TV ratings

Well, after finally catching up a bit on premiere week, here are my ratings for the new/returning shows, on a scale of 1-5 dpns (I do knit occasionally 🙂 ):

Shark: 2 out of 5 dpns; I like the movement of Jeri Ryan’s character to more of an associate rather than supervisory role in the new season, but I could do without Kevin Pollack’s character. The new/borrowed D.A. is good, too.
Tell Me You Love Me: 4 out of 5 dpns; I hadn’t watched this before, but I’m really enjoying the relationships, writing and production values of this show. Of course you expect as much from HBO.
Chuck: 1 out of 5 dpns; I was really bored near the end of this show. It seems to me to be yet another crime show, but the hook doesn’t do much for me.
The Big Bang Theory: 3 out of 5 dpns; I like Johnny Galecki more on Roseanne and My Boys, but I love their “cocky” friend who thinks women love him. I think I could watch it again at least once more.
K-ville: 2 out of 5 dpns; I enjoyed this show. It is a typical crime drama, but I like the acting/actors and the background of the Katrina disaster to put it into somewhat of a perspective.

House: 4 out of 5 dpns; I thought the show was a typical episode of House, but I enjoyed the E.R. doctor who I thought would be a good addition to his team, and the way they’re playing out this season: spending some time on House finding a new team. Of course I have no idea why his last team left, but I like the new direction.

Reaper: 3 out of 5 dpns; I love Brett Harrison, in fact I have been rewatching old episodes of Grounded For Life specifically for him. I’m not sure if I’m sold on the idea that someone has to get souls back for the Devil, but I’ll try it again, just for you, Brett.

Boston Legal: 2 out of 5 dpns; The whole idea of James Spader’s character talking babies and relationships with one person and sleeping with another on the same episode was lame to me. I have always been lukewarm on this show, but for some reason I keep watching it. One really weird piece of data I could have lived without: John Larroquette’s character and Shirley Schmidt are living together? Isn’t she like 20 years older than he is? I didn’t like/buy it. I like him well enough, though. I definitely wouldn’t miss this if it were gone, but I keep watching it while it is around.

Private Practice: 1 out of 5 dpns; Well, the preview episode was much better. I don’t see myself watching this again, and I’ve already sworn off Grey’s because of the horrible George and Izzy storyline. (And many other reason.)  More time for other, better shows.
Dirty Sexy Money: 2 out of 5 dpns;  I’ll give this another week. I was first totally disgusted with how Peter Krause’s character gave in to money for charity so quickly after complaining about the Darlings forever, then I got a bit into the show, then I didn’t like it again.  What is up with having 50 minutes of an hour show dedicated to how screwed up and pampered, etc., this family is, and then take the last 5 minutes to introduce a murder mystery?  I really think this pilot was just poorly written, if they are planning on having the main character involved only to solve a mystery, they needed to focus more on the mystery aspect and less on how horrible the family is, or at least their idiosyncrasies.  Now that I think about it, I don’t know if it’s even worth bothering.  Although I was interested to see Jill Clayburgh getting work after the 70s.
Back to You: 2 out of 5 dpns; It’s definitely “Frasier” done in TV rather than radio. But I did laugh once. I doubt I’ll make an effort to watch it again, but if TiVo brings it up, I’ll watch it.
The Office: 5 out of 5 dpns. P B & J – need I say more? Okay, Creed. An excellent season opener!

ER: 2 out of 5 dpns; Another of those “why do I still watch this show?” shows. I don’t really like any of the characters anymore and I can’t believe what they did to Ray last season. I may give up on this soon.

Numb3rs: 3 out of 5 dpns; I feel about the same about Numb3rs this year as I have in the past – I watch it, it’s okay, but sometimes they lose me, like last night. I’m not really into being that focused on the show that I sometimes need to be with this one. And Val Kilmer is aging poorly, isn’t he?
So where are these thousands of new shows I was supposed to look out for? I still haven’t seen the infamous Cavemen, not that I’m holding my breath. So far I’m thinking the summer shows or 2nd half of the season shows were better. I am actively waiting for The Office to come back next week, as well as the premiere of Friday Night Lights, October Road, Dirt and The Shield. The jury is still out on the others

ETA: We get a free Showtime preview this weekend! There aren’t that many interesting (read: this century) movies on this weekend on Showtime, but there are episodes of Dexter, Weeds and one more that I’m interested in watching, so I’ll be TiVoing them too!


4 Responses to “TV ratings”

  1. September 29, 2007 at 5:03 pm

    All I managed to watch was Private Practice and My Name is Earl — Private Pratice did nothing for me. 😦

  2. September 29, 2007 at 5:37 pm

    I got bored withh Shark midway through last season and didn’t even bother watching the premiere.

    Chuck I’ll watch again, if only for Adam Baldwin. Which reminds me, it’s repeating tonight so I can actually watch the whole thing.

    Wo was Dirty Sexy Money?

  3. September 29, 2007 at 5:38 pm

    How. Not Wo. Sheesh. The tiny white letters on a black background is really hard to see.

  4. September 29, 2007 at 6:08 pm

    Ah, I see. I don’t see the white on black much, but it is hard to type.

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