I can’t believe I’ve only posted twice this year! I guess I just got distracted. Here’s my January and February in a nutshell:

watched some TV
got a job/internship
my oldest son turned 10
quit my job/internship
back to knitting

I’ve finished a couple of things this year, and purged quite a few of them. My mom came to visit and, long story short, I lent her one of my smaller hand knit sweaters. It was too big on her. When did my mom get to be skinnier than I am? That really sucks. Anyway, I was so disgusted I gave it away. I have only kept a few of the sweaters I’ve knit over the years, as most are too large or just turned out ugly. Someone at Goodwill is either warm, has a nice White Elephant gift, or some new yarn.

I even got a new camera so that I would be able to post on this blog, then I totally failed! Here are the only photos I have so far:


This is one of my 3 market bag patterns I created last year. I will probably post them here or on Ravelry as they weren’t accepted online anywhere.


This is another one, probably my favorite. I got very excited about knitting market bags for about a minute, then I got bored!


And one of my latest sweaters, Mr. Greenjeans #2. It didn’t turn out that great – I HATE picking up collars. I can’t do it right and they end up way too tight.


This is Safire. This is the sweater that was too big on my mom, so I gave up on it.

Now I’ve got to get more photos! I finished one more sweater this year, and have started two raglan cardigans, two crocheted baby blankets and one scarf. I’m doing great at my destashing!


1 Response to “Reunited”

  1. February 25, 2010 at 2:04 pm

    Hi!! Oh, I like the stitch pattern on your market bag.

    Hmm, doesn’t sound so good about the internship/job…

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