So sorry!

I really do have a lot to report, but I have been working myself to death (as a contractor you need to take work when you can get it) and haven’t had any time to take pictures.  But I have had time to knit – last night I officially finished the sweater I showed you last time, and I finished another sweater, but I have to do the finishing (just weaving in ends) which I haven’t gotten to yet.

Remember I had my very lofty Mother’s Day goal?  Well, I ended up losing the couple of scarves I was in the middle of working on, so ultimately I only finished 3 that I had planned to give as gifts.  I gave those away and bought cards for the rest of my mom friends.  That was disappointing, but sweaters got in the way.  Actually, I did finish 2 other scarves, but decided the pattern I was using was really ugly, so I frogged them and am starting over.  The nice thing is that I know I am able to make one scarf with the rest of my Noro Silk Garden scraps, so I’m happy to get those out of the way.

Frankly, my using up my stash project is failing miserably.  I did finish up the Palette I had wanted to in my red/black sweater but I have maybe 3 balls of cream colored Palette to use up as well.  Then I bought a few skeins here and there (pictures to come) from Etsy and my LYS.

Meanwhile, I totally missed the meme that Carrie K was nice enough to tag me on!

1. Pick up the nearest book.
2. Turn to page 123
3. Find the fifth sentence
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people and acknowledge who tagged you.

Well, the nearest book is way shorter than 123 pages, so I’ll have to find the nearest book over 123 pages …

Lucky for you my nearest book doesn’t have page numbers, “Allied’s Exam Cram Workbook” (for my ill-fated real estate exam), so I have to choose the book BR borrowed from his coworker and hasn’t cracked open yet, “The Nine”:

“In 1975, as Jeffrey Rosen first reported, he wrote a song about his least favorite Supreme Court opinion, Miranda v. Arizona.  Sung to the tune of “Angels from the Realms of Glory,” it went: “Liberals from the realm of theory should adorn our highest bench / Though to crooks they’re always chary / At police misdeeds they blench.”  The members of the chorus then fell to their knees and sang, “Save Miranda, save Miranda, save it from the Nixon Four.”

And the second meme:

Six Random Things About Me.

1. I hate hot weather (we’re in a heatwave, don’t you know).

2. I like exercising but never get around to it much anymore.

3. I love afternoon tea and brunch.

4. I was a college radio D.J. at two colleges (this was unknown to my most recent group of friends, so I thought maybe you hadn’t heard it either.)

5. I prefer wearing skirts, but since I moved back to CA I wear jeans way more than I’d like.

6. I used to be really into tennis. I even had a subscription to Tennis magazine. This was around the Ivan Lendl era.  I haven’t played in years, but I still have my Tracy Austin tennis racket.

Thank you so much Carrie! I’m going to leave the tagging to the self-tagging realm: if you want to do it, feel free.


2 Responses to “So sorry!”

  1. May 15, 2008 at 4:38 am

    I’m glad you have some work, even if it’s making you crazy busy!! Heh, I’m the exact opposite – give me jeans over skirts any day.

  2. May 15, 2008 at 10:22 am

    That is so cool that you were a DJ! I didn’t know that either.

    Heh. I’ve got The Nine in my TBR stack. And I just tagged you so you’re good there!

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