Just in case you’re interested, here is a sort of “fluff” piece on craft shows on the DIY network.

I made some more earrings today but haven’t photographed them yet. I’m still hard at work at my second Tiny Dancer sock. It’s really slow going!

It hasn’t been really cold yet (it was actually hotter in S.F. than at home today, even) so I haven’t gotten my leg warmers set up yet, but I will. Speaking of which, I should have finished my smaller, first paper by yesterday, but I haven’t. Oops. But I did buy my new computer today! It’ll be ready tomorrow (actually it was ready today but not when I was on campus). My first Mac. (Well, BR used to own one but got rid of it somewhere around 1996). It’d better be as cool as they say ….


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is a knitter, librarian and pop culture enthusiast in the San Francisco Peninsula. Email me at emmckee@rocketmail

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