but I didn’t like that and ended up ripping that back to the sleeves. I finished this sweater yesterday. It’s just a standard raglan sweater with 3/4 sleeves made with Knit Picks Elegance (I wish my stash was getting smaller, but it seems just as large!) and then I decided to pick a lace pattern to add to the sleeves, and I just love it.

black sweater

I’ve also started and frogged a scarf that I just got totally bored with:

scarf 1

It was in double stranded laceweight, the Gathered Scarf pattern that is pretty easy, but really really boring.

I also started and finished a scarf for one of the 3 teachers in our class. I’ve got 2 done, and am 1/3-1/2 way done with the purple scarf I started a few months ago. I’m doing fine with my teacher gifts that are due on June 18th.

scarf 2

So far so good! I’ve got only about 6 WIPs going right now (2 sweaters, 1 scarf, 1 rug, 2 baby blankets) and I’ve got to run out of yarn eventually, right? 😉


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