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My Top 10!

Amy listed her top 10 yarns and that just seemed like a great meme to me, so here goes:

1. Cascade Pastaza
2. Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Worsted
3. Noro Silk Garden
4. Classic Elite Gatsby
5. FurrYarns MaineBear SOX
6. Ellen’s Half Pint Farms yarn
7. Lisa Souza Sock!
8. Berroco Softwist
9. Habu Shoshensi Paper
10. GGH Linova

You’re next:
Cookie and/or Kristi

I know you guys will have some drool-worthy lists!



I finally got a few knit stitches done today after 3 or 4 days of untangling my purple yarn! What is with me? I am constantly getting things tangled and spending more time on that than actually knitting. The good news is that I should be done with my bag in a day or so. It would have been a quick knit if I hadn’t frogged half of it and then got it all tangled trying to knit from both ends.

Yesterday I got my One Skein package! Look at this gorgeous Noro and Lorna’s Laces yarn:

and some gorgeous stitch markers — thanks to my One Skein pal!

Also yesterday we were busy at our last My First Art Class. DL was off from camp so they both made crazy “gardening” hats. These were the best projects in the class, I think.



I’ve been bad.

I tried a new knitting group on Thursday and most of the people in attendance work at one of my LYSs that I used to shop at a lot. They had a great “odd ball basket” and I would stop by just to get a skein here and there. Then they moved and the new location, while larger, is just so jam packed that I hate to shop there. So I haven’t gone back in months. But after meeting these ladies I decided to check it out again. They now have *three* odd ball baskets, plus other sale items that are right as you go in the door. So I don’t have to battle the yarn (this should be a good thing, but it’s annoying in this case) but I still might find a deal!

I don’t know if I saved any money, but I did get one more skein of black Waikiki for my collection, one skein of black Manos Cotton Stria (I was dying to try this yarn!) and two cream colored skeins of Cascade 220 and Crystal Palace Labrador. Both of the cream colored skeins I could use with my current stash of Cascade 220 or Labrador or I could dye them with my long awaited acid dyes that I got today!



What a week! First I got my gift certificate from Judy’s Book (I know I told you I’m a “City Editor”, and we periodically get perks). Then my One Skein Secret Pal gave me a BBW gift certificate (remind me to show you what I got when it comes. It is very knitting related — a manicure set!)

Earlier this week I sent out my Knit Sock Kit Swap package to my pal, Chris. I’m glad I didn’t send her my failed felting project, because I got my package today.

You’ll never guess who my pal was — the wonderful, lovely and talented Zonda! It must have been hard for her to keep it a secret since she knows I read her blog weekly if not daily (thanks to Bloglines).

Anyway, are you ready to see what Zonda made for and sent to me? Here goes …

Zonda made me *two* bags — a gorgeous red and black sock bag, and a dpn holder with so many notions, I’ll never be without again! It is so cute, and really handy! (You may remember that awhile ago Zonda gifted me with my own needle case, as well!)

She also sent me some gorgeous Spirit Trail sock yarn, and my favorite discontinued Knit Picks Sock Garden in Zinnia!

It was funny, she left me clues as to who she was and I was totally clue-less! I didn’t even unpack the entire package, and entirely missed two parts! It was the last part that finally led me to understand who it was. And I call myself a librarian!

Thank you so much Zonda!



Look what I’ve been lugging around all week:

I know I’m the queen of tangled yarn.

This is option #2 for my One Skein Secret Pal gift. On a related note: thank you so much to my One Skein Secret Pal who sent me a very generous gift certificate today! Pampering and yarn, who can ask for more!



I got tagged by Cheeky Attitude! Here goes:

Five items in my freezer

1. WW Cookies and Cream ice cream sandwiches
2. Ice for iced tea
3. Kid Cuisines (I know, I’m a bad mom …)
4. Trader Joe’s frozen food for BR
5. Popsicles for the kids (see #3)

Five items in the closet:

1. Yarn
2. Legos
3. Hand me down clothes
4. Old photos
5. Yarn

Five items in the car

1. Knitting Project (baby blanket)
2. Knitting Project (sweater)
3. Knitting Project (bag)
4. Carseats
5. Scooters for the park

Five items in my backpack

1. Judy’s Book business cards
2. The same cell phone that everyone has
3. Wipes
4. Change of clothes
5. Knitting project (socks)

If you want to do it, you’re tagged too!



I have never been a felting fan, but this clinches it. I finished my French Market Bag days ago and it never dried! It also looked weird, so I decided I didn’t want to send it to my Knit Sock Kit Swap pal. See for yourself:

In better news, after much untangling (my fault, not the yarn’s), I finished my handdyed yarn for my pal:

For some reason the picture didn’t show it as variegated as it actually is. There are also a couple of handmade stitch markers in there. I hope she likes it!


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