Here it goes again …

I’m doing great on my Second Sock Syndrome sock. It’s almost done, I just need to finalize the toe decreases and then I’m done! Of course I need to do my Sock-ret Pal’s socks entirely, but that will be next.

I’m also working on my stash sweater for the <a href=”http://sweateramonthkal.blogspot.com”>Sweater A Month KAL</a>. I hope I can get it done this month! I’m focusing on those two projects so I can get more done. I hope it works!

Stash Sweater

I’ve been busy with TV as well. Mostly I’ve been watching movies on TV, but I was pleasantly surprised to see a new “The Class” on Monday. I was laughing out loud, so I consider that a great show. I taped “Dirt” and “Boston Legal” last night, but I had to go to bed early because I have an eye infection (no knitting either 😦 ) so I’m not up to date on those. I’m sure “Dirt” will at least keep me on my treadmill for 40 min., even if it’s not perfect. Does anyone else think of that OKGo song every time they’re on the treadmill? Okay, it’s just me …


2 Responses to “Here it goes again …”

  1. January 18, 2007 at 12:48 am

    Hi, I’m visiting from Stashalong. You commented that you wish you knew of someplace that would like to have your unwanted yarn. I have donated yarn to friends, neighbors, senior centers, children’s programs, and various organizations. If you check around locally, I’d be suprised if you couldn’t find a boys and girls club, child care center, or some other group that would love to have your yarn. There is also a thread here on the Knitter’s Review Forum that lists charities requesting yarn but you would have to pay shipping.

    BTW, I’m a sock knitter and TV addict. ER is one of my favorites also (agree about John Stamos) but 24 is my obsession — go Keifer!

  2. January 22, 2007 at 12:26 am

    Thanks for the info! I’ll check it out!

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