So we finally have the rain we have needed for years (I remember two years of a lot of rain since I had my kids, and that’s about it), but it is such a pain! First of all our city was officially designated a flood risk, so we were required to get flood insurance. But then we had a flood! I suppose I am exaggerating a bit, but we have this God awful covered patio that has a slanted concrete floor, and it floods, inside, if we get a lot of rain. Not to mention that our neighbors’ yard is totally flooded, and draining onto our patio. All of this was after we had to face the storm 3 times today because the kids’ camp ended early because the county closed the park/museum that it was being held at. Ugh.

I’m not even getting knitting done, because I have to drain out our patio, and organize the crap we have been storing in there for 5 years. And I’m really into it, too because last night I finished this:

The full mitten on the left I finished on the way to Maryland. Then I started a second that I thought was exactly the same, but it turns out that it is smaller, so I made it into a fingerless mitt.

I started this during “The Chipmunk Movie” on Wednesday (I really wonder why they made this movie. It was pretty bad.), then KIP it around wherever I went yesterday, ending with “The Black Dahlia” and not being able to sleep after that movie I was inspired to finish up last night. I started the second today, and then need to complete a second mitten in a larger size I guess. They’re all being made from one skein of Cascade 220. Got to love those “large” skeins.

While I was gone I was busy knitting mittens, obviously:

I was fixated on how much colder it was going to be in Maryland than California, so I decided to make mittens for everyone. I only finished two pairs. I started IM’s and then OR was following me around asking me for his “Santa mittens”. He literally went to bed, woke up and said “Are my mittens done yet?” I hadn’t started them of course. One pair I made out of GGH Goa, and one out of some Cascade yarn that OR picked out on his very own trip to the yarn store. Can you believe there were three yarn stores close to my parents’ house that I hadn’t been to?

This is not the first time OR has wanted me to buy him his own red yarn. This time he got his way, as we went to Woolwinders, about 15 min. from my parents’ house. Their selection was fine (they did have Noro Iro on sale I was tempted to buy) but their service was so good, I would definitely go back next time if I needed yarn in Maryland.

The next day I went to Fiberworks, in Ashton, and also not too far away.  This was one of those packed to the rafters yarn stores, but a lot of the yarn seemed out of control and not in its best shape.  They did have a great selection, and I found some yarn to buy, then I went up to the counter and stood there.  And stood there, while everyone there talked. I didn’t have any idea who the employees were, and didn’t want to stand there indefinitely, so I just left. I could have found something to buy anytime I visited, but I don’t think I’ll go back.

So I came home from Maryland with just one new skein – now halfway knitted into mittens. What a sad trip, yarn-wise!  I guess I did get a lot done, so that is definitely better for my yarn stash.


5 Responses to “Ugh.”

  1. January 4, 2008 at 8:00 pm

    Mittens for everyone!! Yikes – I hope the weather settles down a bit for you – that sounds miserable with your patio…

  2. January 4, 2008 at 8:37 pm

    How cute! I see OR with a lot of red knits in his future.

    Bothe Fiberworks and the flooding sound horrid.

  3. January 5, 2008 at 2:44 pm

    I hope your patio issue gets sorted out. Yuck! I’m afraid it won’t though, as it just keeps raining. You’re right though, we need the rain quite badly.

    I like the pink knits!

  4. January 5, 2008 at 8:57 pm

    It’s so funny to hear this about the two stores. The local buzz is a little different. Woolwinders is known to have good yarns, but the service is often a bit, um, let’s just say “persnickity”. Almost every knitter I know has at least one bad story to tell. Kind of sad, as it’s a beautiful store with beautiful yarns.

    Fiberworks is my store of choice in the area (though really, I do a fair amount of yarn shopping at knitpicks.) The owner is kind of gruff, and the store is usually cramped and a bit of a mess. But I’ve found that there’s just this general sort of acceptance there that many folks don’t get at WW. (Also, I’ve found the sales here can quite often rock my world.)

    I will say this, though – both shops have been excellent in dealing with kids.

  5. January 6, 2008 at 7:39 am

    I hate flooding. It’s possibly the least fun one can have while owning a house, short of a fire, tornado, or other catastrophe. But flooding is way, way up there for things not to wish on anyone. I’m so sorry you’re having to deal with this.

    You have been very busy in the mitten department! OR wants red yarn of his own, huh? I like where this is going!

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