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Rose Parade

Remember way back when when I went to Portland? Yes, I did! Anyway, even though I didn’t get A.’s socks done on time (and I really need to mail them to him now), he did drive me to yet another yarn store. He was happy that it was a new store (to us) and I was happy because I bought yarn!

I happened to be in Portland on the exact weekend when Craft Magazine was having an issue release party at Twisted, so I decided to stop by. I didn’t do anything related to the magazine, but I thoroughly enjoyed the yarn. They have a great selection of yarn, and specialize in sock yarn by local dyers. I bought this gorgeous yarn while I was there:

More sock yarn from Lavender Sheep. I have some of her other yarn my parents bought for me from Etsy, but I couldn’t pass up this colorway too!

I also bought more gorgeous sock yarn. Next time I’ll show you what I’ve been doing with all my sock yarn. But until then, isn’t this great? It’s the “Alice Cooper” colorway by Stitchjones:

and to prove that we were actually there:

T, baby A. and A., valiantly chaperoning me to yet another Portland yarn store.  Do you think I’ll ever have visited them all? 😉


Definitely, Maybe

I have so much to report, but it has been nonstop since we got back from NYC and I don’t have any time to even find my camera, much less download photos.  So I’m back to movie reviews as I’ve seen quite a few lately.

On the airplane to NYC we saw “Definitely, Maybe” which was a movie I was interested in seeing but hadn’t gotten around to.  It was very lucky that the movie on the way across the country was one I hadn’t seen and I enjoyed it.

In this movie, Ryan Reynolds plays the dad to Abigail Breslin (?) and before bed he starts describing how he and her mother had married, and did it in a “mystery” format.  Much like the “How I Met Your Mother” format, I assume, but I don’t watch that show so I couldn’t definitively tell you.

In the story, there are four or more girls that Ryan’s character meet over a number of years, and each is given a fake name, then the daughter is supposed to guess which is her mom.  The stories are cute, and the movie is entertaining, but it is a bit weird of a setup for a romantic comedy.  And of course I’d have to say you can guess who he ends up with because frankly all the other characters are pretty lame.

I’m glad I didn’t pay extra for this movie, but I did enjoy it, and I got some knitting done in the process.  I started a scarf on the plane and ended up finishing it before we got to NYC, and forgot to take a picture before giving it to my grandfather’s girlfriend! Oh well.  At least I’m down one ball of yarn from my neverending stash.


Brown Shoes Don’t Make It

I’m really on a roll with my song title titles these days! I’m sure there are some sock-related songs I could find, but for some reason I could only think of this Frank Zappa song right now.

I’m T-12 hours before we travel across the country with 3 kids, so I thought I’d show off one of my many recent FOs. I did finally finish A.’s socks, just in time for Father’s Day, but I had so much yarn left I thought I would make a pair for his son A., but then I ran out mid-pair! So here are my 3 socks I’ve made in the past two years, as I’ve really been uninterested in sock knitting lately.

They’re Manly Socks (named after “Manly”, Laura Ingalls Wilder’s husband? Who knows…) plus one ribbed kid’s sock I’ll probably give to IM.  And there is still sock yarn left!  I decided right after I finished to start another pair of socks, so I’m on the foot of the next pair, which has ended up being a very short crew sock.  I should have those finished when I’m back from NYC next week.  Goal 1: completed!


Presents, Prizes, Sweets and Surprises

Surprise, I’m a spinner! I got interested in spinning this winter when I saw Lynn’s huge shawl made of roving. Super-bulky yarn was just so expensive, so I decided to go to Etsy and buy some spinning supplies. I bought a kit and had a private lesson with Lynn, but my drop spindle didn’t really work, so when I saw she was giving a spinning class at YPS, I had to go!

Our lesson was Tuesday night, and just look what I made:

I made some yarn (top middle) and even started spinning more!  Now to get to all the other roving I couldn’t help but buy on Etsy…


She’s Crafty

I have been on fire lately. A couple of weeks ago I went to Yarn Paper Scissors (my new favorite LYS)’ “Crafty Girls” night, which is once a month with different crafts. I guess I thought it was a class, but it’s really a theme, where girls get together, have Sibby’s Cupcakes
and are crafty. This month’s theme was t-shirt transformations, and I thought it would be a good reason to pull out my “Generation T” book and finally use it. (Did you realize that Michael’s has a whole “Generation T” theme set – you can get anything you need to alter your t-shirts within the “Generation T” brand?)

I was a bit worried when I showed up because I often think I’m not creative enough to make anything truly original. Luckily enough, Amy had a collection of related books and patterns, I chose one, and she helped me with the sewing (YPS is one of those amazing hybrid stores with yarn, sewing, scrapbooking (yuck), and card making supplies and classes). You’re going to love what I came up with, I do!

This was formerly a concert t-shirt from Ween’s New Year’s concert in 1999. We had two of them, so I wasn’t too worried about ruining one. I was so happy to be at a store, because I could buy the purse handles right there, and they had buttons aplenty. Here is the back:

I loved doing this so much I ran over to Jo-Ann and bought more buttons and ribbon so I could alter more of my t-shirts! Now I just need to get the sewing lessons I have been promised as a belated Mother’s Day present.


Lothar and the Hand People*

Oh, oops, I mean “You Don’t Mess with the Zohan”.  Yes, I went to my last (for the most part) unsupervised (by kids) movie for the summer.  I had no interest at all to see this movie, but then I saw a trailer and it looked pretty funny, so I ended up seeing it.  Like “Sex and the City” (I’m sure you’d never expect anyone to compare those two movies, did you?), it was much longer than it needed to be.  “Sex and the City” was 2 1/4 hours, and “Zohan” was 2 hours.

There were some very funny scenes in “Zohan”.  I laughed out loud many times, but then again I may have been the only one laughing.  And someone did walk out.  But it tried to be too serious, uniting the Palestinians and Israelis, which really could have been cut out of the movie, or at least if they had trimmed it down to 1 1/2 hours it would have been much better.

The story line is that The Zohan (Adam Sandler) is a career soldier in the Israeli army, and can do everything.  John Turturro is his counterpart in the Palestinian Army, Phantom.  When Zohan realizes they traded a big enemy while he was on vacation, he becomes disillusioned about having to do everything for the Army, fakes his death, and reinvents himself as a hairdresser in New York City (only with a 1980s Paul Mitchell hair catalog for reference).

There are some hilarious scenes as Zohan indulges his interest in older women (one of which being “Mrs. Garrett” from “Facts of Life” 🙂 ), and figures out that he is himself in love with a Palestinian woman, who ends up being Phantom’s sister.

I did think this movie was funny, and you might like it on cable, but it’s definitely not worth watching in the theater.

And I didn’t even get any knitting done! The sweater I brought with me had lost a few stitches so I spent what light I could on trying to get it back to a knittable state, which didn’t work out.  Maybe next time.

*Besides being an old SNL sketch, in the ’60s, Lothar and the Hand People were “singing” group that did a pretty great cover of the “Woody Woodpecker” song.


Party time

I know you didn’t think I could do it, but I finished my 2 Deco-Ribbon bags for the cute twins in IM and OR’s class just in time for their birthday party this weekend. It took less than 2 balls of Dale of Norway Heilo in a nice hot pink, and along with some dress up stuff, I hope they’re having a great birthday! We spent Sunday night at the most gorgeous bowling alley ever in Pacifica, CA, and these recent 4 year olds even had their own pink bowling shirts! So cute.

Stay tuned, I’ve got lots more FOs to show and new yarn, if I can get a break from work long enough to take some pictures!


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