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Get this Party Started

Well, apparently I’m in a pink phase. First I started my pink gift bag, Beth was nice enough to felt it, then I FINALLY sewed in the handles and added a half-assed lining. (Actually, I was very excited by the fabric I found at Jo-Ann but then I cut the lining a bit too short, and sewed it on the wrong side. And then the lining is showing too much of the handle. But I am done. I consider it “done” and eagerly await the next birthday party for any girl in our class!


bag 2

Then in order to “destash”, I started the Diva sweater from Knitovation using my hot pink oddballs. However, even after using all of those, including my 1/2 skein of Fun Fur, and my “good” pink yarn: Noro Cash Iroha and Elsebeth Lavold Angora, I ran out of pink yarn! Well, sort of. I went a bit crazy then, spending $40 on more “oddballs” from Elann and Little Knits! Of course a good portion of the yarn I chose didn’t match the yarn well enough, so now I’ve got more oddballs, but I also have a sweater!




So I have now finished my 9th sweater for NaKniSweMoDo, and begun a 10th!


video killed the radio star

I’ve found J.P.’s list and so I had to post mine too, to remind myself, mostly, of the shows I’m at least going to try this year! Here goes, thanks to’s Fall 09 list:

Uh, nothing? Dexter, if I can watch it online.

Uh …. maybe Trauma.

Sons of Anarchy
maybe The Forgotten

Cougar Town (only because I LOVED Dirt and Courteney Cox is in this one instead now)

The Vampire Diaries (oh, yes, what Twilight wishes it could be.)
The Office
SNL Weekend Update Thursdays


Oh yeah, on the bottom it shows the current shows that are on hiatus and when they come back. I can’t wait for:

The Closer
Friday Night Lights
In Plain Sight

Wow, this is BAD. Believe you, me, I watch A LOT of TV and yet it is never represented in the main Fall list and the Top 20 shows list! I even got a Masters in Television! I guess they don’t count my other favorites;

The Secret Life of the American Teenager
Comedy Central Presents
Wicked Attraction (I.D.)
Secret Lives of Women
Deadly Women (I.D.)
48 Hours Mystery
Gene Simmons Family Jewels
Last Comic Standing
Law and Order:Criminal Intent
Little People, Big World
The Little Couple
My Boys
Saving Grace

And you know I’m knitting while I watch TV! When I think of all the TV time I wasted growing up when I wasn’t knitting … it’s scandalous. 🙂


Cruel Summer

Thank God school starts on Tuesday! It’s been a long one, I think, but I suppose it could have been worse.

This summer I got a lot of reading done (which has unfortunately slowed down recently), and a LOT of knitting done. I may have a number of WIPs, but I’m working on all of them. My most recent addition is my soon to be felted bag that I completed on Monday:


My extremely nice friend Beth actually made that IK cover felted bag, so I asked her to felt mine and she agreed!!! (I hate felting.)

Basically I followed the No Seam Bag pattern, but then decided I wanted to add plastic handles and it was a real pain figuring out how other pattern writers added handles to felted bags. Most of the patterns said “attach the handles”. Thanks for nothing. So I just created a short section to sew over the handles (and make it more Fiona/Shrek-like) and we’ll see.

I have also been working on my “Fake Fair Isle” sweater. The story behind this is that years ago (I have no idea when) I started a sweater with a slip stitch pattern that I created. Then I put it aside and forgot about it. Since I’ve been trying to get rid of my WIPs I brought it out again recently. I created a raglan top for it, grafted that on (it is too long, but oh well), and then started the ribbed sleeves. I FINALLY finished one sleeve this week, so I’m really hoping to finish the second this weekend.


I have also gone past the sleeve area on my latest Juliet which will be probably a cross between Juliet and the Baby Sweater on Two Needles, in that I started with the Juliet pattern, but I’m going to add real sleeves, a la FBS, and I’m going to use the Feather and Fan pattern lace on the bottom. So far, so good. (ETA: Oops – I forgot when I made my last Juliet that I knitted the medium size and this will probably be huge. Damn!)


It is actually double stranded red oddball yarn, and hot pink oddball yarn. The photo came out weird for some reason. I tend to wear all black, so I don’t know if I’ll actually wear it.

And I was super-productive last weekend, but then I ran out of yarn and stumbled. A year or so ago, my friend ARM (that is a nickname he could use AND his initials. Go figure.) who lives in Portland asked me to knit him socks. I did, but by the time I finished them, I needed a quick gift to send to my dad, and I gave them to my dad. They really fit well on my dad, so I was happy, but ARM was not so happy. He mentioned the socks once or twice after that, but when I invited myself to visit them in Portland last weekend, I decided to bring out the yarn and knit him his own socks.

I did great! I started on Thursday, and by Saturday afternoon I had one sock done! I used “On Your Toes” yarn in a grey/black mix – you know, the fancy sock yarn with aloe?! Well I RAN OUT OF YARN!!!! That really slowed me down. I went from almost done to stalled by Sunday night when I came back home to CA. I did find a couple of other sock yarns I’m going to fudge into looking like “the same” toe, but I’m again unmotivated as I hate knitting socks, so we’ll see. At least he says it’s not cold enough in Portland to wear wool socks yet.


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