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I ***need*** Showtime

So we had a Showtime preview this weekend.  I may have mentioned that we have HBO, because when we moved in we were addicted to the Sopranos, Sex and the City, Six Feet Under, and Real Time.  Since that time three of those four shows have been cancelled, and I’ve become uninterested in HBO.  BR watches Real Time, Entourage and Flight of the Conchords, so of course we have to continue subscribing to HBO, against my recommendation.  (There are some good movies, though.)

This weekend DirecTV gave us a Showtime preview.  I started watching the movie “The Third Wheel” and it sucked so much I watched the first half hour and gave up.  I started watching “Failure to Launch”, enjoyed it, but of course TiVo cut off, so I only saw a half hour of that as well.

Then came Dexter.  Brilliant.  Amazing.  Disturbing.  I have to see more!

(I haven’t even gotten to watch Brotherhood, Californication or Weeds yet …)


TV ratings

Well, after finally catching up a bit on premiere week, here are my ratings for the new/returning shows, on a scale of 1-5 dpns (I do knit occasionally 🙂 ):

Shark: 2 out of 5 dpns; I like the movement of Jeri Ryan’s character to more of an associate rather than supervisory role in the new season, but I could do without Kevin Pollack’s character. The new/borrowed D.A. is good, too.
Tell Me You Love Me: 4 out of 5 dpns; I hadn’t watched this before, but I’m really enjoying the relationships, writing and production values of this show. Of course you expect as much from HBO.
Chuck: 1 out of 5 dpns; I was really bored near the end of this show. It seems to me to be yet another crime show, but the hook doesn’t do much for me.
The Big Bang Theory: 3 out of 5 dpns; I like Johnny Galecki more on Roseanne and My Boys, but I love their “cocky” friend who thinks women love him. I think I could watch it again at least once more.
K-ville: 2 out of 5 dpns; I enjoyed this show. It is a typical crime drama, but I like the acting/actors and the background of the Katrina disaster to put it into somewhat of a perspective.

House: 4 out of 5 dpns; I thought the show was a typical episode of House, but I enjoyed the E.R. doctor who I thought would be a good addition to his team, and the way they’re playing out this season: spending some time on House finding a new team. Of course I have no idea why his last team left, but I like the new direction.

Reaper: 3 out of 5 dpns; I love Brett Harrison, in fact I have been rewatching old episodes of Grounded For Life specifically for him. I’m not sure if I’m sold on the idea that someone has to get souls back for the Devil, but I’ll try it again, just for you, Brett.

Boston Legal: 2 out of 5 dpns; The whole idea of James Spader’s character talking babies and relationships with one person and sleeping with another on the same episode was lame to me. I have always been lukewarm on this show, but for some reason I keep watching it. One really weird piece of data I could have lived without: John Larroquette’s character and Shirley Schmidt are living together? Isn’t she like 20 years older than he is? I didn’t like/buy it. I like him well enough, though. I definitely wouldn’t miss this if it were gone, but I keep watching it while it is around.

Private Practice: 1 out of 5 dpns; Well, the preview episode was much better. I don’t see myself watching this again, and I’ve already sworn off Grey’s because of the horrible George and Izzy storyline. (And many other reason.)  More time for other, better shows.
Dirty Sexy Money: 2 out of 5 dpns;  I’ll give this another week. I was first totally disgusted with how Peter Krause’s character gave in to money for charity so quickly after complaining about the Darlings forever, then I got a bit into the show, then I didn’t like it again.  What is up with having 50 minutes of an hour show dedicated to how screwed up and pampered, etc., this family is, and then take the last 5 minutes to introduce a murder mystery?  I really think this pilot was just poorly written, if they are planning on having the main character involved only to solve a mystery, they needed to focus more on the mystery aspect and less on how horrible the family is, or at least their idiosyncrasies.  Now that I think about it, I don’t know if it’s even worth bothering.  Although I was interested to see Jill Clayburgh getting work after the 70s.
Back to You: 2 out of 5 dpns; It’s definitely “Frasier” done in TV rather than radio. But I did laugh once. I doubt I’ll make an effort to watch it again, but if TiVo brings it up, I’ll watch it.
The Office: 5 out of 5 dpns. P B & J – need I say more? Okay, Creed. An excellent season opener!

ER: 2 out of 5 dpns; Another of those “why do I still watch this show?” shows. I don’t really like any of the characters anymore and I can’t believe what they did to Ray last season. I may give up on this soon.

Numb3rs: 3 out of 5 dpns; I feel about the same about Numb3rs this year as I have in the past – I watch it, it’s okay, but sometimes they lose me, like last night. I’m not really into being that focused on the show that I sometimes need to be with this one. And Val Kilmer is aging poorly, isn’t he?
So where are these thousands of new shows I was supposed to look out for? I still haven’t seen the infamous Cavemen, not that I’m holding my breath. So far I’m thinking the summer shows or 2nd half of the season shows were better. I am actively waiting for The Office to come back next week, as well as the premiere of Friday Night Lights, October Road, Dirt and The Shield. The jury is still out on the others

ETA: We get a free Showtime preview this weekend! There aren’t that many interesting (read: this century) movies on this weekend on Showtime, but there are episodes of Dexter, Weeds and one more that I’m interested in watching, so I’ll be TiVoing them too!


Pam Anderson

Pam and Jim! Woo hoo!


Crocheting away ….

I want to post every day, I swear. And I have tons to show off, but I am so lazy when it comes to taking pictures, downloading, manipulating, and uploading said pictures. I guess I can never become a famous blogger since I’m not a professional photographer and don’t plan to become one.

But I have been crocheting and watching TV almost nonstop. (When I’m not doing errands and getting driven nuts by kids that won’t sleep, that is.)

I finished my 4th Red Scarf! The first I finished awhile ago, then I started and started new scarves. I do have one that I consider a UFO, but the other two I’ve given up on. So today I finished my second to last red scarf for the Red Scarf Project. Here they are in all their glory:

The first one done is the the one on the right. That was made out of handdyed Knit Picks Andean Silk and is so soft!

2nd from the right is my 2nd done that I had to add on 9 inches in the end, and I think it turned out great. Basically it has a 4 1/2 inch border in a different crocheted pattern.

2nd from the left is my 3rd done, and actually my favorite. I started it in Lion Brand Cotton Ease, crocheted 1 inch, then did 3 inches of my mom’s friend’s mystery acrylic (actually it did have bands, but it was a Turkish yarn that I didn’t find on Ravelry, so you know it’s not a very often viewed yarn), then I finished with 1 inch in Cotton Ease. I loved the pattern and how it turned out.

On the far left is my most recent, that I just finished a few minutes ago. I made it out of my never ending stash of Cotton Ease (I’m down to 2 skeins plus leftovers, I think), and I basically crocheted a lengthwise sized chain, single crocheted up one end, then back down the other side of the chain. I kept going in an oval shaped loop until it was 5 inches wide and ended. That was fun to crochet, and I think I could improve upon the design next time.

One more to go! I’m actually halfway done with that one, done in Lion Brand Homespun, just a couple more inches (maybe a row even) and then I’m done! I really never made scarves before this Project but the subject spoke to me, and I love red!

As you know, the TV season is just beginning, and I don’t know how I’m going to get through my list of movies while I’m watching all these new and returning shows! I’m sad to see the summer programs go (especially when my pick of Jon Reep won Last Comic Standing), but am really excited to see The Office, Friday Night Lights and October Road come back. (And Dirt, of course, but I assume that’s starting later in the year.)

I’ve watched a few of the new shows already, and I’m unimpressed so far. I barely made it through Chuck last night, although I will admit the ending made it a bit more interesting to me. And I’m glad that Adam Baldwin from My Bodyguard is back acting. (Where’s my Chris Makepeace, though?)  I also watched The Big Bang Theory with Johnny Galecki who I loved in Roseanne.  I guess I’m just not smart/nerdy enough to be amused by two very smart people talking about things that go over my head (assuming what they’re saying is factually correct, anyway, and not just a script)  and trying to get a blonde girl to be friends/more with them.

I have taped K-ville and haven’t watched it yet, and right now am taping Boston Legal, House and Reaper, so we’ll see.  I’m still hopeful there will be a new great show this year.  Who knows.


Break’s (almost*) over!

(*oh yeah, we haven’t seen Jon Reep win on Last Comic Standing yet, have we?!)

(ETA: Did I call it or what?!  Congratulations Jon! You are hilarious!)
I really was just starting to get bored with the 5 minute break between the summer TV season and the fall TV season, and then K-Ville was on last night (?) and I realized the break is already over! Of course I was working and missed taping K-Ville but I’ll check it out next week when I’m better prepared. The second BR’s project is over he’s getting us Series 3 TiVos along with, I think, cable so he can get better HD reception/shows/whatever. You’d think I’d care more about getting HDTV, but frankly I haven’t really noticed much of a difference. Although after having been in graduate school for 5 years I am interested in HDTV in an academic sense – how much the shows will have to change because you can see more of the background and that background will be clearer. Supposedly.

I did enjoy the summer season. The season ending I enjoyed the most was State of Mind, the new Lili Taylor show. It wrapped things up pretty nicely, almost as if they didn’t know if they were coming back next summer (and who knows if they are). I really enjoyed her finding out she was pregnant and that the father was interested in her and the baby.

Now My Boys is a different story. It’s weird enough that they rush through the season with a small number of episodes and sometimes airing them back to back, but the idea that all season P.J. and her friend were aiming towards a trip to Italy with new boyfriends, and then at the last minute they introduce 3 new-ish love interests for P.J. and they don’t even officially tell us who she ends up going to Italy with! My vote is for Thorn – not because I want her to end up with him, but just based on the clues they gave us on the airplane and their past familiarity, it’s pretty obvious that that’s who she ended up with. I like this show, but not anywhere near enough for a cliffhanger.

I also enjoyed this season of The Closer. I’m happy to see Brenda Lee is engaged and finally “growing up” (at mid-40), but can you believe there is an entire Ravelry group dedicated just to this show? I like it, sure, but that much? Not really.

Anywho, I of course am eagerly awaiting the start of my favorite TV shows, that is the shows that are coming back now. I can’t wait for The Office and Friday Night Lights, and I haven’t heard any official start dates for Dirt or October Road. I will probably watch a few of the new shows, but frankly I’m not that excited about any of them. Just give me my old favorites, and I’ll be fine. Well, a few more episodes of The Class wouldn’t hurt.


Eating bonbons

It’s finally happened. After 8 years of being a stay at home mom, I’m officially a “housewife”. That is, all the kids are in school full time, so you know I’m sitting at home all day eating bonbons 😉

Actually, technically I’m job hunting but so far no bites. We have so many cool companies near us that I’m really hoping to find a job at an interesting company within our county. But in between the job hunting and thinking I really should be cleaning and organizing the house, I’ve been goofing off.

In all my rush I forgot to tell you that Jo-Ann had their “coupon commotion” sale last week. I had tons of coupons and was actually stretching to find stuff to buy. Then of course after the sale I remembered I had bought a nice watch face there and should have bought a few more. Last night I took the one I have that has a working mechanism and put a nice seed-beaded band on it.

I also bought a few more crochet hooks and some gifts for IM’s 3rd birthday party, coming up in a few weeks. But my most prized purchase was actually on clearance so I couldn’t get 40% off. It’s a felted bag kit that includes 4 skeins of 100% wool yarn (quite a feat at the house of acrylic, and this yarn actually looks scarily like Karaoke) and all the notions you need to make a felted bag, including a tapestry needle, a knitting needle and a crochet hook – all for $8! I’m tempted to go back and get a couple more. Even $8 for the 4 skeins of yarn is cheap, but add all those notions and it’s a steal! I don’t like felting so I won’t be making the bag in question, but I’ll make something else out of it soon.

Today I felt truly decadent as well – I actually spent the afternoon at the movies! I had planned on going last week but then I was inundated with work so I had to postpone. I went to see “Superbad” which was hilarious! I am a huge Judd Apatow fan and have seen all of his works. I wasn’t impressed with “Knocked Up”, but this one brought me back into the fold because it was just so funny! The only problem was that I was one of 4 people in the theater – another housewife like me and one older couple – and they didn’t laugh that much so I felt weird cracking up like I did! I did feel guilty going without BR (who was at work), but it was so good I would definitely go again, and not to mention his job offers him many opportunities to see movies at work, so I can’t feel too guilty 😉

I’ve been crocheting up a storm as well. I’ve actually lost count how many scarves I’ve started for the Red Scarf Project but I have officially finished one (Red Scarf 2008), the one I mentioned a month ago! I decided to take my almost-finished one (Red Scarf 2008b) and add a 4 1/2 inch edging on both ends so it will end up at 60 inches. It’s not taking too long, I’m almost finished with one end.

I also started a couple of weeks ago with scraps (Red Scarf 2008d) but I got a bit distracted by another scarf idea I had that is knit and crocheted, so I started the prototype (Red Scarf 2008e) last weekend, expecting it would be done then (it’s made out of Lion Brand Homespun, a bulky yarn) but I’m still not quite done. Then when I was going to the movies I decided to start a second copy of that one (Red Scarf 2008f) in double stranded mystery acrylic from my mom’s friend because I could knit seed stitch at the movies but I can’t crochet in the dark. I worked on that one today. And finally, when I thought I was done with my second scarf and it’s Lion Brand Cotton Ease, I started another scarf with the ends (Red Scarf 2008g). I have been enjoying that one the most lately, and am almost halfway done. It will be a 1 inch strip of Lion Brand Cotton Ease, a 3 inch strip of mystery acrylic, and a 1 inch strip of Lion Brand Cotton Ease, crocheted.

Yes, I am easily distracted. I shudder to think how many WIPs I have right now. I guess that’s why I enjoy WIP it Out so much, it gives me an opportunity to frog some projects I otherwise would just leave lying around.


Damn it!

So I spent all day making a crocheted edge for my supposedly 60″ long Red Scarf, ended it and found out it’s nowhere near 60″, like I thought originally!  I’m very very tempted to just be done and finish it at the 51″ it currently is (and I frogged back maybe a foot, too!)  What do you think?  I will say it looks a lot better after adding a crocheted border. It’s still differing widths, but it looks more like a kidney shaped swimming pool than I don’t know what it looked like yesterday.


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