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A little light reading

Look what I borrowed from C.Lo today:

She and her husband went to a book release party last weekend, bought two copies, and read them in 10 hours or so. Now, a week later, I get to tackle this monster! Have you seen it? It’s a good 2 inches thick …

Meanwhile I’m working on the second iteration of my New York City cape, 1) because it was a bit too short and a bit too wide and 2) because I have more Silk Garden. How’s that for stash busting?!

Speaking of stash – can you believe what Fatima, my SP10 spoilee sent me?

I have been dying to try Lion Brand Cashmere and now I can! Thank you so much Fatima!


This is your life.

So in attempting to answer the latest birthday meme (no, I wasn’t tagged, want to make something of it? I have noticed, however, that many people aren’t tagging anyone anymore, so I guess that can make me feel better), I’ve found a few interesting things.

I did what I was supposed to, go to Wikipedia and plug in my birthday, March 26.  At first when I  looked at the actual events, I was underwhelmed.  This was the only remotely interesting event mentioned on March 26th:

1953Jonas Salk announces his polio vaccine.
However, I moved on to births and deaths, and found some interesting tidbits.  I already knew that Leonard Nimoy, Martin Short and I shared a birthday, and that my father in law died on my birthday (way to celebrate!), but I didn’t know that I also shared a birthday with  Nancy Pelosi,  Curtis Sliwa (founder of the Guardian Angels),  Leeza Gibbons, Catherine Keener (great in “The 40 Year Old Virgin”) , T.R. Knight of “Grey’s Anatomy” and Keira Knightley of my 2nd favorite “Pride and Prejudice” movie!

The deaths (along with my father in law) were really interesting too. I was surprised to find out that on my exact day of birth, John Kennedy Toole, author of “A Confederacy of Dunces” (such a good book!) died! (Oops, I probably shouldn’t be giving out my exact age – I’m trying to be more vague as I get older.)  I was also amused to note that not only did Alex Comfort, author of “The Joy of Sex” die on my birthday, but he was born on my son’s birthday! Weird.

So I guess my birthday wasn’t that boring after all.


Damned Ravelry!

(You’ll see on my profile page that I like to curse. I’m keeping it PG-13 for you guys.)

I really hate to talk it up too much since it’s not nice to the people who are still waiting for an invite, but let’s just say I just found the section where you can list which knitting related books you have. I could be here for hours!



Every year we go to NYC to visit my grandfather, and actually last year we drove down to spend a couple of weeks in Maryland with my family (you might remember my MD yarn crawl last year, where I found a really nice store, Eleganza in Frederick). This year DL had another incident so we decided we didn’t want to risk taking him on the plane. I ended up going to NYC with just OR and for the weekend only. Boy was it tiring!

We were only supposed to go for Sunday and fly back on Monday morning, and many NYC yarn stores are not open on Sundays, so I didn’t even get to go to a yarn store! Then when my return flight was screwed up and we showed up at the airport at 7 am on Monday (4 am our time), I didn’t even think about trying to get to Habu or Schoolhouse or Seaport Yarns … d’oh!

Anyway, with just a 4 year old and a television (got to love that DirecTV service on the plane), I was able to get quite a bit of knitting done. With my computer and camera troubles I didn’t even get a photo of this project before I finished it!

the ends aren’t woven in, but you get the picture. I was going for a cover up for the halters and tank tops I was expecting to wear in the NYC heat, but I didn’t get it finished on time and didn’t need it after all. It’s a bit larger than I expected too, but I guess I enjoyed knitting it up so much that I started a new one right away!  I’m counting this as my first (!) entry into sweater-a-month KAL.  I finally finished a sweater-like object!
Pattern: New York City Cape

Yarn: 4 skeins Noro Silk Garden

Needles: size 7 Boye Needlemaster

I used up the rest of my Noro Silk Garden that I had started a Corset top with and frogged and sent to Susan (who made a gorgeous bag with what I sent her). It’s not red, but this is my favorite Silk Garden colorway. It is a gorgeous blend of green and blue, and matched so nicely with my blue Needlemaster tips. I love when knitting matches the needles!

Since we did not end up being on the crack of dawn flight back to SFO, we ended up having another day in NYC. Since OR had been so good on our other outings, we decided to take him somewhere special, and since most of the Brooklyn museums were closed, we ended up at the Prospect Park Zoo. It was a cute little zoo, and we even saw alpacas! You bet I educated OR on where yarn comes from 😉


Another F.O.!

I finally wove in the ends on C.Lo’s shawl today. Of course I had to stop by Jo-Ann and buy a Chibi, but at least I had a use for my 40% off coupon. (Oh, and buy some discounted beads and cute black sheep tape measures.)

It fits great on DL, who went for his EEG today. They were so great at Stanford, but we could have done without the “sleep deprivation” (we had to keep him up until midnight last night and wake him up at 5 am today). However, it is of course a bit small on C.Lo, who is probably 2 feet taller. She at least said that she liked it a bit smaller …

My own pattern made with 6 (7?) skeins of Patagonia Nature Cotton.

Now if I could only get a camera to take a picture of my current project – a shrug I’m designing to wear with a strapless dress I’m bringing with me to NYC/Maryland on Saturday …


Weird things #3-6

Remember way back when when there was a meme going around with 6 weird things about everyone? Well, you might also remember that I couldn’t think of 6 right off the bat (although I knew there were way more than 6 weird things about me), so I added them piecemeal. Numbers one and two are about my, let’s just say “issues” with anything popular and trendy. I just came across one or two more and thought you were on the edge of your seat, so here goes:

The #3 weird thing about me: I am extremely stubborn.

Remember yesterday when I was so excited about joining the fun at Ravelry, but found out that you had to use Flickr? And that Flickr, that is now owned by Yahoo, requires you to sign in with a Yahoo i.d., but every Yahoo i.d. is taken? Well today I finally decided to suck it up and rejoin Flickr. After all, I enjoy Yahoo Groups (it is where I met my first knitting group, which has since disbanded), and I do have a Yahoo i.d. So I sign in to Flickr, assuming I’ll have to lose everything I already had under my login “elspethm” (why I’m so tied to the login I had to choose when my name was taken way back in 1998, I’ll never know) and I’m okay with that. I like my new Yahoo i.d. well enough.

D’oh! (I don’t hear that anywhere near as much as BR does so I still think it’s applicable.) Of course I am able to use my old Flickr login, just associated with my new Yahoo account! I feel very stupid, and now I can use all of my old Flickr photos for my new life on Ravelry!

And now for #4: While I was thinking about writing about #3, #4 popped up too.

Weird thing about me #4: Even when “everyone” is invited, I feel like I need a personal invitation to join in in many instances.

(And now #5 pops up – I am extremely shy. It doesn’t come across as shyness in person, but more standoffishness, but believe me, it’s shyness.)
This meme notwithstanding, I’ve read the “7 things about me” or “8 things about me” memes on pretty much everyone’s blog, which everyone ends with “I know everyone else has done this meme, so join in if you want to, I’m not going to tag any one in particular.” Well, I want to be tagged! I haven’t been tagged in so long (and I was so excited when I was in the past!) and I feel silly just doing the meme without anyone asking me to. I told you it was weird.

I guess I’ll round out this meme (which by the way, I randomly decided to answer without being tagged – why am I so stubborn?! – I’ll do it then but not now?) by doing a 6th:

Weird thing about me #6: I am somewhat into numerology.

As a kid I was interested in numerology and looked up my birth number (9) and name number (5). Starting in high school I have been able to write out the numerology name number chart from memory, although I don’t recall what the numbers indicate about your personality. I find my numbers interesting in that 5 has always been my favorite number (the reason I even brought it up here is that I almost ended with #5 because I like 5 that much), and 9 comes up often in my birthdate. (But that’s all I’ll tell you about my age – scarily enough I was thinking about the show “Thirtysomething” today and I realized I am those women. I’m probably Nancy, if anyone, although I’m sure everyone wanted to be Hope or Melissa.

Whew, done with all 6. And it only took me 6 months! (Does that mean anything? It is 7/07 after alll …)


My last acceptable photo

Here is the last photo I was able to squeeze out of my digital camera before it finally gave up the ghost:

Here’s one of my most recent necklaces.  Can you believe I totally forgot to go to the bead show that was within walking distance to me last weekend? I’m really kicking myself.


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