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Happy Thanksgiving! I’m just waiting until it’s time to take the looooong trek up the hill (~2 miles) to my MIL’s house!

Today I’m thankful for inspiration!

In late August I started a sweater in an attempt to finish NaKniSweMoDo (this is sweater #11!) and to destash. I started with a mystery yarn that I will swear to my grave was labeled Cascade 220, but it is definitely cotton. Anywho, I got as far as I could before I ran out of yarn, and decided to finish up with black cotton yarn that I have in abundance. I worked on it slowly and was really daunted by the ribbed sleeves.

Then on Tuesday I got together with Jocelyn and Marina, and decided to just finish the sleeves. I don’t know what possessed me to try it on, but I did, and I decided I hated the sleeve I was working on. I decided to rip it back and just make short sleeves. At that point I had one done, and the second was only 18 more rows and I was done with it later on Tuesday. I was SO happy to be done!

Later on Tuesday I was sewing in the last of the ends and telling Beth and Elizabeth that I was done – when I realized that I *wasn’t done*!!! I had totally forgotten that I had planned on creating a ribbed edging so there wasn’t an edge to the stockinette. Damn! I so didn’t want to do any more knitting on that project!

Wednesday morning I decided to go to Jo-Ann to buy some clasps or frog closures, and I had a brainstorm – *zippers*! So, after watching Glee last night I had a finished sweater! I’m so excited, and accomplished to be almost done with NaKniSweMoDo!


Happy Thanksgiving!


Two out of Three Ain’t Bad

Well, it took me 4, 6 iterations, but I finally got my bag a manageable size! I “completed” my most recent market bag twice – handle and everything, and then realize it was WAY too big! Well, this week, I finally finished two different ones, at acceptable sizes. Okay, my oldest was giving me a complex about how big the red one was, but I’m DONE!

From this:


to this:


and finally completed:


Well, I need to weave in ends, but the rest is done. I don’t know if they’ll be for Christmas or Mother’s Day gifts, but I’m leaning towards a birthday gift for my aunt in a couple of weeks.

Speaking of resolution, look what happened last night:


One was still wide awake, I’ll take 2 out of 3!


Go Shopping

Well, I’ve definitely been busy in the last 2 weeks. I’ve noticed that NaNeBloMo… something has started – blog once a day for 30 days, I think. Well, I used to do that. In the beginning, back in 2004, I used to write something every day. But then since then I noticed that the bloggers that people read don’t just write – they have photos. Every day! So that was the end of that.

Thank God for Twitter, which I put on the sidebar here, and Facebook, so I can use my one-liners and keep up with blogging when I have photos to share.

Well, I sort of do. I’ve actually completed 6, I think, market bags, and put aside one sweater project, deciding there is very little chance I’ll get from 10 sweaters to 12 for NaKniSweMoDo this year. Oh well. I started the previous “sweater a month” KAL and got nowhere near 10 then, so I’m happy in this case. And I do also have a distinct lack of WIPs. Just a few more hanging around, that I hope to deal with after I finish my market bag project. I hope to finish 22 for Christmas, or by Mother’s Day at least.

I already showed you my second market bag that I made for my friend Laura. Well, I finally found a picture of the first one:


and my most recent *failure* – I knitted up a giant squid! It ended up being 3 feet long, I think! So I’ve ripped it back and am re-knitting it smaller. But here it is in it’s natural habitat:


I hope to have more bags to show you soon!


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