D & D

Thanks to Jennifer for giving me the letter D! Here are 10 of my favorite things that start with the letter D.

1:”D” is the initial of my oldest son, D.L. Who just turned 9!
2: D.C.: My hometown!
3: Dorothy – my grandmother and my aunt!
4: Debbie and Dwayne – my best friends in high school.
5: Daniel Pinkwater – He is my second favorite author. I first was introduced to him in college, by my roommate who had read “Lizard Music” as a child. Since then I’ve bought most of his books and his “adult” books as well, which are mostly anecdotes from his times on NPR.
6: Diners – I love going to eat hamburgers, fries and shakes!
7: Dance – I would love to go 80s dancing for my big birthday in March, but it doesn’t look good. Anyone know of a venue in San Francisco?
8: Dress – I used to wear dresses a lot more before I had my kids so I guess skirts would be more appropriate, but they don’t start with D … But I love to dress up!
9: Darcy, Mr. or Mark: I was a late bloomer, but I have finally come to realize that Mr. Darcy (and his more recent namesake, Mark Darcy) is the epitome of romance!
10: Dexter. I like this show not only because James Remar is on it (swoon!)!

And, since I’m a glutton for punishment, here is the letter “R” for Carrie K!:

1) Radio – I didn’t get my Masters’ in Radio and Television for nothing!
2) Record Stores – These were the “yarn stores” of my youth. Too bad there are so few of them left, and it’s so much easier to get things online.
3) Roald Dahl – He is my favorite author. I love his kids books and his adult books. My favorite of his is “Switch Bitch” with some great short stories.
4) Richard – My FIL. He died when DL was six weeks old (on my birthday 😦 ) but he was quite a character.
5) Rings – This is my number one search on Etsy.com. I love to see what’s out there, and I’ve ordered way more than I have fingers for…
6) Ramones – My favorite punk band and my most recent obsession. I have “Rock and Roll High School” on Laser Disc!
7) Restaurants – I love eating out. My grandparents used to take my mom out to eat a lot so she hates restaurants, but I love them. I’m a third generation non-cook.
8) Rushmore – I love this movie. I saw “Bottle Rocket” years after it came out, and just before Rushmore did, and it’s one of my favorite movies ever.
9) Romance – I used to read tons of romance novels in high school. I still enjoy them when I have time to read fiction. I guess that’s why I like “Twilight” (the first book) so much.
10) Rating – One of my interests in grad school was the movie/TV/video game ratings boards. I’d love to work at one of them….

Wow, that was kind of hard, but it got easier as time went on. Thanks Jennifer and Carrie K.!


2 Responses to “D & D”

  1. February 17, 2009 at 1:41 am

    Hey, I had a grandmother named Dorothy, too! As was one of my MS advisers.

  2. February 19, 2009 at 7:10 pm

    Wow, you are the overachiever! Roald Dahl could have fit both letters assigned to you. 🙂 Nice lists!

    No clue for the 80’s dancing in the City. Big birthday?

    And …. not one of those unread books appeals to you? What if you HAD to read one while stranded on a desert island?

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