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Happy New Year!

I don’t know that I can post from on the road, so I wanted to say an early Happy New Year, and of course Happy Holidays if you haven’t celebrated your “big” one yet.Tomorrow I’m off to Maryland and even though I made a list of what knitting-related I wanted to bring, we really don’t have much space to bring it, so I’m bringing some of my WIPs. I had this bright idea of making mittens for the moms that I meet at the park often, and of course I only completed one by now:

I did find the yarn to make the second, however, and I’m planning on working on that one on the road. Then when the other yarn was missing, I started the second of three or four pairs:

I was also inspired when I was at my LYS recently where they had a stole/wrap/whatever knitted on size 35s with roving, and I was tempted to start my own super-bulky knit. I settled on this one, which unfortunately I can’t bring with me, as you can tell by the size 19 needles, four different types of yarn, one still on the cone! It’s fun so far, though. I had hoped to finish it in time for the frigid air of the East Coast, but it was not meant to be.


Santa is even closer …

Believe it or not, even I decorated our tree:

You can only see 1/3 of it, but our great-Aunt sent us 3 ornaments from Swiss Colony, and I just felt like putting them on the tree. I’m going to be in Maryland for Christmas so I didn’t bother doing any other decorations until we got these ornaments.

Our neighbors really decked out their house, though, here’s part 2:

Our other neighbors are really overdoing it, but they’re not as cool as these Santas with “hogs” so I didn’t bother photographing them.

I really did poorly with the Christmas knitting this year. I started all of these fingerless gloves, didn’t finish any, then decided to make mittens for my playgroup moms. Christmas is a week away and I’ve only gotten one mitten done! I hope to have more time tomorrow, though as I am a glutton for punishment and am taking the real estate exam again. This is the last time. I work with my mom (I’m officially an office worker in their office as of now, even though I’ve worked with them for 8 years), and thought about starting my own company, but we’ll see. I’d prefer to get a job outside the house, but whatever keeps me in yarn I’m happy to have.


Shhhh ….

My Christmas present came today. No, I didn’t open the package but what else would BR be doing ordering from Abundant Yarn in a small, flat package. I can’t wait!


Santa spotted next door

I know this is a horrible picture, but I had to show you one of the theme decorations my next door neighbors have up:

Why yes, they are bikers. I love this Santa blow up! They have a neon Santa on a bike on their roof also.

Knitting-wise I should be finished many things but for some reason I keep starting new projects when I get stuck on one:

(See Shannon, I’m knitting in black again!)

I keep starting fingerless gloves. The one on the left I started in Portland, but I got stuck on the materials I needed (waste yarn, tapestry needle, the works). The middle one I also started and restarted in Portland, but I need to take a look at the pattern to see where to go next. Finally, the right one was because the Lion Cotton called to me. I was doing great until I stepped away and lost where I was on the pattern. I blame the lack of sleep because I’ve been around babysitting the plumbers for the past 3 full days. They say they’re going to be done today. I’m amazed, but we actually have a garage floor again!


In which everything I own is covered in yarn.

I was bad again on Tuesday. My knitting group meets at a local LYS on Tuesdays and of course since I made a purchase in Portland, I “needed” more yarn yet again. Isn’t this a cute bag? Anyway, I ended up buying all the Berroco Foliage in this color because I’m pretty sure I only have one of them, and what can you make with one? (See below.) I also bought all the Online Montana in this color because it was pretty.

I also joined (months and months ago) the black yarn swap at Swap-bot and this was what I received on Friday:

One ball of Elsebeth Lavold Hempathy in black, one ball of Lion Kitchen Cotton in black (isn’t it weird when we knitters and crocheters can recognize yarn without the label or any indication what it is? Scary.), and one skein of *cashmere* yarn in black! I did great on my package too. I sent my swapee a box of black yarn, some not so nice, some nice, and told her that if she didn’t like the Lion Brand she could consider it “padding” for the nicer yarn!

You may be wondering what I do with all of this never ending stash of mine. Well, I decided to do some stash busting, and do even more knitting of items I skipped while I was a beginning knitter. I had a great role model who moved me from a FC Easy Knitting baby hat directly to a felted Booga bag to socks. I wish she hadn’t moved to Maryland! Anyhow, I took one lone ball of Kureyon, and look what I made:

One cell phone cozy, one camera cozy (which looks very cute on, but I had to take the camera out to shoot this photo – go figure), one iPod cozy sans iPod, and finally one compact cozy I’m working on right now. I am addicted. Next up I’m going for a tampon cozy. I’m always carrying those around and it’d be nice to have them a bit hidden, especially in decadent yarn!

And just in case you think all I’ve been doing is knitting and buying yarn this week, I leave you with our project of the week:

I found it hard to get a good photo, but on Wed. our laundry utility sink (from the late ’40s) started backing up. Thursday the plumber came and after a good hour of trying to unclog it, he determined that there was a root growing through one of our ancient pipes. Friday I sat around at home working and they dug a 8 inch deep trench about 10 feet into our bathroom. They were nice enough to cover the hole with plywood for the weekend. I hope they’re coming back on Monday, and really wonder how things are going to turn out. Will we have a floor next week?

(Stash accounted for: 157 skeins)


I’m back bearing yarn!

I had been doing so well on my yarn diet, but vacation yarn doesn’t count, does it? How about if you make a Webs cart just to buy the yarn you found on vacation but didn’t buy then?

I made it back from Portland at midnight last night. It was a rain and yarn filled visit. Here was problem #1:

Yes, I was knitting gloves on the plane and forgot to bring my thousands of stitch markers, so I had to improvise with my rings.

Saturday after lunch we headed straight for Yarn Garden (who knew there was a Yarn Garden in my home state of Maryland, too?) I did a couple of passes and found some great yarn to buy:

I bought some black Kabuto that I hope will mean I actually can make something out of the green Kabuto I already have. I love this yarn, so squishy! I also found some gorgeous Schoeller & Stahl Volare Mouline. That was all they had in that colorway, and Ravelry says it’s discontinued. This sucks! My friend ARM does have good taste, though, as he picked up a skein of Koigu at Yarn Garden and told me I had to knit him socks.
The yarn is posing with the Ugly Dolls my kids now expect to receive every time I go to the Portland airport!
We did stop by Knit/Purl, but I didn’t buy anything, and Lint is now a vintage clothing store. Oh well.

The next day we went over to my ARM’s work’s area of Portland to have lunch, and randomly drove past a yarn store. Of course we had to stop! However, it was Sunday morning, and raining, so I ran in to the first door I found. We were inside for a few minutes before someone came over and said “Are you here to knit?” we said no, and found out that they weren’t even open yet! Unfortunately for my diet they let me window shop and I actually found yarn that I “had to” come back and buy. So after lunch we came back to Abundant Yarn & Dyeworks to shop.

Let me just say here that we have tons of LYS near me, but why is it that two, yes two, of the Portland LYS have attached cafes and none of mine do? I would love to be able to knit at a cafe within a yarn store. And at Abundant Yarn any purchase you make at the cafe counts towards their frequent buyer card. I’m moving, I tell you. It’s not like I’m getting a job here anytime soon, I may as well start looking farther North.

Anyway, I was very good. I found a lot of yarn I was interested in, but I decided to only buy yarn that I couldn’t possibly buy online. Meanwhile, I really really wanted the Rowan Tapestry that I’ve never seen in person, and there were a few similarly dyed yarns that I liked as well. Also, I was very surprised that my favorite yarn, Cascade Pastaza, now has new colorways. Have you seen the Pastaza Paints? Gorgeous!

So even though I am no longer really making socks, since I got a request and wanted to support the local yarn dyers, I bought some Abundant Dyeworks yarn, one for ARM’s socks:

and for me:

These posters were in their bathroom. They even supplied diapers! I love this store!

Meanwhile, ARM was visiting the cafe. He ordered coffee and a scone, and the lady there asked if he wanted his scone “brought up to room temperature”. He said yes. While he was gone, I decided I wanted some cake, and he decided we should buy it together. I ordered my piece of cake, and got, I kid you not, microwaved cake handed to me in a paper towel! I was so disappointed – since when do you microwave cake? It was ruined, and I couldn’t even enjoy it. The dark spot of the yarn store trip I enjoyed so much. Of course you know I’ll go back, but just for the yarn.

The trip was rounded out by a a trip to a bakery ARM’s wife raved about. (Yes, Chris, they even have gluten free cake!) A Piece of Cake didn’t disappoint. I ordered a chocolate cupcake and it was amazing. I wish I brought more back with me, but they probably wouldn’t have made it home. The good news is that BR was great with the kids, and even said it wouldn’t be a problem for me to go back soon! I’d better take him up on his offer while he’s making it.

Next yarn crawl – D.C. and maybe the Yarn Garden in Annapolis, just because, over Christmas.

(Stash accounted for: 149 skeins)


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