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Foiled again.

So here I am on day 3 of my Weight Watchers adventure (I did pretty well on the first two days, not perfectly, but much better than I had been doing pre-WW), and I was already trying to find a way to fit in going to Fuddrucker’s for dinner! The kids had a half day so we went to the Oakland Zoo, and I figured since I had already gone over the bridge, what was stopping in Emeryville for dinner? Unfortunately for my plan first the kids wanted to eat at the Zoo (and I skipped it), then I got going directly home without even a sign for Emeryville or S.F. I don’t go to the East Bay that much since the Job from Hell ™ so I’m not all that good at finding my way around if it’s not obvious. So oh darn, I had to eat within my Points today as well! I can’t wait until Wednesday when I can weigh in again, and the work I’ve done so far shows up, I really hope.

I got some knitting done today, which surprised me, since keeping track of three kids on your own at a packed zoo (I had forgotten it was the public schools’ spring break now so everyone was there) is pretty hard, but I got some work done on my Mountain Colors socks.

My next project will be a scarf (I think) for IM’s teacher. She moved from Japan to work at our school when DL started there 5 years ago, and has taught all three of my kids. She is really sweet, even offering to be my Japanese tutor and not charge me (DL offered but I’d have to pay him! Probably in Legos!). So since IM will be moving on next year I want to do something special for her.

Speaking of which, I can’t believe I didn’t show you the other present my parents gave me for my birthday!

Handmade for me sock blockers! I was trying to hint to my dad that he should make me some, since he made DL a great Harry Potter wand last year, but he did buy me a nice set on Ebay. They’re currently sporting my Tiny Dancer sock that is supposed to be in the Stitch N Bitch 2008 Calendar, but I need to get more to really block on them! And on that note, more socks:

2 skeins of Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn.  Stash accounted for: 157 skeins.  Sock pairs to be made: 27.


This sucks.

So yesterday I decided, for the 7th time (I think) in my life that it was time to start Weight Watchers again. It is just really hard to face a tiny amount of Points when you are “vertically challenged” and therefore not able to eat any food in order to lose weight. You know the minimum Points, well I’m lucky that I’m just fat enough to be able to eat a slight bit more than that. After a night out with one of my moms (sort of my mom posse, I guess you could say), I went to WW today. It sucked. I am officially the fattest I have ever been when I haven’t been pregnant. The good news is that I had a fine eating day, and actually ate the correct number of Points (approximately – did you know they now have a “quiz” to determine what number of Points you should eat in a day?), not including the exercise I did as well. 1 day down, many many more to get through.

I was so stressed and upset at WW I didn’t even knit through the meeting. That’s saying a lot, I think, as I do KIP quite a bit. But I am getting some knitting done. I am working actively on my Mountain Colors socks, and need to finish the toe on my Regia socks. I still need to decide whether my Wildfoote socks are going to fit, and if not I’m going to frog them. I really don’t like knitting with Wildfoote, I’ve found, and I have 2 more skeins of it after this one.

Here’s more of my sock yarn stash:

2 skeins of Elann’s Sock it to Me Colori. I got it in a swap and really like the colors. I hope I can get to it soon, as I have a *lot* of sock yarn! Stash accounted for: 155 skeins. Sock pairs to be made: 25. (Yes, that’s 50 skeins of sock yarn so far!)


I’m back! and Ricky?

First of all, my latest pattern appears to be live, so go check it out!  This was the pattern I made for my Second Sock Syndrome II Swap and my Sock-ret Pal as well.

I was watching 24 earlier, and was really surprised to see that “Rick” Schroeder (as he was billed in NYPD Blue, I believe) has returned to his Silver Spoons roots, and is back to being “Ricky” Schroeder. I wonder if that was a typo?  I never watched NYPD Blue, and am therefore having trouble considering Ricky Stratton as a hard edged torturous government agent.  So far (I’m about halfway through), this week’s 24 is going pretty well.

Last night I watched October Road, and I’m here to tell you, three of the worst words in the English language are “In [two] (three, etc.) weeks …”  I’m enjoying this show, but now I have to wait two weeks to find out if Eddie ends up actually dating Janet, or he is just toying with her affections.  Speaking of which, Six Degrees appears to have disappeared.  I just read on IMDB that it was cancelled. That sucks. I was just getting into it.  And I had to watch 5 min. of Wife Swap (okay, Six Degrees gets cancelled but all that crappy reality stuff is still around? Where is the justice?) because my TiVo thought it was Six Degrees.

Tonight is The Shield, which I’m really looking forward to.  Of course Lem was my favorite character and they killed him off last season, but I’ve liked Dutch from the beginning too, and Vic is interesting, so I’ll watch it until it supposedly ends next year.

Speaking of which, I watched the first episode of the last “season” of the Sopranos yesterday.  I wasn’t impressed. I didn’t really like it last “season” either, but I’ll watch it until the end.  I’m not sure why, since I poured years into Law and Order and gave up on it last year.

And tomorrow and Thursday should bring some great TV: Will Tami and Eric move the Taylor clan to Austin on Friday Night Lights?  Will Jim and Pam have any connection on The Office?  Will they answer any questions on Lost? When will ER finally die?

Great news for my pocketbook, but not so much for my TV watching and knitting: I just got more work! I’m glad, actually, and there’s always knitting at the park when I can.



So for those who chose to show all the WIPs they are currently working on, I decided I’d like to send you all something! Could you email your address to elspethm @ gmail . com and I’d love to send you a little something!





Thanks for keeping me honest and facing up to my WIPs.


You are not going to believe this.

I had a nice one day break, then I got more work! I was just barely starting to decompress and attempt to clean our house, and I guess I’ll never finish those WIPs since I don’t have any knitting time. I did at least frog one of my red socks this week because it just seemed a bit too tight. So I’ve only got 6 socks OTN at this point.

I did get a lot of TV watched yesterday, though, which was nice. I am so hooked on Friday Night Lights! The episode on Wed. was so good, I’m really sorry I have to wait another week to see the Season Finale! I did get into The Shield again, so I can’t wait for that, and The Riches is still pretty compelling.

I also caught up on my old episodes of Knitty Gritty last night. The camera work is so weird – it looks like it’s been filmed on someone’s personal digital camera! I was interested to watch the new class of designers, but I couldn’t get past the amateurish look of late.

Speaking of weird camera work, Friday Night Lights has some strange stuff going on as well. I might have mentioned that my M.A. specialization was sound in radio and television, so I often notice how they use the sound to enhance the video, or how the video is filmed in relation to the sound that “should” be happening there in real life. I love The Office and the fact that they are all obviously being videotaped. Sometimes the sound is really interesting, like one scene where the camera is supposed to be behind a wall while Michael and Jan are supposedly in an elevator across the hall. I enjoyed how the sound was designed to reflect them being behind a glass wall from the camera. Well, FNL has some scenes that you just don’t really understand who is supposed to be watching, and why the camera would go where it does. In Wednesday’s episode, Landry went to the guidance counselor, Tami Taylor, and was telling her about how Tyra had been attacked. As he’s talking, they bring the camera outside of the office, facing the window of the office door. It was really weird – are we supposed to think someone is outside the office watching Landry’s discussion? Did they have a reason to do that, something that made it to the outtakes reel, or was it not planned? Planned? Anyway, it was a bit disconcerting, like Tyra or someone else was going to come barging into the office, but the intrusion never came.
Did you see The Office last night? Hilarious! My favorites were how Angela looked like she was going to orgasm every time she asked someone to repeat the scene where Dwight “saved” Jim from Roy, and when Toby was so disgusted by sitting next to Ryan and Kelly (I loved to see them in relationship mode, too, I’ve never seen them at all affectionate or that Ryan cared at all) that he would rather face “getting hit in the head with a hammer” by Michael than sit there any longer!

No more TV for me for the weekend, I’m afraid, as I’ll be working and having another “date afternoon” (yeah!) then Easter brunch to get ready for until Sunday. So let me distract you with more of my unending stash.

7 skeins of Brilla (not the standard one you’d see now, I got this from a swap).

Stash accounted for: 151 skeins.


Finally, an update!

I think my head is almost above water, as my two vacations of the year (I swear, I never go anywhere! It was just lucky that I was able to go to Portland, Napa and Santa Cruz recently) are over, two birthdays, and my work has tapered off. I will sure miss those regular paychecks, but I do need some time to decompress, knit and respond to all your wonderful comments!

I don’t know quite where to start, since I have so much going on, so I guess I’ll start at the beginning. You saw my Portland haul (I really suck at this yarn dieting, don’t I? Just like real life dieting.), so here’s my East Bay yarn haul.

First I met the moms in Berkeley for lunch, then convinced one to drive with me to Napa. She even let me stop at one yarn store along the way, Stash in Berkeley. I love this store! The owner (employee?) was even nice enough to let us use their bathroom. They had tons of great yarn, but I settled on this gorgeous Colinette Jitterbug, and 2 new circ needles.

Then we headed to Napa, and first sought out their LYS, Yarns on First. Downtown Napa was kind of a letdown. There were very few stores open, so not much shopping to do. I had expected a cute downtown filled with boutiques, but I must have missed them, because I found a vintage clothing store and Ben and Jerry’s. Yarns on First is one of those stores that organizes yarn by color, which is not my favorite way to buy yarn. They had a pretty good selection, but the only thing I was remotely interested in buying was this Naturewool yarn for $22 a skein! So I didn’t buy anything.

Next we finally navigated our way to the outlets, and I ended up buying some clothes, which was fun. The next day I left my friends to tour Calistoga and St. Helena. Calistoga no longer has a LYS, but someone has a listing and teaches knitting out of her home. St. Helena is the home of Muse. The owner gave great directions, and was really nice. Unfortunately it was one of those situations where I felt like I should buy something but nothing stood out. She did have more Jitterbug, which I hadn’t been able to find before going on my East Bay yarn crawl, but I had already bought some at Stash, so I passed. I ultimately bought this one lone skein of a gorgeous Koigu yarn, and the Naturewool that I hadn’t bought in Napa. I still don’t want to pay $22 a skein of yarn, but I felt guilty. I really wish the Koigu had had a mate, because it was that gorgeous.

Then yesterday I took the kids to Santa Cruz. After having lunch I bribed them into going to the LYS by offering them 2 rides each at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. We headed over to the Golden Fleece. If you go there – beware – they are just across the way from the Pacific Cookie Co. that sells their “seconds” for 50 cents each …

This store had a really great selection, and the owner had a really hands off approach. When I came in with three kids she didn’t even notice for awhile. I think a regular customer kept her busy, which worked for me. There were a lot of nice yarns to choose from, she even sells Henry’s Attic undyed yarn. I got to see in person some gorgeous Fiesta Yarns, among many others. I ultimately decided to go with my number one yarn, Cascade Pastaza.

But my praise for this store doesn’t end there. This woman was so nice! Even when the kids were running around the store nonstop and picked up a couple of skeins, she never batted an eye. I would definitely shop there again, if nothing else because my kids were so welcomed. Oh, and the gorgeous yarn.

And here’s one more piece of news, I received my Yarn Focus Challenge package today! Look at all the red and black goodies, chocolate (!) and yarn! Thank you so much!

Stash accounted for: 144 skeins.

Oh, I almost forgot my TV update! I haven’t had much time to keep up with my TiVo, but I did watch a few new (to me) shows this week that I really enjoyed. I’ve been going through withdrawal since Dirt ended last week, so I’ve been trying new shows. I’m really addicted to Friday Night Lights, which is moving up since my two favorites Dirt and The Office haven’t been new in awhile or won’t be new for a year (boo hoo!). Also, every time I see the CBS lineup I wonder why How I Met Your Mother and Two and a Half Men are on every week, but The Class ended very early, and isn’t being repeated. That was in my top 5, remember.

Anyway, this week I watched Six Degrees, with Campbell Scott and Hope Davis, and I was really interested. I have last week’s to watch on my TiVo as well and I can’t wait.  I also am into October Road, after watching the pilot and missing the second episode.  But then again I’m a girl, so I’m a sucker for romance.  Not too over the top romance, just the kind that’s been on FNL and October Road lately.

The Shield is back and I’ve started watching it again, but it’s slow going for me.  It has been in my top 5 since it started, but I’m not feeling it this year with so much competition and so many good shows.  I’ll keep watching, however.  I also am enjoying The Riches. I really really hate Minnie Driver, but this show is entertaining, and I’ll keep watching as long as I have a treadmill in front of my TiVo.

And the news – new The Office tomorrow! I can’t wait!



Here’s my Knitter’s Treat questionnaire. I just love swaps, don’t you?

The kids have Spring Break this week and since I haven’t done enough traveling lately I thought we’d go down to Santa Cruz. Of course there are no yarn stores there, are there? 😉

Not that I need more yarn. I promise tonight or tomorrow I’ll tell you about my East Bay and Wine Country yarn crawl. I ended up buying 3 skeins of yarn and 2 more needles. I don’t know what I feel more guilty about, buying yarn or needles these days.

Here are one of my birthday presents from my parents:

sock yarn from Lavender Sheep on Etsy. Can you believe that she sells (or sold) it like this – each skein is enough to make 2 socks, so for $20 or so I got enough to make 4 socks! Cool! (Skeins accounted for: 138)


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