Yarn Focus Challenge

I had a lot of TV/knitting time today since DL had to stay late at school (imagine, school until 5:30 on a Friday!), and you’re not going to believe what I found: more of that *&()($@# Filatura di Crosa 501! Not much, but I swear it’s multiplying.

After finishing my 4 hours of ’80s videos, I watched yesterday’s “Grey’s Anatomy” and really enjoyed it. I still don’t like Meredith, but the other characters are interesting. I’ve started “CSI” (I used to watch it in the middle of its run but they lost me when George was buried alive. This most recent episode sounded interesting so I taped it.) and “The Knights of Prosperity”. I really like that show! Last week was hilarious when they picked Tom Sawyer as their theme song. Unfortunately, the show following, “In Case of Emergency” is horrible. They picked a lot of somewhat well known actors (I guess the “Weekend at Bernie’s” franchise is over, so Jonathan Silverman is free for this stinker), but the show is just lame.

Last week I was lamenting to BR how much I used to enjoy the Food Network and how lame the shows were now. He told me that apparently it is really popular with college students now, and they’re aiming towards that audience. It’s too bad because I remember watching it a lot when I first got cable, but now I rarely watch. This week I taped something that was supposed to be about cookies, and got “Dinner: Impossible”. It was actually entertaining! They give a chef 10 hours to get a wedding catered. I’m not sure it would be the food I would have wanted at my wedding (we had an amazing brunch at ours), but it was a fun show and it kept me on the treadmill for 20 minutes while watching it. Oh, how I miss watching “Korn” (the Japanese artist, not the band) judging on “Iron Chef”.

So while I’m doing all this television watching I am working on all of my stashbusting KALs. I’m currently in 4: The Original Stashbusters; Stashalong; Stash and UFO Bust-along and Rebekah’s Yarn Focus Challenge #2.

I’ve been doing great at stashbusting, but not so great at finishing projects. I had been doing well on my stash sweater, but got stalled on that, and haven’t finished my Sock-ret Pal/Second Sock Syndrome II sock, or the other UFOs I have. In fact, I’m not entirely sure how many I have, but it’s not that many. I think once I finish my red scarf #2 I can move on to the three socks I need to be completed by 2/28, the chemo cap I need by 3/15 and then I can work on my UFOs and sweaters for the Sweater-a-Month KAL.

In an attempt to organize my stash enough to get it smaller, I’ve decided to start focusing on the yarn that I have and taking stock of it. So I’m going to take pictures as I clear out (organize, not knit it up yet) my yarn closet. Here is skein #1 to show you:

Angora Valley Fly Super Sport sock yarn

Angora Valley Yarn Fly Super Sport in “Hott”, 1 large skein sock yarn.

Red Scarf #2

I also have my Red Scarf #2 project, and accompanying yarn. This includes 1 skein of Jaeger Baby Merino that somewhat matches my Filatura di Crosa 501 yarn. When that project is done I’ll be down approximately 3 skeins of yarn. So here are my running totals:

Stash yarn accounted for: 1 skein

2007 days without buying yarn: 26 (I’m starting Jan 1st, but I haven’t bought yarn since my last fateful Little Knits purchase in late November where I ended up with more yarn I’m not all that fond of.)


5 Responses to “Yarn Focus Challenge”

  1. 1 Jen
    January 26, 2007 at 7:49 pm

    I’m right there with you about Knights of Prosperity and In Case of Emergency. I keep watching ICE because I enjoy the actors, but I wish they would go somewhere with the story. At least, I think they have a story. Hey, has anyone seen a story laying around anywhere!?

    Knights of Prosperity, though – they’re managing to make that intriguing! I love the way things keep developing. I’m still ticked with GWB, though – his speech the night of the second episode totally blew the TV schedule tha night, and I missed it! ABC has it over at their website, but I haven’t had the time to watch it on streaming video yet.

  2. January 26, 2007 at 8:09 pm

    Ha! I knew that Filatura stuff was reproducing!!!

  3. January 27, 2007 at 6:31 am

    Yay for stashbusting!

    I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only one who finds Meredith a bit annoying.

  4. January 27, 2007 at 3:41 pm

    I originally wouldn’t watch Gray’s Anatomy because I was mad Katherine Heigl got a job (ok, I really like Roswell) but got sucked into recently.

    Good Eats with Alton Brown is good on TFC. I used to HATE him on his old show, but I LOVE him on this one! So odd.

    Monday I want to watch Digging For the Truth because it’s about Genghis Khan.

  5. January 29, 2007 at 11:46 am

    I had the same feeling about Food network but lately it’s been quite good. The are now doing the whole “Food Network Late Night” thing and that is when some of the better shows seem to be on.

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