TV ratings, Week 3

I have been knitting up a storm (well, crocheting, mostly) but I had camera troubles and I’m actually going away for the weekend (we’re actually planning more trips, too, which is not normal in our family!) so I’ll have to update you when I get back from lovely Carmel, CA (!) on Sunday.

Meanwhile, I have been watching TV shows 3 at a time (remote, TiVo, and other problems, don’t ask) and getting through many.


“Shark” – 2 out of 5 dpns. It’s still just “okay”. I am not as wowed as I was last year, when I couldn’t even tape it many weeks because it was up against the other Thursday night lineup. It’s too bad I’m not as into it when I can get it taped.

“Tell Me You Love Me” – 2 out of 5 dpns. I wasn’t as interested this week. They really lose me at “we’re pregnant” and “we’re trying to get pregnant”. That is one of my biggest pet peeves. Honestly, what is so wrong with saying “We’re trying to conceive”? “We’re trying to have a baby”? MEN CANNOT GET PREGNANT!!! Okay, end of rant.


“The Big Bang Theory: 4 out of 5 dpns. This one is getting better and better. I really enjoyed especially when Johnny Galecki had an act with Sara Gilbert and they actually kissed. I really enjoyed them as boyfriend and girlfriend on “Roseanne” so I kept thinking how weird that must have been, pretending they hadn’t kissed before. (Oh, remembering Darlene’s character, maybe they didn’t kiss on the show ūüėČ )

“K-ville”: 2 out of 5 dpns. I like this show well enough, but it’s nothing special. I do like Cole Hauser, though, and really want to see “Dazed and Confused” again now!

TUESDAY, or the most popular night of the week:

“Cavemen”: 3 out of 5 dpns. As you know, I liked this one better than I thought I would. It’s already set up to tape next week.

“Carpoolers”: 3 out of 5 dpns. I thought it might be just about people within their car, but it was actually about 4 neighbors who drive to work together. I really enjoyed it.

“House”: 3 out of 5 dpns. I really like the way the show is working. I don’t like the officious potential employee, but the rest of the show was great.
“Reaper”: 3 out of 5 dpns. I enjoy this show. It isn’t the best show ever, or even the best Bret Harrison show (“Grounded for Life” …) but I enjoy it and I’ll keep watching.
“Boston Legal”: Still watching it, but I did join the Boston Legal fans group on Ravelry, if that tells you anything.


“Private Practice”: 3 out of 5 dpns. I enjoyed it – the Tim Daly character is getting more interesting, but I liked the receptionist better with longer hair. It’s much better than Grey’s, but that’s not saying much.

“Dirty Sexy Money”: Still in my TiVo queue.
“Life”: Still in my TiVo queue.

“The Office”: 4 out of 5 dpns. They are killing me with these 1 hour shows! 1/2 hour seems too short, but when they do one hour it just is a bit too much. I like how they are making Jim and Pam’s relationship secondary to the other drama, but it’s still there. I knew it wouldn’t ruin the show if they got together. The show was actually hilarious, but then right after I went to the Ravelry “Office” group and someone mentioned how awful the part with Michael kidnapping the pizza delivery guy was, and that made me disgusted with the whole show. I didn’t even watch it a second time. The rest was so good, but what in the Hell were they thinking with the pizza thing? Lame.

“ER”: 2 out of 5 dpns. Eh. What is up with the fact that everyone (and I mean everyone) is in love with Abby? Or Neela. There aren’t any more female doctors out there? I thought most of the med. school graduates were women these days. This episode was *boring*.

“Big Shots”: Still in my TiVo queue.
“Law and Order: Criminal Intent”: 3 out of 5 dpns. What is up with that new disco version of their theme song? Weird. I don’t mind Alicia Witt as the new partner as much as I thought I would, but she’s not great. I liked Annabella Sciorra the best as Logan’s partner. I really like how they rotate between two different sets of partners and not just two people that I think are okay.


“Numb3rs”: Still in my TiVo queue.

“Degrassi”: 2 out of 5 dpns. Paige and Alex broke up? Not too exciting. When will Paige (and the other graduates) move on? I’m bored by them already.

“Friday Night Lights”: 5 out of 5 dpns. I almost cancelled my trip because I might miss this show. That’s how much I love it! This was a great episode, as usual. Actually, they’re all good. I’ve seen a bad “The Office” episode or two, but never one of FNL.¬† I loved that Landry and Tyra got together finally, and they made Riggins the caretaker yet again. Boy is he gorgeous.¬† Poor Jason, though, watching him with Lyla (what is with these horrible names?).¬† I’d like to see his tattoo artist friend again.¬† Amazing show, but being on Friday is probably the kiss of death.


“Dirt” and “October Road” are back! According to epguides.com, that is.


2 Responses to “TV ratings, Week 3”

  1. 1 Pam
    October 12, 2007 at 11:53 am

    Check out Pushing Daisies…it’s awesome! Well, I think so anyway, one of the (male) characters knits and there’s tons of references throughout the show. It’s very Tim Burton/Edward Scissorhands-esque.

  2. October 15, 2007 at 6:39 am

    I hope you had a great weekend away!

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