So how was your holiday? Ours was nice, a traditional Thanksgiving at my MILs (about 2 miles away) with a lot of The Office gossip and discussion.

I have been knitting a lot, but I appear to be in a manic phase. Not literally, but I keep starting new projects and it takes me forever to finish any. And I still have two that I need to start and finish soon (Shannon’s birthday/Christmas/Easter present – when I’m able to start and finish it, and the socks for my Sock-Ret Pal)!

I really meant to get something done for Norovember but I took the Noro Spring Garden out of my current sweater, and I never got to working on my Lucky Number sweater while I was on vacation in Sebastopol. That reminds me, I had an incident when we were on vacation.

We got into town on Friday night, and I had remembered that I had forgotten to bring my directions and address to the LYS on our trip! But when we were going for the best hamburger I just randomly walked by! I guess I didn’t notice the hours, but of course I wanted to go back.

Saturday we went all over looking for afternoon tea, one of my passions, and I was exhausted since the kids hadn’t slept much at all the night before, so I figured we would do all of our shopping before leaving town on Sunday. (Do you see where this is headed?!)

Sunday we stopped downtown for lunch and shopping, and lo and behold — THE YARN STORE WAS CLOSED!!! I wasn’t able to find a website, but it is called Knitting Workshop, and usually when I do my yarn treks I just walk in and out, thinking I can buy most of their yarn at home, and only buy if I feel guilty or find something amazing. This may be because the store was closed, but I was looking in the window and I just kept thinking “I want to buy that …” “I want to buy that …” I really wanted to buy all the red yarn in the window, and I couldn’t! Denied!

I guess maybe I’ll have to drive 2 hours, have a hamburger, and come back when the yarn store is open. I could do a North Bay yarn crawl. Anyone interested?

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