Catching my breath

I really hope I’ll be back at full speed soon – I spent three days of last week laid up with some virus, before that getting through the “big wedding” I had been dreading for months (it went okay, I was surprised), two birthdays, and lots of work.

Meanwhile, I had been knitting, just not taking pictures.

On the way to the wedding in Seattle, after preparing at least 3 outfits that I was bringing with me (after having given up on 3 I left at home), I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to wear. I had bought a gorgeous dress at Ann Taylor (man, it’s already off their website! That was quick…), and actually found the perfect yarn to make a wrap with that would match:

my Prism Tulle that I had bought in Berkeley earlier this year. Unfortunately, when I finally faced facts that the wedding was coming up, I only had a couple of days to make it, I couldn’t find the correct pattern, and I couldn’t find my black clutch purse, so I had a couple of days to make a wrap, purse, or both (I like to think big, I guess), assuming I was going to end up wearing that dress.

The other two dresses I brought had no red at all – were white, black and other colors, so I was worried about spending all my knitting time working on a wrap that wouldn’t match. So the night before we left I went to Macy’s and bought a gorgeous ($40) black wrap, just in case. I then focused my little knitting time on a bag. Here is the result:

It’s made of triple stranded yarn: 2 strands of Filatura di Crosa Sera, a sparkly yarn, and 1 strand of some other yarn I’m blanking on, but I frogged my legwarmers that were stuck in my huge tangle of yarn, and used them for this project. Unfortunately it didn’t hold up that well at the wedding, but I guess I was able to keep my keys, powder, etc. together, so it wasn’t all bad. I literally finished at the last minute, then we got lost in Seattle and ultimately were the 2nd to last getting there and they had sort of already started! Oops…

In Seattle, we were “lucky” enough (I guess) to stay very close to the yarn store So Much Yarn. Of course I couldn’t miss doing some yarn shopping, and it was 3 blocks away from the not so exciting hotel we stayed in (we ended up driving past the convention center on the way to the wedding – who knew staying at the Seattle Sheraton would be nicer than a “boutique” hotel. Oh well, maybe next time). I did need scissors, as I forgot mine at home and had knitting to finish, so I bought those folding scissors from Bryspun and they were pretty nice. I also ended up with a couple of skeins of yarn, but I wasn’t all that excited with what I found. There appeared to be a lot of novelty yarn and I almost had a Maryland yarn experience when I wasn’t helped that quickly since I may have been the only customer other than the class that was going on (there were at least 3 staff members there). If we end up going back, I’ll try some other stores. I know there are some great ones there.

On the way home I finally had time to start my inspiration, a small scarf that I showed you last time. I decided to make one for the moms I know for Mother’s Day. I think I need about 15 at the most, and so far I have 3 done: 1 Silk Garden, 1 FdC Sera, 1 Debbie Bliss Angora, and three others I’ve begun but gotten stuck on.

They’re pretty quick to do if you don’t get too fancy, but I’ve been getting fancy on those three, so I might be only making 6 until Mother’s Day in May.

1 Response to “Catching my breath”

  1. April 14, 2008 at 4:33 am

    I’m glad you survived the wedding and that you’re feeling better!! 🙂 How did the bag not hold up well?

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