I am sooooooo sad! The Office is over for 2 weeks, and it was the most amazing episode! Poor Pam was actually crying when Jim and Karen walked off together. Serves her right, I guess for not calling him the second she broke up with Roy.

Yes, I am obsessed with The Office. I’ve already seen all the deleted scenes and discussed it with the other Super Fans on NBC.com.

In other heartbreaking news – my knitting is missing again! I have a knitting-eating monster (or three, I’m not sure) in my house! I was going to take a cute picture of how I ended up frogging most of my sweater today because I decided it was too busy with the Noro Spring Garden and mismatching reds, so I took it back to the ribbing and was starting over. I came home, did a bit of knitting, then got bored with the kids’ TV and walked off. When I came back it was gone! And I wanted to work on it this weekend!

So instead I pulled out, for Norovember, my Lucky Number sweater. I have now sewed up almost one sleeve and I still have two sides and one sleeve to go. Then I want to pick up ribbing on the neckline and bottom. So boring!


I totally forgot that The Office actually had knitting blog fodder! So this episode was when two branches merge, and the new love interest of the main character (Karen) moves to the Scranton branch, and meets the old love interest of the main character (Pam). So Karen comes up and introduces herself to Pam and says “I love your sweater”.:

Then Pam goes “My mom made it for me.” and Karen goes “Oh, I’ve always wanted to learn to knit.” and then gets distracted by their boss.

What I keep thinking about this sweater, besides the fact that it looks storebought to me is that is one great “homemade” sweater! Not your typical “My mom made it for me” item. They’ve already shown Phyllis knitting at work this season (you can see the episode from last week on NBC.com) and last season she made a potholder for her boss, which really did look handmade. Maybe that lame new idea for Julia Roberts doing a movie based on knitting isn’t so far off?


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