Best Week Ever!

Boy, were there some great shows this week! Not counting The Office, on which I was underwhelmed yet again. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy “Dirt”. I can’t believe some of the critics were panning it in the beginning because it is really compelling to me. And then right before is “The Real Housewives of Orange County”, where Jo is potentially breaking it off with Slade. Or at least I think Slade thinks so. Jo appears to think that she can move to L.A. and move in with her friend and still date/be supported by Slade? And that he is holding her back by paying for everything? Must be nice to be that self-confident.

I’m also back into “House”, which I enjoy when they don’t have awful recurring characters or ex-wives. It’s even more interesting to me knowing that Drs. Cameron and Chase are engaged in real life. It was funny to see “House” after seeing the actor play an English folk singer in the movie “Uptown Girls”. It is interesting to see someone that you only know from one particular role in another somewhat different one.

I really love “Knights of Prosperity” as well. It’s weird. I tape it every week and every week I tell myself I should watch it first because it’s a 1/2 hour show and will free up my TiVo, but every week I am reticent to watch it for some reason. Yet I always find myself laughing at it as well. This past week I loved because it included an Indian language cover of “Cat’s in the Cradle” when “Gary”‘s was trying to become close to his son so they could get him to hack into a computer for them. I also loved one of the later jokes – they had to sneak the kid as well as two other guys (“Gary” – his real name is a long Indian one so they call him “Gary”, and Donal Logue’s character Eugene) into the security office. Eugene says that he has two costumes that will make you invisible – the janitor outfits from his work. It was hilarious (and yet a sad statement about our society) when he and Gary just walked right past the guard in their janitor outfits, then a minute later the guard questioned Rockefeller when he tried to bring Gary’s son in as his own. Such a funny show, even though it really shouldn’t be. It reminds me of two of my favorites from last year, “Loop” and “Free Ride”. Both were on Fox, I believe. Fox has some great comedies, but also gives up on them easily. Case in point “Undeclared” which was the funniest show and was done by the creators of “Freaks and Geeks”. It came out at the same time as “Grounded for Life”, another great Fox show that was ditched by them too soon, and “That ’80s Show” which I really liked but wasn’t given as much thought or help as “That ’70s Show” and was cancelled too quickly. I wasn’t really a fan of “That ’70s Show”, but loved “That ’80s Show”. I wonder if it has to do with what decade you associate yourself with?

Anyhow, “The Loop” was over the top, but ended up being really funny, and had a great theme song. On “Free Ride” I just loved the Dove character. He was so funny! I miss them both.

And then there was “Lost”. I skipped the “Survival Guide” since I’ve seen all I want or need to of the series. I thought the actual episode was very disturbing. Juliet’s whole story actually sank in to me later that night, and I felt really bad for her. Remember how “the Others” always called themselves the good guys? That’s less and less possible as the show goes on, definitely.

I’ll have to save TV’s favorite night, Thursday, for tomorrow, since I’m exhausted! Today is DL’s 7th birthday and we’ve had a big couple of celebration days. Yesterday we had a party at a local pizza place since it was pouring rain, and today we had lunch at Chevy’s where he got to wear the birthday sombrero. I’m somewhat caked-out, which is saying a lot since I love cake!

I have been working on a very fun project, though, which couldn’t have come at a better time. As you know I was really getting bored with my most recent sweater since it is just 2 rows of knit, 2 rows of rib on 240 stitches. So I was excited to hear about Rebekah’s Blanket of Hope project. Her friend’s husband was just diagnosed with lymphoma, and Rebekah is creating a large blanket for him. She has asked for any size swatches for this blanket and I’ve been having fun using up my scraps of yarn and trying out new stitch patterns. Here’s what I’m sending for my first pass, and if she needs more, I’ll make more!

And in the spirit of stash reduction, here is the next skein I hope to knit up for this very worthwhile (and fun) project:

1 skein of Pierrot yarn. Stash accounted for: 52 skeins. (Soon to be 51?)

1 Response to “Best Week Ever!”

  1. February 11, 2007 at 12:38 pm

    I’m looking forward to knitting some quirky squares for that blanket, too!

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