Weird things #3-6

Remember way back when when there was a meme going around with 6 weird things about everyone? Well, you might also remember that I couldn’t think of 6 right off the bat (although I knew there were way more than 6 weird things about me), so I added them piecemeal. Numbers one and two are about my, let’s just say “issues” with anything popular and trendy. I just came across one or two more and thought you were on the edge of your seat, so here goes:

The #3 weird thing about me: I am extremely stubborn.

Remember yesterday when I was so excited about joining the fun at Ravelry, but found out that you had to use Flickr? And that Flickr, that is now owned by Yahoo, requires you to sign in with a Yahoo i.d., but every Yahoo i.d. is taken? Well today I finally decided to suck it up and rejoin Flickr. After all, I enjoy Yahoo Groups (it is where I met my first knitting group, which has since disbanded), and I do have a Yahoo i.d. So I sign in to Flickr, assuming I’ll have to lose everything I already had under my login “elspethm” (why I’m so tied to the login I had to choose when my name was taken way back in 1998, I’ll never know) and I’m okay with that. I like my new Yahoo i.d. well enough.

D’oh! (I don’t hear that anywhere near as much as BR does so I still think it’s applicable.) Of course I am able to use my old Flickr login, just associated with my new Yahoo account! I feel very stupid, and now I can use all of my old Flickr photos for my new life on Ravelry!

And now for #4: While I was thinking about writing about #3, #4 popped up too.

Weird thing about me #4: Even when “everyone” is invited, I feel like I need a personal invitation to join in in many instances.

(And now #5 pops up – I am extremely shy. It doesn’t come across as shyness in person, but more standoffishness, but believe me, it’s shyness.)
This meme notwithstanding, I’ve read the “7 things about me” or “8 things about me” memes on pretty much everyone’s blog, which everyone ends with “I know everyone else has done this meme, so join in if you want to, I’m not going to tag any one in particular.” Well, I want to be tagged! I haven’t been tagged in so long (and I was so excited when I was in the past!) and I feel silly just doing the meme without anyone asking me to. I told you it was weird.

I guess I’ll round out this meme (which by the way, I randomly decided to answer without being tagged – why am I so stubborn?! – I’ll do it then but not now?) by doing a 6th:

Weird thing about me #6: I am somewhat into numerology.

As a kid I was interested in numerology and looked up my birth number (9) and name number (5). Starting in high school I have been able to write out the numerology name number chart from memory, although I don’t recall what the numbers indicate about your personality. I find my numbers interesting in that 5 has always been my favorite number (the reason I even brought it up here is that I almost ended with #5 because I like 5 that much), and 9 comes up often in my birthdate. (But that’s all I’ll tell you about my age – scarily enough I was thinking about the show “Thirtysomething” today and I realized I am those women. I’m probably Nancy, if anyone, although I’m sure everyone wanted to be Hope or Melissa.

Whew, done with all 6. And it only took me 6 months! (Does that mean anything? It is 7/07 after alll …)


4 Responses to “Weird things #3-6”

  1. July 11, 2007 at 4:00 am

    I don’t know what it is about knitters and being introverts, but I, too, am extremely shy. Oddly enough, this doesn’t mean I’m uncomfortable speaking in front of a large crowd of people. For some reason, that’s easier for me than going to a party with a large crowd of people. How weird is that?

    Sometimes, being stubborn is good.

  2. July 11, 2007 at 4:27 am

    I’m shy, but it usually gets interpreted as being standoffish, too. I don’t tag people because it always ends up feeling like a popularity contest…

  3. July 11, 2007 at 9:41 am

    I’m not really all that shy but with my wonky vision I get accused of ignoring people all the time. Hey, if I can’t see or hear you, you are NOT there, y’know?

    I am so jealous of your Ravelry invite. I signed up awhile back but still haven’t heard.

    I feel odd tagging people for memes too. Not to mention it takes me approximately one hundred years to actually finish a post if I was tagged.

  4. July 12, 2007 at 6:06 pm

    I think numerology is pretty interesting as well. I don’t know a ton about it, but the little I have come across is a bit spooky.

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