TV update: After completing the writing portion of my exam/thesis/paper (I have to defend it next week) I’ve been catching up on my huge TiVo list very quickly. Having a few days at home to watch TV hasn’t hurt. Here’s what I’ve been knitting to lately:

Boston Legal: Why have I stuck with this show? I was a fan of L.A. Law and the Practice, and a reluctant viewer of Ally McBeal, but for some reason even though it’s pretty bad I’ve stuck with Boston Legal over the years. I suppose I’m just a fan of James Spader after Pretty in Pink and Secretary. Anyway, they’ve just pushed themselves entirely over the top and around the swing set. All of a sudden every man in the practice is in lust with Shirley Schmidt (Candice Bergen)? In a country that values youth over everything else? I think I’m done.

I tried Brothers and Sisters last week. They lost me with “California Republican”.

The Class: I still love this show. I’m not too fond of the self-made comparisons to Friends, but I do enjoy the characters and got sucked into the Richie/Lina storyline. Hopefully it will continue to be funny.

House: This one I’m also done with. Again. Last year I stopped watching when House’s wife showed up, and then came back, but this year’s addition of the police officer with a vengeance, Michael Tritter. His harassment of all the staff just because House has bad beside manner is too over the top for me. I’m not convinced I’ll be back this time.

Law and Order Criminal Intent: I still love Chris Noth, but his new partner is lame. I still love Goren and Eames, but I’ve relegated this one to repeat season. When everything else is gone, I’ll come back.

3 Lbs: I still want to try this out. Since I’m giving up on Boston Legal I should have some space on my TiVo.

Medium: I really like Patricia Arquette’s new haircut. Last week’s episode was written pretty well, so I’m enjoying it.

Ah, Thursday. Where all the shows are. Honestly, why can’t they spread them out over the week? Luckily some are ready to go for me.

Ugly Betty: I got into this show for a couple of weeks, and I may watch it if TiVo tapes it, but it wasn’t that great last week. However, I am eagerly awaiting the arc with Christopher Gorham as Betty’s love interest. I loved him and Medical Investigation last year, so I’m happy he’s back.

Grey’s Anatomy: They lost me at the end of last year, but I have been watching when I can and am still interested. I just have no interest in Meredith and *hate* the show’s “Mc-” lexicon. So stupid.

ER: I enjoy this show and the characters, but I wish that Neela would get back with Ray. John Stamos and his character are lame, and I hate them together. As I mentioned before, Forrest Whitaker was great on The Shield last year doing the samec character he is on ER this year. Let’s leave that character, please. We don’t need a stalker. Hasn’t Dr. Kovac had enough stress losing his wife and children in a bomb? Please, move on and back to actual in-ER cases and characters.

The Office: The best show ever. Enough said.

Shark: I enjoyed this in the beginning, but there’s no real hook to keep me watching from week to week, so I watch it when I can.

Numb3rs: Every time I start an episode, I delete it. I guess there’s too much good TV (thanks, HBO) to bother this year.

Degrassi: Still love it, even though Emma is a really lame character. They need to bring back more of the old crowd too. How about a trip back to see Shane and his nurse, Elspeth?

And while I’m watching TV and movies, I’m knitting this:

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