One week

So we’re T minus 4 days left of the school year, so I spent this week getting caught up on “adult” movies and other things before I go full time into my “nanny” job for the summer. I got a lot of knitting done, did some crocheting, possibly started getting carpal tunnel syndrome, and even read a bit.

Monday: I saw “My Life in Ruins” and worked on my acrylic raglan sweater (to be called my “Julie’s February Sweater” because of it’s closeness to both Juliet and the February Lady Sweater). The movie was enjoyable. Nia Vardalos capitalizes on her Greek heritage once again by casting herself as an American tour guide in Greece who finds her “kefi” (mojo) and ends up becoming a better tour guide than the professional she works with.

Tuesday: Cinemark Theatres has a “summer movie clubhouse” every summer and I’ve signed up for the past 3 years. This year I didn’t do any research ahead of time, and it turns out that only one of our local theaters is involved and it’s mainly the movies we’ve seen last year and the year before. But I already bought the passes (each pass is $5 and gets you into 10 movies) and since the kids are still in school, I decided to go see “Igor” on my own. It’s actually a pretty good animated movie (except that Molly Shannon plays a main character and I cannot stand her). The premise is that there is a land with “evil scientists” and “Igors” and John Cusack plays an “Igor” that invents and wants to become an evil scientist himself. I don’t know that I’d want to see it again, but it was entertaining once. I brought my raglan sweater made out of Knit Picks Shine that I frogged from my ill-fated “A Good Bias” shrug years ago and am just about to finish the body on at this point.

Wednesday: I was VERY lazy and actually slept all day. The best perk of being a stay at home mom whose kids are in school. I never get sick days so I guess I can count this. I’m in trouble if I ever manage to find another job but so far no luck, so I’m somewhat rested at least!

Thursday: I went to see “The Hangover”. It was (f-ing) hilarious!!! I really would see it again, it was that good, except that some of that was the unexpected nature of the mystery and the wacky characters. Again, with the acrylic shrug thing. I’m almost done!

Friday: So many errands to get done before school ends on Friday! Well, technically, it ends on Thursday, and Friday morning is a 2 (3?) hour performance at school. Oh joy. At least this year we’re getting seats so I can knit. Anywho, I went to Target, the bank, Fresh Choice and to see “Up”. I had heard that the dogs in the movie could be scary to some kids, and I can believe that (my MIL was justifying how they got “friendlier” later on in the movie, but my kids are REALLY afraid of dogs), but really, what got me the most about the movie was how Carl’s wife died and their relationship, and how poor Russell was the product of a “first marriage” and didn’t see his dad at all. I should have brought a hankie or two! All in all, very cute and heart-warming.

Saturday: I missed the first of the two official KIP weekends this year. I knit, spent time carrying around a LOT of library books (I’m up to 15 at least in the library book reading challenge!), and cooking. I also started watching the documentary “Al Franken: God Spoke”. I like Al Franken. He’s a bit weird, especially in this documentary but really smart, and his heart is in the right place. Recently I also listened to a stand up comedy podcast with Janeane Garofalo and felt a bit the same way – how can you honestly “hate” or give death threats to someone just because you don’t agree with them politically? Honestly – TURN THE CHANNEL! It’s not like either of those two are on every channel every day and you can’t get away from them. And I think both of them are very talented. “Frankly”, I couldn’t get through the documentary because his opponents were just so hateful. I’ve never understood why people need to tell you (me) what to do, especially, when they don’t do it themselves. If you want to live your life a certain way (religiously, pro-gun, anti-choice, whatever), feel free. Just don’t tell me that I have to do what you say I have to do, when you’re actively not doing it yourself.

I suspect I won’t see any movies next week (there aren’t any more to see!), and will spend the week gearing up for my very difficult summer, but at least I did a lot last week!

3 Responses to “One week”

  1. June 15, 2009 at 12:33 pm

    Speaking of Franken, our senatorial race STILL isn’t resolved. *sigh*

  2. June 15, 2009 at 3:34 pm

    Busy, busy. Except for your nap day which I’m wildly envious of.

    I hear from everyone The Hangover is hilarious.

  3. June 16, 2009 at 1:31 am

    I want a vacation! Complete with sleeping in, not being woken up by the cat at 5:30 because he wants attention now, now, NOW!
    I love the little bugger, but he gets up early and doesn’t stop caterwauling if his efforts aren’t rewarded immediately… there’s a reason I call him Mr. Persistentpaws.

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