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Another one bites the dust

I *finally* finished my mittens I started “last year” for my friend. I made one, then I got motivated to do other things, and I finally finished a second. Of course it has the same problem many of my mittens have, that it’s too small:

but at least it’s done and a pair. I think I’ll finish a second Telaio mitten to give to her, though.

In the spirit of stashbusting, I have been looking through my stash for oddballs and needles I need, and I found a WIP from who knows when. Last year sometime I was starting socks here and there, then I got totally off of the sock bandwagon and put them all aside. (I have 4 socks OTN that I can remember, and two that I finished one sock but never cast on for the second.) So I pull out this Knit Picks Palette sock, work on it for awhile, try to make it into a fingerless glove, and decide it is just not the right size for my wrist. I (gasp) frogged it. Then I pulled out all the Palette I have including another WIP I started who knows when and got stalled on. I’m now making a top down raglan and we’ll see how it goes.

I also had one of those funny experiences the other day that you can’t share with anyone but another knitter. I saw someone wearing an Odessa hat! It’s so funny when you can identify a pattern that someone has made and you’re not at Stitches or something like that.

Now if I could identify the yarn, I would be very very proud of myself!


Warm hands

Well, not really. I didn’t have that much yarn left over from a 50-60 yard skein of Montana, but I did make two “hand warmers” that actually fit, but don’t cover the parts of my hands that actually get cold. They’re a fashion accessory, like Madonna wore, right? 🙂

Next up I’m finishing the second mitten for my friend so I can pass on the three pairs I made to a local group and be done with mittens for now. I did order the new book Knitting New Mittens and Gloves so I suppose when that comes out I’ll be back, who knows.

And of course I need to set a plan in motion for this gorgeous yarn:

Yes, that is 20 skeins. I had two of the black version given to me in a swap, and I liked the yarn, but the only place I found it was from Niki who had 20 skeins! She gave me a great deal, so how could I resist? We all know “resistance is futile” right 😉 ?


Movie knitting

As you might remember, I have been at the movie theater 5 times in the past couple of weeks:

Sweeney Todd


Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

Charlie Wilson’s War

The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything

and of course at the movies you need knitting, right? Stockinette knitting? So of course I had to start a new project. I actually only knit this at the last 3 movies, but it’s done! Presenting the Anthropologie-Inspired Capelet:

It was funny, because of the two other groups that were with us at the Veggie Tales movie (not as bad as I might have expected), one of the moms was a knitter too! She came up to me in the beginning and said she should have brought her knitting too, and we commiserated on the need for knitting while watching a movie. Of course this was also the first time I actually lost my yarn while in the theater, but I had to chase after IM who kept running around. Got to love kids movies.

Here’s another interesting fact. You probably won’t believe this, but this “capelet” (shortened raglan, of course) was knit with two different yarns! When I was looking for a quick project to bring to the movies, I grabbed this Schoeller and Stahl Volare Mouline that I bought in Portland, and since the original was knit with 1 1/2 skeins of Rowan Polar, I thought my 3 skeins of Volare would be fine.

Uh, no. I ran out near the end, and was thinking about using a contrasting color, probably black, but wasn’t sure. I went into my stash, and lo and behold this Online Montana was almost exactly the same color!

It is nicer, actually, as it is 50% wool and 50% acrylic, while the Volare is 25% wool and 75% acrylic, but really at home and even sometimes outside I couldn’t tell the difference! Can you?

There is a very slight difference, besides materials, and that is the Montana has a stripe of orange/brown along with the red, purple and pink but it is so close! And I used up 4 balls of stash!  (Don’t ask about the destashing I helped someone out with last week … more to come on that.)  I’m working on fingerless gloves with the remaining Montana, if there is enough.

I feel so prolific this year!


So cold!

I know that once you move (back) to California you lose all your cold tolerance, but this ridiculous! It was 40 degrees this morning and I wanted to walk outside but I was too cold!

Most every afternoon I go to the park and have been knitting recently. Yesterday, however, I forgot my jacket and was freezing. I decided to use up some of the yarn I happened to have in my car. I tried to knit a neckwarmer, but in my haste I knit it way too large:

I did have a line on a job at the local racetrack, but this is ridiculous! I am able to double it up at least:

Unfortunately I didn’t finish it in time to warm myself at the park. There’s always today. Then last night while watching another thrilling episode of October Road (there have been better, but it was pretty good – I really hate the way they talk in that show – it’s very “writerly”) I finished one of the formerly fingerless gloves I started in Portland. I’ve really mastered Kitchenering on the fly (including yesterday in the chair at the eye doctor), so I didn’t really realize that I wasn’t at a Kitchenering stage – I forgot to decrease! The now mitten looks great like this:

I do enjoy that Lana Grossa Telaio more than I thought. It’s a railroad yarn that turns out to be rather solid with shiny bits. Anyway, if you look more closely at the thumb:

I really did try to take the Kitchener out and redo it, but I couldn’t because of the yarn. It does fit, though.


Finishing up a storm.

Just don’t look in my yarn closet, where my WIPs are hiding. But I have been finishing the mitten projects I’ve started in December and January. I started this one relatively recently, out of one skein of Patons Rumor. I tried to cable the cuff but gave up on the first one, otherwise I like that one the best. The second I just could not make not pointy! I kitchenered the stitches, didn’t like the finished project, but found it impossible to pull the yarn out again to re-finish. So one is pointy and one is nicer looking, with a weird cuff. Oh well.

As you might know, there hasn’t been much TV around to entertain me, except for Medium, October Road, ER and Friday Night Lights, so I’ve been watching a lot of movies on TV.  I just started this hilarious one, “Bad Medicine” starring Steve Guttenberg and definitely every 80s movie second fiddle you can think of.  I think it wil help me to finish the other two mitten WIPs I’ve got going.



I was just updating my stash lists on LiveJournal and Ravelry, and I was beginning to think that I didn’t have any yarn left (even though I still have a closet full), but when I tallied it up on Ravelry it came up to … 612 skeins! How scary! And I’ve been actively trying to use up my stash too – I even used up 5 skeins just this year!
I finished another pair of fingerless mitts. I only had one skein of Recycled Silk so I knit from both ends and ended up with some nice sized mitts. I love the colors, and the yarn was just so fuzzy that I thought that reverse stockinette was the right way to showcase this yarn. However, they are just a bit too large! I’ll either keep wearing them or see if my friend C.Lo (she of the 6 feet and the shawl I made last year) can fit into them. It’s too bad because I really like them, even if I still don’t quite understand fingerless mitts and their uses and advantages.


I am soooo lazy.

Unfortunately OR got my lazy gene as well. Anyway, I was making mittens for my friend Lisa. I made one on the way to and from Maryland. Then I tried to make a second, but it was too small, so I made it into a fingerless mitt. Then I made a second fingerless mitt. Then I started again on the second mitten. Aargh, it is too small! I am just way too lazy to make a fifth, or even fix the 4th (and guess what – the fingerless mitts don’t match either 😦 ) plus I don’t have enough 220 yarn. I am tempted, however, to felt the larger one and try to give them to a friend’s daughter. But I don’t know many people with daughters and the one I am thinking of I made a baby blanket for 3 years ago and never saw it again. She couldn’t even drape it over the infant carrier? But I digress. Here are my poor bedraggled mittens:

(P.S. my finishing skills leave a lot to be desired as well. I don’t know why I always end up with ends poking out.)

So because I am so lazy, I ended up making a different pair for Lisa:

I made these out of one skein of this 100% wool yarn I got at Jo-Ann. They had these kits on sale (some still have them, but they aren’t on sale for some reason) for $8 – 4 skeins of yarn as well as a circular needle, crochet hook, tapestry needle and thread. It was for a felted bag but I am not fond of felting and I thought it was a great deal. I have two of these.

So for my Christmas knitting I still need to complete one mitten for Amy and two for Shivani – for 2007. How’s that for timeliness? At least the mittens aren’t taking that long to complete. I made the pink and white ones in two days.

Which reminds me – I have a secret. I should have been cleaning or doing errands, but I went to the movies twice this week. On Monday I saw “Sweeney Todd” and started the first mitten. On Tuesday I saw “Juno” and started the second mitten. I do feel guilty for seeing movies while BR is working, but I get so much knitting done 😉

(Stash accounted for: 172 skeins)


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