Is it wrong to audibly gasp when you’re looking at yarn? I was pointed to my favorite online store, Little Knits and found my new yarn obsession. I feel guilty buying it now, but I do have an anniversary coming up .. maybe I’ll have to encourage BR to buy some for me. The seventh anniversary is Angora, isn’t it?

Speaking of relationships, for the past day and a half I have been glued to my computer. I am a huge fan of “The Office” (American version, of course. The British version was good, but just not the same) and I finally got around to watching the “webisodes” they had been advertising. I’m very sick of the two ads they run between their extra stuff, but I finally got through it all! I was busy knitting along on my SSS sock while I watched all the parts of the webisode, deleted scenes, clips from the shows (apparently I missed one, how can that be?) and rewatching the clip of Pam and Jim … FINALLY (as they call it). I decided that like every girl thinks they are and wants to be Hermione in Harry Potter, we all want to be Pam. She’s considered the “hottest” in the office and she and Jim have that relationship we love to live vicariously through. However, after watching everything that NBC.com has to offer in the way of “The Office”, I’ve come to the realization that I am Angela. I guess it could be worse, but I’m Angela. I look like Angela, I like those babies in adult situation posters (not!), let’s just face it, I’m Angela. But I dream of being Pam …

In other news, I took DL and OR to IKEA today. I know I’m abnormal, but along with my dislike for Socks That Rock yarn, I also hate IKEA. That being said, we had a great time there today. They didn’t have any desks for DL, but we did end up getting coffee and a snack and relaxing in the cafe. For $6.19 we got salad (for me), 3 cookies and 3 drinks, and I got some knitting time. I was sitting there knitting my SSS sock and someone walked by and said “Socks!” Knitters are everywhere, aren’t they?

That’s where I got my bright idea to try to start another daytime knitting meetup. I tried this a couple of years ago and it didn’t work out, but I could do knitting at IKEA once a month, and otherwise in Palo Alto or another city another Saturday a month. Any SV or Bay Area knitters want to stop by?


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