New York City…

…or, “How they get you”.

I can’t believe it’s been 2 weeks since we went to New York City! I can barely get my head above water since I have 3 kids in very little camp, and lots of work! I have been knitting regularly, though.

We had a very nice trip, where I brought one sock, one WIP with sock yarn, one left over half ball of sock yarn, and another ball of yarn just in case. I ended up making the one scarf for my grandfather’s girlfriend (and I still have a bit left of that yarn), and working on the leftovers. I started making a scarf, then put it aside when I ran out of yarn, thinking I’d check Ravelry for someone trying to get rid of this very popular Regia sock yarn at some point in the future.

We had a very entertaining trip to New York, including South Street Seaport (we never did find Seaport Yarns, though):

OR, posing across the river from his Great-Grandfather’s house.

Rockefeller Center:

And even Nintendo World:

I tell you, you haven’t lived until you’ve seen your parents playing with the Wii:

So after a quick 4 day trip (including 2 days of travel), we were back. I set to work trying to find more yarn to finish my project. I did check Ravelry, and a couple of people were willing to sell/trade their Regia sock yarn, but I thought I would see if I could find it myself on one of the cheaper sites (since theirs was from Elann already, why not cut out the middleman?) I found the Regia yarn quickly at Jimmy Beans Wool, for only $4 each. Since there was a flat $4 shipping rate, of course I had to get another 2 balls of a gorgeous Regia yarn I found (I have so much Regia yarn it’s scary.) I must have ordered it on Wednesday and it literally got to me on Friday! Talk about service!

But here’s “how they get you.” I was getting ready to add my new yarn onto the old yarn and *it isn’t the same gauge*!!! Apparently the “antique” Regia sock yarn is more of a DK/sport weight, and the newer, same colorway Regia yarn is more of a fingering weight!!! So here I was trying to be good and use up one ball of yarn, I end up buying 5 more, and they don’t even match! (3 of the same color, 2 of a different color). I have since restarted the project, and I think I’ll end up knitting with one ball of the new yarn, using up the old yarn, and then adding in a 2nd ball of yarn. Or I’ll use it as fringe or something. I can’t believe it! I’ve seen colorways not matching, but this is ridiculous!

I am definitely sold on Jimmy Beans Wool, however (notice the candy 🙂 extra)


3 Responses to “New York City…”

  1. July 4, 2008 at 6:19 am

    Great trip!

    And… great sock yarn! Yes, that is how they get you, but I think getting “got” with good customer service is how it’s supposed to work. I don’t mind supporting people who do the right thing.

  2. July 5, 2008 at 6:16 pm

    It looks like it was a fun trip! Weird about the Regia. Hmm, maybe that “antique” Regia was actually the 6-fadig (or whatever that word is that indicates it’s heavier)?

  3. July 10, 2008 at 11:07 am

    The trip looks like fun! I’ve never been to NYC.

    Weird about the Regia but I think they saw you coming.

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