New yarn!

Believe it or not, Karen E. Jordan’s sock yarn I bought off Etsy is more beautiful in person than in her photo! Even my photo doesn’t do it justice:

Although I do try. Here is my “Little Fluffy Clouds” yarn I dyed last week. The colors are blue, purple and lavender and really look like foggy, gray clouds. Gorgeous!

Then again, here is my monstrosity I made months ago:

It was at least untangled before I started knitting but now it’s back to its kinky, tangled mess. I hope it knits up okay. I’m making cabled socks.

A little bird, otherwise known as my SFIL dropped off a couple of Michael’s coupons in my mailbox. I stopped by Michael’s today which was just remodeled. I was so disappointed! For awhile they had a huge knitting book and magazine selecion but today it was really sparse. I bought One Skein and Generation T and got the other from Zooba.com. They had literally *no* knitting magazines!

I guess beading is getting hot again because Michael’s has three or four rows of beads and supplies compared to one or two that they had pre-remodel. I remember a few years ago pretty much every city had a bead store, and now a lot of them are gone.

One more disappointment — Big Girl Knits. I had looked at one at Border’s recently and loved the patterns. So I go to buy it today at Michael’s and they only have sizes Large and up! I understand the reasoning, that people larger than “Large” can’t find many knitting patterns for them, but how about those of us who happen to be (ahem) “short” but are in no way a size small or even extra-small that most knitting patterns appear to be geared towards? I was really disappointed that “Big Girl Knits” didn’t have at least a size “Medium” which I tend to be even though I’m 30 or so pounds overweight. I was really disappointed. Back to socks, I guess, which are pretty much sizeless.

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