PRGE (1) Questionnaire

Punk Rock Gift Exchange Questionnaire:

1) How long have you been spinning/Knitting/Crocheting?

I learned to crochet as a kid (and forgot), and knit in high school but I’ve been seriously knitting now for 3 years.

2) Do you consider yourself a beginner, novice, or experienced Yarn Artist?


3) What type of fibers have you worked with?

Wool, cotton, alpaca, silk.

4) What types are you dying to try?

Anything soft and red or black; Maybe some of that new strange stuff like the banana yarn or soy silk.

5) Are you allergic to anything, (Fibers, Food, Smells that make you want to puke, etc.)?


6) Do you have any Disorders, ex: Diabetes?


7) What is your Favorite Time/Style period, ex: Romantic, Grecian, Metal, Goth,etc?

Romantic and Goth.

8) What fibers do you dislike?

Fun fur. I don’t use the novelty type stuff. And I prefer if it’s not too scratchy.

9) Name some of your favorite artists, Movie-wise, Television if you watch it ex: I heart Keanu, some things can’t be helped, and Rachel loves Mike Ness !?

Crispin Glover, James Remar, John Cusack.

10) Whos your favorite Character ex: Jack or Cpt Jack?

Chococat or Clan Hello Kitty (is that still around even?)

11) Do you prefer natural colored fibers, or handpainted/dyed fiber?


12) What are you favorite colors?

red and black.

13) What colors do you dislike?

pastels. brown, yellow and orange have their place but for the most part I don’t like those either.

14) What projects are you currently working on?

socks and sweaters.

15) Do you have a wishlist?

an Amazon one under my name.

16) Do you have any other favorite hobbies?

collecting covers of popular music.

17) When is your birthday?


18) What is your favorite food, candy, scents that you love!! Etc.?

pizza, but I’m guessing you can’t mail that, chocolate and cake. I like flowery scents, cinnamon and coffee.

19) Are you pierced at all? Any tattoos? Can you/would you wear jewelry that isn’t real?

Just the ear piercings. Three tattoos but I’m looking for a good new place in California — any suggestions? I can wear any and all jewelry.

20) What do you like Culturally, ex: Celtic, African, Devil Worshiping, Kidding!?


21) What do you use to store your needles/hooks in?

I’ve got two great needle cases made by Zonda.

22) What kind of music do you like? Can your computer/stereo play MP3s? (if your buddy wants to make you a CD)

Pretty much anything except Celine Dion-type stuff and Rap unless they are in cover form and then I’m all over them. I can play MP3s.

23) What’s your favorite season and why?


24) What season do you abhor?

Summer because it’s hot.

25) How about Sports, any that you just can’t get enough of or do they make you throw up in your mouth just a little?

No. Not interested in any.

26) What is your family situation? Do you live alone?

DH and kids.

27) Do you have any pets?


28) Do you like handmade gifts?


29) What’s your favorite thing to make, knit/crochet or other craft wise?

Socks or other wearable items.

30) Do you prefer straight or circular needles?


31) Do you own a yarn winder and/or swift?

A yarn winder but I don’t know how to use it!

32) Tell us how you learned to knit/crochet?

My mom taught me.

33) Do you enjoy getting helpful hints from others or does it just piss you off?

Sometimes, but mostly it’s annoying.

34) How old is your oldest UFO?

Maybe a year. I’ve lost track of some of them.

35) Is there anything that you collect?

Cover versions of popular music.

36) Any books, yarns, needles or patterns out there you are dying to get your hands on?

Generation-T; Big Girl Knits.

37) What knitting magazine subscriptions do you have if any?

Interweave Knits.

38) Are there any new techniques you’d like to learn?

I still haven’t done intarsia or fair isle.

39) Do you enjoy knitting socks? How big are yer boats (feet)?

Sure. Size 8 U.S.

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