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Woo hoo!

I’m off to one of my top 5 West Coast cities – Portland, Oregon!!! My friends recently moved from Maryland to Oregon and I am so excited because now I get to visit more often! (Both them and the city.)

You may not know, but besides being a haven for the very crafty, PDX is home to so many great yarn stores! Knit/Purl is one of my favorites which always features a wall of very exciting sock yarn. Last time I visited Yarn Garden which is a huge store with such a great selection! I also love Lint, which I hear recently closed, then I heard it got bought, so I’m definitely going to check it out!

Now, what knitting to bring. Hmmm. Something small, but also enough projects so that I won’t run out of knitting like during my trip to Carmel recently. I’m going to bring my fingerless gloves I’m currently working on because my hands have been freezing lately, and maybe my sweater. I’d better take stock of my WIPs, hadn’t I?


TV ratings, Weeks 8 & 9, and a FO

I’m sad. Apparently Cavemen and Carpoolers are gone. No official notice that I know of, but I haven’t seen any new shows. I’m lucky I kept a couple of Cavemen on my TiVo. I wonder if it’ll ever come out on DVD, including the unaired episodes.

And since some (The Office, The Big Bang Theory) have already shot their wad for this season, my list is seriously pared down.

On Sundays I had given up on Shark, but then again my TiVo keeps taping it and there’s nothing else on, so I watch it. It’s not high on my list, though.

On Mondays I am very very excited to announce the return of October Road!!! I love it just as much as I did last year, if not more, because Eddie and Janet were so cute on Monday.

Tuesdays I have been watching House, but am less and less interested as the bitchy character has not been “voted off” and the “fired/quit” characters keep popping up.

Wednesdays I do still enjoy Private Practice.

Thursdays I am really into ER. I’m glad it’s gotten back into the swing of things, and I loved the cameo (?) by Frances Conroy as Sarah’s grandmother.

Fridays, of course, are Friday Night Lights. I can’t wait for Friday. It’s really hard that it is on the last day of network TV for the week. I can’t wait that long! And since there hasn’t been much else, I’m watching Numb3rs again. I do enjoy it when I watch.

Meanwhile, I have been knitting up a storm. This sweater cum wrap did keep me warm at the park while I was knitting it! I knit up all the Cotton Ease (yellow) I have, and created a very long wrap/scarf that I hope someone will enjoy.

Yes, that is my burgeoning Pokemon collection. I now have Mareep, Mareep v.II, and what he transforms into, Flaffy. I also found a really cute one that is right up my alley:


Knitting/Organizing up a storm

I’ve been doing so well with using up my least favorite yarn lately, and getting rid of UFOs right and left.

Last week I really tried to make it to Full Thread Ahead‘s charity knitting afternoon, so I started a scarf out of what I thought was one of 2 skeins remaining of Pineapple Cotton Ease. I didn’t make it to knit, but I did make the scarf.

I don’t know what is up with this picture I would *never* knit in pastel colors. It is darker, still ugly yellow.

Then I found what was supposed to be my Sitcom Chic:

I decided, as usual, I don’t want to finish the project, but I hate the idea of wasting all of this stockinette. (Can you tell I have repetitive strain injury?)  So as usual, I’m going to try to reengineer this into something else. I just started doing an ending rib and binding off.  Then I’ll see what I have to work with, and will possibly make this into a wrap.  Wish  me luck.


Writers’ Strike

Cool, according to this article I have eight more Friday Night Lights episodes to go, seven more of Cavemen and Carpoolers, and 0 of The Office and The Big Bang Theory.  After tonight’s The Office I don’t care much how long it takes to come back, but give me my FNL! I also feel like a long strike will be the kiss of death (and after having already made 13, they may not have come back anyway) for Cavemen and/or Carpoolers (it scares me that I count them as one, but they are on back to back and I enjoy them both), so I’m glad they have half their season/series to go.  And with some shows not having new episodes, maybe they’ll be watched more because there isn’t much else?  A girl can dream, can’t she?


“My favorite”

… is not just a quote from Kevin Henkes’ “Owen’s Marshmallow Chick”. I have a favorite Pokemon card! (And yes, I do have a copy of the card – I kept it from one of my kids’ decks because it spoke to me).

His name is Mareep. Isn’t he cute? He evolves into Flaffy, who is just as cute, and then Ampharos, who’s not so cute.


TV Ratings, Week 7

I almost wish I was back in school (no, 5 years wasn’t enough for my MA 🙂 ) since we’ve got the writer’s strike going on. I would love to study what is going on during the strike (will more people go to the Internet, movies, etc. rather than TV since there may be nothing new on for awhile?) and then after the strike ends (will the entire market be affected and for how long?). However, so far I haven’t been affected by it (I don’t often watch talk shows which were the first to go), so here is my list of favorites from this past week, in preference order:

1) FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS!!!! I love this show so much. I really felt Landry’s and even Julie’s pain when they saw their respective relationships with other people. Riggins is just so cute – I love when they focus on him, and I like that he’s helping the “new guy”, Santiago. And how could I forget Jason’s attempt to grow up? I really, really hope this is not one of the casualties of poor scheduling and perhaps the writer’s strike.

2) The Office – When I first watched this episode, I was underwhelmed. I don’t watch Survivorman (although my son and husband do), and the whole idea of Michael in the wilderness wasn’t funny. But the expression that Jim made when Phyllis called him Michael was priceless, and I just loved Michael’s discussion with Jim. The combination of his wearing street clothes and telling it like it was (as if it was all an act for him) was just amazing. It really gave me a renewed interest in the show.
3) The Big Bang Theory – I enjoyed this episode as usual. The idea of Wolowitz and Penny’s friend from home moving in together with his mom was funny enough, but Penny being great at Halo 3 was also unexpected. I also enjoyed having “Mrs. Renee” from Pee Wee’s Playhouse as Wolowitz’s mom!
4) ER – I can’t believe I was ready to quit this show! A lot of shows really seem to have stumbled at the beginning of the year, only to bring it back a few weeks later.  ER is a great example.  The end of last season was just so over the top, with everyone being in love with Neela and Ray being hit by a bus.  But this and last week’s episode really got me interested yet again.  I can’t believe Abby is drinking again and slept with her boss! I’m even liking Archie as a character. I’m glad the show got it’s groove back.
5) Boston Legal – I always am just about to give up on this show. I didn’t like it as much as the other 4, but I loved having Mary Gross as a guest star. I loved her on Saturday Night Live as I was growing up, and actually met her in college, as a friend of a friend’s mom was her landlady. That was a big thrill for me. I’m glad to see her back on TV, and this week’s episode was pretty good on a whole.

I really missed Cavemen and Carpoolers this week. I hope they come back, but I am very worried, since they weren’t getting much positive attention, and with the writers’ strike, who knows if they will be the first casualties. I haven’t watched Boston Legal or Numb3rs yet, but I assume I’ll enjoy them as usual. I am offiicially giving up on Big Shots and Shark. I just don’t have enough time in my life to watch these two. Shark is just like any other crime show now, and Big Shots is just too over the top. I am on the fence about Life. I really have enjoyed it, but I almost feel like there are too many crime shows out there, and I’d rather watch LO:CI than any other crime show. Same with Reaper. It’s okay, and I love Brett Harrison (I’ve been rewatching him in Grounded For Life, and love him even more there), but I’m never that excited about it, and do other things while it’s on. House is okay. I couldn’t even put it in my top 5. I thought it was okay, but I wouldn’t miss it if it went away. Oh why do they change the formula mid stream on these shows? If the original team was staying, just not working with House, what was the point of firing them? I’m not in a huge hurry to watch this again, although I’m sure I will.

I suspect I’ll be watching less and less TV as the writers’ strike means there are no new shows to air, but then I’ll be able to get to all the movies I have sitting on my TiVo that I haven’t gotten to yet!


I did it again.

Well, my Sally Melville’s “Where’s the Opaque? Sweater” went from this:

to this:

a lot of knit stitches, and I realized that I wasn’t sure I was going to wear a glorified short poncho (Sally Melville’s Knit-Round Scarf), so I picked up one of my other books (this one I’ve used before, and will definitely keep), Anne Budd’s “Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns”, and discovered that this sweater bottom (she creates the patterns from the bottom up usually), while a bit too large for me (but not too large for me to not keep going), fits in correctly with the “small/x-small” sized raglan sweater pattern. So I’ll keep knitting and see how it goes. Worst case, I have a large sweater and I slightly felt it. We’ll see. I am enjoying the Cascade 220/220 Superwash Fibonacci pattern, definitely.

And I made out yet again this week! Chris was nice enough to send me a gorgeous sock yarn that I haven’t tried yet! I guess I’d better get to some sock knitting! I know I have two half pairs done of other socks, but when you get new gorgeous yarn, you’ve got to put it to the front of the line, right?

Stash accounted for, 141 skeins.


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