Every Day is Halloween

You’d think it was October by the amount of “A Haunting” shows I’ve been watching. In HD, no less. A couple of weeks ago there was a marathon of some other haunting show on Discovery, and that’s when I got back into the ghost shows. I think I’ve seen all the “Haunted [a city]” episodes, but for some reason I had only watched one (crappy – no answers and I watched it again last week!) episode of “A Haunting” before my recent obsession. Spooky!

I’ve also been watching “Dexter” and “Dirt” religiously. Can you believe that they just had the “Dirt” season finale? After like 5 episodes? I was questionable at the beginning of the season, but it ended up really nicely, so I was happy to watch the one last night. Although I am a bit wary – it looked too much like it was being wrapped up neatly – I hope it comes back next year!

“Dexter” is as amazing as I thought when I got that free preview weekend of Showtime, and saw the first episode of season two. Now CBS is airing season one, and I’m hooked. And of course I pay for Showtime every month, but I’m still going to be off by one season (unless they re-air season two in the summer, which is possible) when they start up season three on Showtime in the fall. I also haven’t seen any of other Showtime shows I had to have the network for: I haven’t heard anything about “Weeds” or “Californication” but I haven’t gotten into any of the shows they are showing right now. But I digress.

Oh, and after starting season one of “Dexter” on CBS, I read the three books it was based on. I understand why they write on the credits of the show that it is based on only book one. The second book is very disturbing, and the third is just plain weird. I liked the first the best.

I did watch the first “Boston Legal” on its way back and it was okay, not too exciting, and for some reason I missed the new “ER”! But, fear not, I did not miss the first new “The Office” episode in months. It was very very uncomfortable for the first 10 minutes or so, then it got to be so funny! I loved when Michael got fed up with Jan, and turned on the beer sign right in her face during dinner! I really don’t understand why Angela is dating Andy. She obviously hates him. They need to find him a new love interest. Anyway, I can’t wait until Thursday!

One more piece of news: a couple of weeks ago I reached a very traumatic age for a woman. However, I ended up having a nice birthday with dessert with a few friends at Mimi’s, and you will never guess what my friend bought for me:

Yarn! Alpaca, no less!  The story was so sweet – she had meant to stop by the LYS her whole trip up to Idaho, and only found the time in the last few minutes before having to leave for the airport.  Her mom said she could have 1/2 hour and she said she would only need 10 min. She ran in, asked for help, and got this soft, soft yarn just for me! (And flew it back all the way to California!)  What a nice way to ease into nearing middle age!


2 Responses to “Every Day is Halloween”

  1. 1 Shannon
    April 15, 2008 at 5:42 am

    Oh, that alpaca looks so soft and fuzzy! Great gift! I have Dexter on my Netflix list, for after my Sex in the City marathon (finishing up season 3 currently) and some anime of course 😉

  2. April 15, 2008 at 6:39 pm

    What traumatic age? 30? 😉

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