TV update: So who watched “Lost” last night? Our TiVo didn’t tape it for some reason so we missed the first 15 min., and I don’t think we missed much. And now after a really lame episode we have to wait until February? I think for me it depends on what else is going on in my life then. I may not care about it when it comes back.

Oh, there is one reason to watch “Lost” — Michael “What other Val dude can touch me?” Bowen. Is anyone else old enough to remember him as Tommy, Nicolas Cage’s arch-rival in “Valley Girl”? He can get other roles, but he’s always Tommy to me. I definitely wouldn’t put it past Tommy to kill Sawyer. Sawyer probably stained his pink Izod shirt or something.

I did decide to bring back “The Class” into my life, however. I had watched the first episode, then decided I didn’t have enough TV time to watch it. Well my TiVo taped it last week and I decided I really like it. Jason Ritter looks just like his dad, doesn’t he? I don’t like the intro much, but the characters are great. And who doesn’t like a show that brings in Sara Gilbert?

Oh yeah, that’s right, ER. She is brought in and out just enough that we’re like “She’s still here?” when they do bring her in. I wouldn’t mind seeing her more often, but her character on “The Class” is more intriguing. I’ve been watching the new arc about Forrest Whitaker’s character having his life changed by Dr. Kovac (isn’t it time for a new leading man yet?) and now he’s interacting with Kovac’s life? I really liked this idea — when it was last year on “The Shield” with the exact same actor! Talk about no original thought.

Okay, back to writing about the sound design of television for my paper. I’ve got less than a week left.

ETA: I am so sad — “The Office” is just so good and at some point it is going to be gone, at least for the summer. Tonight’s episode was amazing! I can’t wait for Karen to move to Scranton!

P.P.S. Damn! I just found out that NBC.com has deleted scenes from this season now! I lost a weekend before the season started on last season’s deleted scenes and I don’t have a weekend to spend on it right now …


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