Read it in Books.

“I read a book. 250 pages. What’s it about? No idea. It took me 8 years.”
— Jim Gaffigan

Yes, I’m back into reading! I had to go to the library to get a large stack of books for DL’s reading list so I picked up a few for myself. I always say that as a librarian I don’t have time to read books, but that’s not always true. This week I picked up “It’s Not Easy Being Me” by Rodney Dangerfield. I love biographies and autobiographies and this was a fun and quick read. I even did some knitting at the same time. This is the red Regia sock I have been knitting and frogging over and over:

The cable just doesn’t work, or the size, or something and I’m tired of restarting! I did make the ribbing edge and I hate to rip that out, but I think my cable deserves less K2P2 ribbing, so I’ve just put it aside and started work on a sock using my red Wool2Dye4 SuperSock. So far so good.

***ETA — did you notice Jennifer’s adorable stitch markers? Yes, they are ladybug buttons and I love them! ***

I also have been dyeing yarn all day. I’ll post some photos when it dries.

Great news! I finished (okay, I have to kitchener the toe) my Second Sock Syndrome sock! I dyed the rest of the yarn today, so I should be ready to send the package off in a couple of days (barring any unforseen untangling, of course)!


2 Responses to “Read it in Books.”

  1. September 19, 2006 at 6:20 am

    Yay for reading! I’ve tried reading and knitting, but I really can’t do it all that well. I always end up losing my place in one or the other.

  2. September 24, 2006 at 1:57 pm

    Ah, reading and knitting – my favorite thing to do. Yay on your sock!! But boo hiss on the problematic cable sock…

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