Good grief! “The Office” was hilarious last night! I’m not sure I like it without Jim as a central character, but the funniest scene was in the grief counseling session and it proved that Pam has learned a lot from Jim in ad libbing or is at least able to do it without him around. Am I the only one who uses the storyline from the British version as a guideline as to how the American version might turn out? I keep thinking that it’s nice to see Jim being himself in another office with another girl that looks suspiciously like Pam, but that in the British version the original couple pretty much got together (in the reunion special) so I hope it goes full circle and Jim ends up back where he belongs. It’s hilarious that it is set in Scranton, PA as well, since BR and I went to Scranton during part of our honeymoon and the way it is portrayed in The Office is exactly what we thought about it. In 1999 it didn’t even have a Starbuck’s!

In other news, as usual my other computer is still screwed up so I can’t get my picture, but I got my first Sock-ret Pal package! My pal is from Singapore, and sent me some gorgeous red beaded yarn, decorated rosewood needles, a hand knit needle case and really cute stitch markers decorating the neck of a tiny teddy bear. I promise to put up a photo when I can. Thanks Sock-ret pal!

I plan on having way more photos when I get my new MacBook. I am a P.C. person and understand that Macs are “magic” and can do pretty much anything out of the box, so hopefully it will be easy to buy and use. I don’t feel too comfortable doing tech support so I hope it lives up to the hype.

I’m still plugging away on my second sock that is due in November, and just sent off another pattern submission today. I’ve been interested in knit designing lately, and will see if it works out for me.

“I was having a party, and it was the *weekend* and then my uncle Bernie died …”


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