Great news! In my vast yarn closet (do you think DL will need his closet anytime before high school? 😉 ) I found another ball of the Filatura di Crosa 127 Print I’m using for my red scarf! I know I’m a slow knitter, but I’m just about done with the first one and it’s nowhere near the 60″ the scarf is supposed to be. I was going to try and add in a different color, but hopefully 2 skeins will be okay.

ETA: I don’t know where all this yarn is coming from, but I just found 2 more skeins of not only the same color, but the same lot! It also has the same price tag, so I don’t know if I got it together from someone, or what. I originally thought it was a Secret Pal gift, but I’m thinking not at this point. It’s really gorgeous, soft yarn, though, and I’ll need all 4 since at almost one skein I’ve only got 18″ of scarf.

I also pulled out a couple of sock yarn skeins (we all know I have enough of that as well, and even not in red 😉 ) to start my Sockret Pal socks. I have until February I think to make them, but I’d like to get started earlier. So much for the other WIPs I had been actively working on, like my Lucky Number sweater or my red sweater or my legwarmers. Any clue how long size 9 American (I think) feet are? I wear 8s and mine are 10 inches, but I’m not sure how long to make hers.

Finally, I brought out two skeins of red Knit Picks Palette for a perhaps second red scarf. I had wanted to use a thicker yarn for faster knitting, but I also want to use up this yarn. Maybe I’ll double strand it since I have a lot of Palette in red. I have been wearing my socks I made in Palette which I like, but I’m worried about them because they’re not washable so I barely wear them out of bed. What do you do with your hand wash socks?


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