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So, should we just WIP it Out or what?

Congrats to Susan who correctly guessed that quote from “Heathers”. Ah, the ’80s. I’ll have to find something equally dayglo to send to her (just kidding!).

Without further ado, here are my WIPs:

You already saw my 6 sock WIPs. Well, I found another red one, so let’s make that 7 socks in progress. I’ve also got one fingerless glove done in the blue Pastaza. I think I’ll end up frogging that one. There’s also my red A Good Bias shrug that I didn’t want to frog last year, but I should just do it now. There’s no way I’m going to finish it now. I also am halfway done with Knitty’s Blackberry, and I’m planning on finishing that one. The middle three are sweaters I’ve started and plan to finish this year.

Last but not least, is my Corset that I started and decided there was no way it would ever fit me (duh!). I am going to frog that this year and one lucky person who is brave enough to flash their WIPs with me will win the Noro Spring Garden it is currently made out of.

Your turn! Please comment if you do it, I’d love to see your WIPs too!

ETA: I just have to put this out there – I’m making my plans for a yarn crawl today, and BR actually said to “feel free to indulge” — after having two weekends away I get to buy yarn?! Now I know why I love him.


Off to Napa!

I’m frantically trying to get my stash, WIPs and needles photographed, because of course Flash Your Stash just happened to coincide with what will hopefully become our yearly trip to Napa for my playgroup. Well, the moms at least! I hope to hit an East Bay (ETA: I looked at the maps finally, and I should be able to make it to TeaCake Bakery, lunch at Westside Cafe, then Stash in Berkeley and Skein Lane in El Cerrito all before checking into our hotel!) and Napa yarn store while I’m on vacation too, but I’m feeling really guilty after taking a look at how little my yarn closet has changed since the beginning of the year. (Come to think of it my weight hasn’t changed in 2 1/2 years either, so I guess I am a bit of a glutton when it comes to yarn and chocolate 😦 )

Here’s a bit of a preview for what’s to come this weekend, the WIPs I’m actively working on, and some stash.

It includes my Wildfoote socks, Knit Picks Socks, Regia socks 1, Regia socks 2, some other German sock yarn socks, and my Mountain Colors socks. I’m at the toe of the Regia socks 1, but I need to decide on a toe, so I’ve been working on the others. So that’s 6 WIPs to begin with. What do you think I’ll end up with? And here is yet more of my neverending stash.

1 skein of Cascade 220 in white. Skeins accounted for: 135.


I apologize!!!

I never go on vacation and even more rarely without the kids so I’m pretty frazzled this week. I’m trying to respond to comments (which I appreciate so much!) while balancing finding my own stash/WIPs/needles for photos, working (my boss has nonstop work for me which could go on forever!), my full time job (shuttling the kids to and from school, etc.), cleaning and resetting from last weekend’s trip, while getting ready for next weekend’s trip! I honestly don’t know how people who have to travel a lot for work do it.
Last weekend I was visiting my friend A. in Portland. He was very gracious, allowing me to visit Knit/Purl, mostly because he just happened to park right in front of it when we were looking for a non-existent place to have afternoon tea. (What a great friend – he knows I love tea, so he looked for a place to go, but it was out of business.) We ended up having brunch at Jake’s, then heading back to Knit/Purl. I think I loved it even more than the first time I visited! They used to have a BMFA wall, and actually that was where I purchased my Socks that Rock before it was even popular. Now they aren’t able to get enough of it so they don’t carry it at all anymore. No problem for me, though, as I’m not really a fan, and plus it was replaced by a Koigu wall! Mmmm, Koigu.

After shopping around, and being able to see in person so many yarns I was interested in, I settled on buying this sock yarn. I couldn’t decide on a color, so I bought two! Aren’t they gorgeous?

On Sunday A. and I went to brunch at the Benson Hotel, then did some shopping. I was so bad, though, since in the past I would have loved to just do some window shopping, but now I kept thinking that there were yarn stores I could be visiting, rather than shoe shopping with A.! I did convince him to take me to Yarn Garden on the way to the airport. Honestly, it is a full city block long!!!! And there are apartments to rent right upstairs! Can you imagine living upstairs from a gorgeous yarn store/coffee shop? There were so many things I wanted to buy, and that is saying a lot since you know I didn’t even buy anything at Stitches West! Here’s what I got:

3 skeins of Nashua Handknits Wooly Stripes. I just feel in love with this color, and this was all the yarn they had in this colorway. I also got:

4 skeins of SWTC Karaoke. I have wanted to try this yarn for years, but when I saw the red/black combination I had to get it! I also had a large skein of Great Adirondack Sierra in a gorgeous red in my basket. I had guessed it would be expensive (it was 600 yards, after all), but when the cashier told me it was $50 I decided against it. The sad thing is that if she had just rung it up I would have bought it, but since she made it plain how much just that yarn was, I felt guilty. And of course I haven’t been able to find it online to buy. I’m really tempted to call them and have them ship it to me.

(134 skeins accounted for.)

And last but certainly not least, my postman thinks I’m weird. Today I got a registered letter from Portugal (as he told me) — tea from my Swap-bot tea swap, and yesterday I got a registered package from Singapore! Chrissy sent me my Sock-ret Pal socks, and they are so soft and pretty! She also made me a tea pot cozy which I love! Thank you so much Chrissy!


It had better come back!!!

Who cares about Jim and Pam? I am much more interested in Holt and Lucy from Dirt, and after that season finale I am going into withdrawal for whenever they decide to give us more episodes. Anyone who loves 24 for the bad acting, or even Friends for the bad acting, had better watch Dirt, because it is chock full with bad acting, but I still love it! Last night Jennifer Aniston did her guest spot, and they opened it up for a few more if she wants to come back. You know it’s bad when I don’t even care that The Shield is coming back next week!

Anyway, without further ado I just have to publicly thank my amazing Secret Pals for the packages I got! Last week I got my Punk Rock Gift Exchange package and you have got to see what my pal made:

She made me gorgeous stitch markers, and can you see the handmade card? It is hand stitched! I think it’s amazing. And the really cute little portable tea containers. I’ve never seen them before, and so delicious! Not to mention the chocolate! Thanks so much!

And then on my birthday my Secret Pal (10) sent me such an amazing package! Yes, the new Favorite Socks book I’ve had my eye on, some really amazing Lisa Souza sock yarn (and not even the Lisa Souza yarn type I already have, this is the Merino Sock! and I already have the Sock! It is so neat to try them both!) What a gorgeous matching package! I am so bad about that myself, I’m going to have to do a better job when I mail out my own packages. Thank you so much Secret Pals!

(Oh, and that makes 123 skeins accounted for.)

P.S. Just look what happened 4 years ago! Happy Birthday O.R.!


So much news, so little time!

First of all, thank you so much for all the birthday wishes! I found that three (3!) other knitters in my Bloglines list also have the same birthday, and one even is the same age as I am! How cool!

I’ve got tons of package (thank you so much to my PRGE and SP10 pals!!!) and Portland news, but this is time-sensitive, so I’ve got to add it now.

Just like last year, right around the annual “Flash Your Stash” day, April 1st, I have not one but two additional blogging memes/KALs I’d like to propose. The first is the 2nd annual “WIP it Out”, on March 31st. So just before you become honest with your stash, let’s be honest about how many WIPs we have going. As last year I’ll have a drawing, and one lucky person will receive one of my WIPs, frogged, to help keep me honest. “So, should we just WIP it out, or what?” (Another prize for the first person who correctly identifies that movie quote.)


And the second is the 1st annual “Flash Your (needle) Stash”, for April 1st.  When you’re being honest about how big your yarn stash is, let’s show off our unending collection of knitting (and/or crochet) needles!  One lucky winner will recieve a brand new set of Crystal Palace dpns!


Let’s get to spring cleaning!

(P.S. I painstakingly made these button sized and now they’re larger! So if you want a smaller or larger version, let me know.)


Can you believe this?

So I’m going to Portland this weekend. I have some great friends who live in Maryland and to my great excitement are moving to Portland (home of the wife’s family) in May!!! So my friend (the husband) is up in Portland right now, researching housing, jobs and day care. He knows just how much I love Portland so he (jokingly?) invited me up this weekend. I was so lucky to be spoiled by BR who agreed to let me go! (And said I didn’t have to cancel my mom’s group’s retreat the following weekend – what a supportive husband I have!) Of course it is my birthday on Monday so I can use that for some guilt, but I still appreciate being able to take *two* vacations!

Anyway, this friend is the one that I forced to drive me into the Valley a few years ago so I could visit La Knitterie Parisienne. I could only convince he and his wife to let me go to one yarn store, but they were very patient with me.

Last time I met them in Portland, about a year ago, I did a tour of yarn stores, and they accompanied me to a couple of them. So here’s what I got in my latest email from my friend:

“You’re not gonna make me go around knitting stores are you??

Can you believe it? Like it was an option! I’m kidding, but I may try to find some of the other stores I didn’t see last time. Last time we had a great hotel location and I went to Knit/Purl (loved it!), Lint, and I believe Knit Knot Studio. I think I may try to see Yarn Garden and I’m not sure I can pass up a place called All About Yarn!

Continuing to document my stash may help curb my yarn buying:

One of my (I believe) 7 skeins of SWTC Beyond. I’ve tried desperately to knit with this in the past, but the nubby nature of the yarn makes a loose fabric, which I don’t like. Once I collect it all I’ll be putting it up at Good Yarn Karma, I think. Stash accounted for: 122 skeins.


I lied.

I actually have 5 socks on the needles, who knew?! I have two in the heel stage, and three that I started this week. I guess I fail in the UFO category, right? At least the three new ones are all stockinette and so I’m getting there quickly with a few of them. Add in TV watching and I’m doing pretty good. I can’t always knit on the treadmill, but when I start it keeps me on that much longer so it’s good for my overall calorie count, I hope. I’ve also knit on the cross country machine at the gym, but I almost fell off due to losing my balance, so that’s not as often as the treadmill.

In the interest of full disclosure, I also have some more news to report – this week I received two more swap packages (thank you Destash and Good Yarn Karma!) The first was from Kimberly who sent me the most gorgeous red and black yarn. I love it so much!

and I even tried to do some “pr0n” shots of this yarn, it is so gorgeous, but I’m not much of a photographer.

3 skeins of Crystal Palace Kid Merino

2 skeins of Italian lace yarn

4 skeins of Tahki New Tweed. Honestly these yarns are so soft and gorgeous! Stash accounted for: 115 skeins.


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