Movies in my Head

So since there is officially no good TV on (I just read the Nielsen Top 10 recently, and I don’t watch *any* of those shows!), I’ve finally gotten to my movie list that I started taping last year on my TiVo. I’ve seen quite a few movies lately, and they were all pretty good!

First I saw Quantum Of Solace over Thanksgiving break. I thought it was good. I do like Daniel Craig as Bond, but I hated the actress that played (and the stupid name) Vesper, and was not happy to hear her name mentioned over and over in this current movie.

Then I saw Twilight, because I hear it’s for teenaged girls and their 40-something moms. Well, I’m not 40 yet, and I don’t have any daughters, but I still had to see it. It was kind of nice to not be the only person under 60 at the theater on a weekday. I enjoyed it, although it was a bit over the top at times, the flying and laying around and staring at the sky being the worst. I ended up buying 3 of the 4 books, but those things are *long* and I haven’t finished my 3 library books yet! I was also a bit turned off by the letter to the editor of a recent Entertainment Weekly saying that it was basically a 2 hour advertisement for teenage abstinence, which does really make sense based upon the movie, and the fact that the author went to Brigham Young University, I believe.  Anyway, I’ll start the books and then I’ll see.

At home I watched Invincible with Mark Wahlberg.  I hate sports, but apparently I enjoy sports movies! This year I watched Friday Night Lights, We are Marshall, and now Invincible.  And I have very little idea what’s actually going on in the games.  This was a good movie, about a 30 year old man who ended up being on the Philadelphia Eagles for 3 seasons.  It was pretty inspiring!

I started Love Actually, again, and my TiVo actually deleted it, while I was watching it! I was pretty upset, because it’s a good movie, with Colin Firth *and* Alan Rickman, and isn’t on again until this Saturday! Did I mention I was in the middle of it?  That pretty much sucked.

Then last weekend I finished up Speechless, a 1990s movie with Geena Davis and Michael Keaton.  It really felt ’80s to me, though, since it seemed so weird that these two were ever big box office draws.   I mean put Michael Keaton at his heyday up against any of the sex symbols of today and he almost seems like your brother or funny friend.  (By the way, did anyone believe that even in a fat suit Ryan Reynolds was “Just Friends” with his neighbor in the movie of the same name?  No, I didn’t think so.)  It was a good movie, though, full of fun political stuff that is very timely today after, what, 2 years of selecting the next president?

And just today I finished the remake of The Amityville Horror.  I never did have the nerve to watch the original, but I’ve seen many shows about the “event”, and have even been to Amityville myself (I went to college in Long Island for one year, long story…).  Speaking of Ryan Reynolds, I can see why he could get the most desired single actress on the planet to marry him.  I’ve been a fan since Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place. (Yes, even before they dropped “and a pizza place” from the title!)  The movie was pretty good.  I won’t be rushing out to see another horror movie anytime soon, but it was enjoyable.

I had been planning on going to the movies this week, but OR was sick, so I had to stay at home.  I do have one afternoon alone left before Christmas break, and perfect timing, Milk just started up near me.  I hope I end up having the time to see it tomorrow, because that will be my only chance until next year.

So since I was going to the movies, I had to start up a new stockinette-heavy project to bring with me.  I bought tons of Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick on Thanksgiving Day at the Michael’s sale, so I checked Ravelry for a pattern with super-bulky yarn and found a great one on the Lion Brand website.  I started it with some TQ in Charcoal, but haven’t gotten too far yet.

I have, however, finished a project in TQ and used up the 3 skeins of Rowan DK Marl that I bought years ago at an LYS that isn’t even in business anymore as a carry along yarn.  It is a very warm shawl.  I thought I might get into using shawls since they’re easy to knit and use up lots of yarn, but I feel weird wearing it.  This is kind of like a blanket, though, so I can see why it might be different than a light and lofty lace shawl, though.

*Damn, I just realized it’s in the car, so no photos today.  We’re going through a cold spell and I can’t face that 40 degree weather tonight to go out and get it! (Yes, we are wimpy here in California.)


5 Responses to “Movies in my Head”

  1. December 17, 2008 at 1:52 pm

    The Twilight books – grrr. What I really hate is that they portray women (specifically Bella) as passive. And Edward? Creepy stalker, basically. Ugh.

  2. December 17, 2008 at 7:01 pm

    OMG, I loved the Twilight books. I am almost finished reading them for the third time since August. The movie was okay, but what do you expect when I movie that actually requires special effects and done on an indie budget. I will defenitely get it when it comes out on DVD. I really do not see Bella as this weak passive person that alot of people claim her to be. It really does take alot more strength to try and walk away and but the other person first than it does to just be led by your groin. Just my .2 cents. 😉 I also did not view the movie as an add for abstinecnce. It totally brought back to mind all of the feelings I had 17 years ago when I was 16. Okay, I am through. LOL Have a great day watching all of the movies. Oh, and watch the Amtyville one many times. You can never get enought of Ryan Renolds with out his shirt on and all mountain manny. Yum Yum

  3. December 18, 2008 at 11:53 pm

    Bah to Twilight books and the movie (not that I’ve read or seen either, it’s just a principle sort of thing. 😉

    You think Michael Keaton is not star material? Think of us in the 70’s with Robert Deniro and Harvey Keitel etc. No pretty boys AT ALL.

  4. December 21, 2008 at 12:14 am

    I’m not going near Twilight… sure, vampires, romantic plot, cute chickie… except she’s in an abusive relationship with an undead stalker, and the books tell you this is romantic. Huh? Yeah, women should love it when they’re treated like that! I loves me some controlling stalker action… not.


    I just got Invincible from Netflix and am really looking forward to seeing it. I also don’t care much for sports (except baseball…), but I like sports movies.

  5. December 23, 2008 at 12:03 am

    lol. like you, i’m not a fan of sports but i can watch movies about sports and end up loving them too! 🙂 I have yet to watch all of friday night lights though. ryan reynolds and two guys, a girl, and a pizza place! I think I stopped watching by the time they took off the pizza place from the title.

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