Eating bonbons

It’s finally happened. After 8 years of being a stay at home mom, I’m officially a “housewife”. That is, all the kids are in school full time, so you know I’m sitting at home all day eating bonbons 😉

Actually, technically I’m job hunting but so far no bites. We have so many cool companies near us that I’m really hoping to find a job at an interesting company within our county. But in between the job hunting and thinking I really should be cleaning and organizing the house, I’ve been goofing off.

In all my rush I forgot to tell you that Jo-Ann had their “coupon commotion” sale last week. I had tons of coupons and was actually stretching to find stuff to buy. Then of course after the sale I remembered I had bought a nice watch face there and should have bought a few more. Last night I took the one I have that has a working mechanism and put a nice seed-beaded band on it.

I also bought a few more crochet hooks and some gifts for IM’s 3rd birthday party, coming up in a few weeks. But my most prized purchase was actually on clearance so I couldn’t get 40% off. It’s a felted bag kit that includes 4 skeins of 100% wool yarn (quite a feat at the house of acrylic, and this yarn actually looks scarily like Karaoke) and all the notions you need to make a felted bag, including a tapestry needle, a knitting needle and a crochet hook – all for $8! I’m tempted to go back and get a couple more. Even $8 for the 4 skeins of yarn is cheap, but add all those notions and it’s a steal! I don’t like felting so I won’t be making the bag in question, but I’ll make something else out of it soon.

Today I felt truly decadent as well – I actually spent the afternoon at the movies! I had planned on going last week but then I was inundated with work so I had to postpone. I went to see “Superbad” which was hilarious! I am a huge Judd Apatow fan and have seen all of his works. I wasn’t impressed with “Knocked Up”, but this one brought me back into the fold because it was just so funny! The only problem was that I was one of 4 people in the theater – another housewife like me and one older couple – and they didn’t laugh that much so I felt weird cracking up like I did! I did feel guilty going without BR (who was at work), but it was so good I would definitely go again, and not to mention his job offers him many opportunities to see movies at work, so I can’t feel too guilty 😉

I’ve been crocheting up a storm as well. I’ve actually lost count how many scarves I’ve started for the Red Scarf Project but I have officially finished one (Red Scarf 2008), the one I mentioned a month ago! I decided to take my almost-finished one (Red Scarf 2008b) and add a 4 1/2 inch edging on both ends so it will end up at 60 inches. It’s not taking too long, I’m almost finished with one end.

I also started a couple of weeks ago with scraps (Red Scarf 2008d) but I got a bit distracted by another scarf idea I had that is knit and crocheted, so I started the prototype (Red Scarf 2008e) last weekend, expecting it would be done then (it’s made out of Lion Brand Homespun, a bulky yarn) but I’m still not quite done. Then when I was going to the movies I decided to start a second copy of that one (Red Scarf 2008f) in double stranded mystery acrylic from my mom’s friend because I could knit seed stitch at the movies but I can’t crochet in the dark. I worked on that one today. And finally, when I thought I was done with my second scarf and it’s Lion Brand Cotton Ease, I started another scarf with the ends (Red Scarf 2008g). I have been enjoying that one the most lately, and am almost halfway done. It will be a 1 inch strip of Lion Brand Cotton Ease, a 3 inch strip of mystery acrylic, and a 1 inch strip of Lion Brand Cotton Ease, crocheted.

Yes, I am easily distracted. I shudder to think how many WIPs I have right now. I guess that’s why I enjoy WIP it Out so much, it gives me an opportunity to frog some projects I otherwise would just leave lying around.


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  1. September 18, 2007 at 6:05 am

    Mmmm… bonbons… 😉

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