The Fanatic

A week later I’m almost done with my new shows for this season. I watch a *lot* of tv, and our second tv broke last week so it’s been hard to get through the new shows with lots of work, and very little tv time since we are now sharing one tv with 5 people! Anyway, here are my thoughts:

Sunday: Nothing. Luckily the house flipping shows are all weekend so I end up with a lot to finish up then.

Monday: “The Class” — they said it was like “Friends”. I never did get into that show, but “The Class” is okay. I’ll keep watching it for now. I haven’t watched “Men in Trees” yet, but I’m not a big Anne Heche fan so we’ll see. The jury is still out on “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip”. I like Matthew Perry but the show didn’t draw me in. I’ll keep watching for now.

Tuesday: “Boston Legal” — I really like this show. Even though it’s over the top, I do enjoy it. “House” — I skipped when his ex-wife came back last year, but I”m back into it now. I’ll keep watching, but this is yet another show I wouldn’t miss if it weren’t on the air. I love Ron Livingston (from “Office Space”, not from “Sex and the City”) but I didn’t even finish the first episode of “Standoff”. It was awful. Oh yeah, “Criminal Intent”. I like the original partners and I *love* Chris Noth (mostly from L & O but the Sex and the City part wasn’t too bad either) but his new partner? Yuck!

Wednesday: Nothing. Until “Lost” comes back.

Thursday: “THE OFFICE”. Last week’s episode notwithstanding, I love this show and would gladly give up every other show to just watch this one over and over. Okay, there are of course other Thursday shows. God forbid they put shows on any other night. I really like “Shark”. It is definitely “House as a lawyer”. “ER” was really a bit much last week, but I still enjoy it. They lost me last year on “Grey’s Anatomy” and because of their stupid scheduling it until 10:02 and us only having one two-tuner TiVo, I missed it last week. I much prefer “Shark” and “ER” but may end up watching it again. Meredith is just such a lame character, and I hate Chris O’Donnell.

I was all ready to write off ABC again (I had a boycott going of them a couple of years ago when they cancelled “It’s Like … You Know”, the funniest show ever, next to the American version of “The Office”, but then I started watching a show here and there, and I’m sort of back.) until I noticed a new show for this week — “Ugly Betty”. Who wants to take bets on how long it takes for America Ferrera to lose the weight? Sara Rue finally did it after “Less than Perfect” so I definitely expect America to do it eventually. Anyway, I’ve got two words for you — _Eric _Mabius. If you’ve seen “Welcome to the Dollhouse” you know why I am in love with Steve Rodgers. I finally found him on “Eyes” last year and they cancelled it! So love it or hate it, Fat America or Skinny America, I’m watching “Ugly Betty” until it’s cancelled.

Friday: “Numbers”. I like this show, but wouldn’t miss it if it was gone. And I tapered off of the original “Law and Order” last year, so moving that to Friday was the real kiss of death. I give it the rest of the season. Remember when they scheduled “Freaks and Geeks” on Friday nights? It barely survived, and I think this day is where good shows go to die.

Saturday: Not surprisingly, also nothing. But there’s always those house flipping shows! Check out “Property Ladder”, “Flip This House” and “Flip That House”!

This rant brought to you by Elspeth McKee, M.L.S., M.A. (expected) in Radio and Television (so I’ve got some authority, right? 😉 ) I know, Tom Shales I am not.


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