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TV ratings, Week 5

In preference order:

1) The Big Bang Theory – I love that Johnny Galecki and Sara Gilbert are “together” again. It must be weird for them to act together and not be David and Darlene!
2) The Office – Overall, a very good episode. That commercial was amazing, and Ryan is definitely a tool!
3) Friday Night Lights – I still really get into this show. I thought it was interesting how Tammy’s discussion with Julie about relationships (I wish I could see through guys like “The Swede” as easily and as young as Julie did) was very similar to one or two conversations in “Dan In Real Life”, which I watched today.  On a side note, that is up with “Superbad” as being the best movie of 2007. You should see it.
4) Carpoolers – I really enjoy this show. It’s funny and has some great characters. The dueling carpools were hilarious!
5) Cavemen – Still funny, but last week’s was funnier. Their new squash playing friend kind of scares me.
6) L&O:CI – Alicia Witt is the worst actress! This show is still good, but I can’t get over how horrible she is!
7) Tell Me You Love Me – Carolyn is pregnant! Palek is kind of a jerk! I still think I saw full on penetration last week. Odd.

8) ER – I still go back and forth on this one, but it was pretty good.
9) Reaper – I’m still enjoying this show, mostly because I really like Brett Harrison.
10) House – I’m getting kind of tired already of the new recruits, but it’s still an entertaining show.


UFO extravaganza

I had been so good! When I finished my Red Scarves I immediately took out my UFOs and started working on them. And most of them are at a stockinette only section and I needed mindless knitting, so it worked out.

First I pulled out my Teen Spirit Sweater, and started knitting away. I took this one to Carmel with me, and got pretty far on it. Then I decided to cast off the front section, and I got really confused as to whether it would work, so I put it aside. That’s why I ran out of knitting on my trip. However, now that I look at the photo, it just might have worked:

It’s a side to side sweater and the top part here is the front. Well, after I took the photo, I literally threw it away. I thought about how I could save the sleeve, but frankly I think the sleeve is too long anyway. It’s made out of Lion Brand Microspun, and I doubt it would wear well anyway. One UFO down.

I haven’t actually done any knitting on this next one lately, but I do still have it, and I mailed my remaining red Palette to Zonda because she saved my other UFO when I ran out of black Cotton Ease. I have been working on the sleeve after getting as far on the body of the sweater as I could without the sleeves. (And now I lost the body, so I couldn’t photograph it with my new snazzy camera!)

Now I don’t know what to do with this sweater. It’s also a side to side sweater, and I started the body but I don’t know that I would have worn this color even if I did finish it – I love the sleeve, though, and I hate to rip it back or throw it out too. I still have 3 skeins of cream Palette that I could work into this remaining yarn, and oh I’m in a quandary as to what to do with this one.

And while I was running out of Cotton Ease I decided to start yet another project! Yes, I’m still in the Sweater-A-Month KAL, I just skipped a few months 😉

I have so many books and magazines and I’m getting kind of tired of creating my own (failed) projects, so I decided to make a “real” project and randomly picked up Sally Melville’s “The Knit Stitch”. Earlier this week I started a version of her “Where’s the Opaque? Sweater” in Cascade 220 Superwash. I’ve got 3 skeins of Superwash and 3 of feltable 220, so I’m planning on using the Superwash on the opaque portion of the sweater and the feltable 220 in the opaque parts. I’ve only got 7 or so inches more of garter stitch before I get to do something more interesting. It is nice doing garter, however, as I was able to knit at the movies this week.

I saw “Death at a Funeral” which was good, but not as good as I expected. I really like Peter Dinklage (he was great in “The Station Agent”), and Matthew Macfadyen was great in “Pride and Prejudice” (not nearly as cute here, though). I was pleasantly surprised to see Rupert Graves, who I remember as the younger brother in “A Room with a View”. The movie was entertaining, but not groundbreaking. Next week it’ll be “Dan, in Real Life”. Got to get that garter done!

Which leads me to my New Year’s resolution, a month or two early.  I resolve to knit at least one item from each of the magazines and books I own, or I will give them away to a good home (or maybe after I knit from them I will too). We have so much stuff, and I hate to hoard books and magazines if I’m never going to use them.  The Knit Stitch is the first victim.


TV ratings, Week 4

I’m a bit behind with a swarm of work and a husband holed up where my TiVo is, but I’m finally up to date on TV for *last* week!  I gave up on a couple, and added a couple to my resume.  And I forgot to tape a few too! In preference order:

1) Friday Night Lights.  I love this show and really hope it sticks around. It has gotten a bit soap opera-y this season, but there are still gorgeous guys (and girls) and I still love them all.

2) The Office.  This was bumped down a notch because the one hour shows were too much for me. I could have done without the whole storyline featuring Dwight’s farm tours, but I do still love the show.

3) Cavemen.  Surprise, surprise.  This was my favorite episode.  They pegged me with “So how does it feel hating the Beatles?” “Superior.” (The female caver at a popular frozen yogurt shop decides Nick, the most “Cavemen”-like caveman just likes to hate things to feel superior.)

4) The Big Bang Theory.  I can’t get enough of those Roseanne cameos! I loved Laurie Metcalf in “Making Mr. Right”, too, but she’s great here as Sheldon’s mom who just may get a date with his boss!

5) Law and Order: Criminal Intent.  I love the original couple, Goren and Eames.  It’s interesting too that they used to make him seem just knowledgeable and now they’re making him seem overbearing, unliked and crazy.  I still like the show, though.  And I can’t have enough Jim Gaffigan, who came in on his second Law and Order character, the FDA representative.

6) Life.  I was surprised that this was as “different” as it was.  It reminded me of a mixture of Monk, Raines, and Goren from Law and Order: Criminal Intent, and the storyline was cut in such a way that it’s not just your normal crime drama.

7) Big Shots.  News flash: Big Shots is Dirty Sexy Money is Desperate Housewives.  Over the top characters with a built in  mystery.   I like this the best of the three.  Did you know Dylan McDermott’s stepmother is Eve Ensler of “The Vagina Monologues”?

8) Tell Me You Love Me.  It’s still depressing, but I swear I saw some full on penetration last week.  Are they sure we aren’t watching Spice or the Playboy Channel?  I’m hooked, but I don’t know why.

I gave up on Women’s Murder Club this week (it sucked), and I’m on my way with ER.

I forgot to tape a lot of shows last week, so I’m set for this week. I’m already behind because I spent today catching up!

Oh, and I got a lot of knitting done. I was bad and cast on for Sally Melville’s “Where’s the Opaque? Sweater”, but it’s mindless garter so I can do it and watch TV at the same time.  And I had been doing so well working on my UFOs.  At least I went to JoAnn and Michael’s today and didn’t buy yarn.  I’m going to start my countdown for not having bought yarn since October 1st, but I think it was before that.  Somewhere in September, when I bought Homespun to make my seed stitch scarf.  Those damned JoAnn coupon sales!


Photos finally.

I finally got out from under my never ending work and television viewing to get the camera out. I could have done without the photos of me at IM’s birthday (it really sucks being your fattest ever), but the crafting came out okay.

During my gluttonous starting of Red Scarves, I started a hybrid knitting/crocheting project out of Homespun. Unfortunately the crocheting part didn’t turn out well, so I ended up frogging that part, and ending with a thin knitted scarf.

I really do need to weave in those ends! I also started and finished a super-secret project: my Minnesoter scarf for Chris. I hope it keeps her warm this winter!

Now if I could figure out my new camera, I could get some photos of what I’m currently working on 🙂


Way too much crafting.

I really need to get my act together and get one of those tickers that says how long it’s been since I last bought yarn. I have been so good lately, and I even went on vacation! I swear when my work eases up (I hope that will be today) I’ll get to the vacation knitting and other photos. I’ve been somewhat prolific in finishing up scarves and working on UFOs when I get a break from the computer.

I honestly can’t remember the last time I bought yarn. I’m sure it was recently, but I don’t know when. I think the last yarn I bought was my Alpaca with a Twist Landscapes, which took forever to ship and ended up being a color I’m not so fond of (very similar to the color discussion I had on vacation when I was buying a black jacket.  The owner suggested one in “rose” to which I answered “It’s kind of rust-y and I don’t really like rust” and she came back with “It’s *rose*!” I still don’t believe her).  I guess this not cheap yarn will probably be destashed in the future.

I ended up finishing 5 scarves for the Red Scarf Project, but I only mailed 3.  I am planning on bringing the other 3 to Full Thread Ahead‘s charity drive, which I believe is ongoing.  I really want to stop by during their Friday knitting since I don’t have a job that requires me to go there at any specific time, but of course I was away last weekend and the kids have the next two Fridays off.

After the scarves, I started in on one of my UFOs.  Actually, I started it 2 weeks ago at my knitting group as I needed a stockinette project to work on.  Then it was one of the two projects I brought with me to Carmel last weekend.   I had planned on bringing more knitting, but then it got a bit overwhelming so I pared it down.  And, you’re not going to believe this, I ran out of knitting! I didn’t even have any knitting for the 2 hour drive home!  I’ll show you why later today.


Late to the party.

I don’t know how I missed this, but I love this pattern in the latest MagKnits! I guess I never did get my reminder email that the new issue was out, but I also forgot to check.  I have been unimpressed with a lot on MagKnits, especially recently, but what a pattern! It just might bring me back into sock knitting.


TV ratings, Week 3

I have been knitting up a storm (well, crocheting, mostly) but I had camera troubles and I’m actually going away for the weekend (we’re actually planning more trips, too, which is not normal in our family!) so I’ll have to update you when I get back from lovely Carmel, CA (!) on Sunday.

Meanwhile, I have been watching TV shows 3 at a time (remote, TiVo, and other problems, don’t ask) and getting through many.


“Shark” – 2 out of 5 dpns. It’s still just “okay”. I am not as wowed as I was last year, when I couldn’t even tape it many weeks because it was up against the other Thursday night lineup. It’s too bad I’m not as into it when I can get it taped.

“Tell Me You Love Me” – 2 out of 5 dpns. I wasn’t as interested this week. They really lose me at “we’re pregnant” and “we’re trying to get pregnant”. That is one of my biggest pet peeves. Honestly, what is so wrong with saying “We’re trying to conceive”? “We’re trying to have a baby”? MEN CANNOT GET PREGNANT!!! Okay, end of rant.


“The Big Bang Theory: 4 out of 5 dpns. This one is getting better and better. I really enjoyed especially when Johnny Galecki had an act with Sara Gilbert and they actually kissed. I really enjoyed them as boyfriend and girlfriend on “Roseanne” so I kept thinking how weird that must have been, pretending they hadn’t kissed before. (Oh, remembering Darlene’s character, maybe they didn’t kiss on the show 😉 )

“K-ville”: 2 out of 5 dpns. I like this show well enough, but it’s nothing special. I do like Cole Hauser, though, and really want to see “Dazed and Confused” again now!

TUESDAY, or the most popular night of the week:

“Cavemen”: 3 out of 5 dpns. As you know, I liked this one better than I thought I would. It’s already set up to tape next week.

“Carpoolers”: 3 out of 5 dpns. I thought it might be just about people within their car, but it was actually about 4 neighbors who drive to work together. I really enjoyed it.

“House”: 3 out of 5 dpns. I really like the way the show is working. I don’t like the officious potential employee, but the rest of the show was great.
“Reaper”: 3 out of 5 dpns. I enjoy this show. It isn’t the best show ever, or even the best Bret Harrison show (“Grounded for Life” …) but I enjoy it and I’ll keep watching.
“Boston Legal”: Still watching it, but I did join the Boston Legal fans group on Ravelry, if that tells you anything.


“Private Practice”: 3 out of 5 dpns. I enjoyed it – the Tim Daly character is getting more interesting, but I liked the receptionist better with longer hair. It’s much better than Grey’s, but that’s not saying much.

“Dirty Sexy Money”: Still in my TiVo queue.
“Life”: Still in my TiVo queue.

“The Office”: 4 out of 5 dpns. They are killing me with these 1 hour shows! 1/2 hour seems too short, but when they do one hour it just is a bit too much. I like how they are making Jim and Pam’s relationship secondary to the other drama, but it’s still there. I knew it wouldn’t ruin the show if they got together. The show was actually hilarious, but then right after I went to the Ravelry “Office” group and someone mentioned how awful the part with Michael kidnapping the pizza delivery guy was, and that made me disgusted with the whole show. I didn’t even watch it a second time. The rest was so good, but what in the Hell were they thinking with the pizza thing? Lame.

“ER”: 2 out of 5 dpns. Eh. What is up with the fact that everyone (and I mean everyone) is in love with Abby? Or Neela. There aren’t any more female doctors out there? I thought most of the med. school graduates were women these days. This episode was *boring*.

“Big Shots”: Still in my TiVo queue.
“Law and Order: Criminal Intent”: 3 out of 5 dpns. What is up with that new disco version of their theme song? Weird. I don’t mind Alicia Witt as the new partner as much as I thought I would, but she’s not great. I liked Annabella Sciorra the best as Logan’s partner. I really like how they rotate between two different sets of partners and not just two people that I think are okay.


“Numb3rs”: Still in my TiVo queue.

“Degrassi”: 2 out of 5 dpns. Paige and Alex broke up? Not too exciting. When will Paige (and the other graduates) move on? I’m bored by them already.

“Friday Night Lights”: 5 out of 5 dpns. I almost cancelled my trip because I might miss this show. That’s how much I love it! This was a great episode, as usual. Actually, they’re all good. I’ve seen a bad “The Office” episode or two, but never one of FNL.  I loved that Landry and Tyra got together finally, and they made Riggins the caretaker yet again. Boy is he gorgeous.  Poor Jason, though, watching him with Lyla (what is with these horrible names?).  I’d like to see his tattoo artist friend again.  Amazing show, but being on Friday is probably the kiss of death.


“Dirt” and “October Road” are back! According to, that is.


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