TV ratings, Week 5

In preference order:

1) The Big Bang Theory – I love that Johnny Galecki and Sara Gilbert are “together” again. It must be weird for them to act together and not be David and Darlene!
2) The Office – Overall, a very good episode. That commercial was amazing, and Ryan is definitely a tool!
3) Friday Night Lights – I still really get into this show. I thought it was interesting how Tammy’s discussion with Julie about relationships (I wish I could see through guys like “The Swede” as easily and as young as Julie did) was very similar to one or two conversations in “Dan In Real Life”, which I watched today.  On a side note, that is up with “Superbad” as being the best movie of 2007. You should see it.
4) Carpoolers – I really enjoy this show. It’s funny and has some great characters. The dueling carpools were hilarious!
5) Cavemen – Still funny, but last week’s was funnier. Their new squash playing friend kind of scares me.
6) L&O:CI – Alicia Witt is the worst actress! This show is still good, but I can’t get over how horrible she is!
7) Tell Me You Love Me – Carolyn is pregnant! Palek is kind of a jerk! I still think I saw full on penetration last week. Odd.

8) ER – I still go back and forth on this one, but it was pretty good.
9) Reaper – I’m still enjoying this show, mostly because I really like Brett Harrison.
10) House – I’m getting kind of tired already of the new recruits, but it’s still an entertaining show.


1 Response to “TV ratings, Week 5”

  1. October 30, 2007 at 1:34 pm

    I’ve only watched Dancing w/the Stars the last couple of weeks. I knew I shouldn’t have started.

    I like the recruits, but I was sad to see Jacob (Stargate SG1) go (he’s the fake doctor) on House.

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