Beading club.

Guess what? Now my camera is missing! DL and I spent an afternoon yesterday beading (yes, he loves making rings and bracelets for his friends) and I wanted to take a picture, but I couldn’t find my camera! So much for blogging, I guess.

I did make some cute stitch markers (imagine cute silver heart shaped beads and clear beads on silver wire with medium sized split rings) and even earrings! I promise to take a picture when BR gets the computer changed and my camera resurfaces.

In other news, you may know I am a “freshman in my 4th year at U.C.L.A.” (Any Julie Brown fans out there?) — okay, a fifth year grad student in a one year program. I am just about to start my last class, the comprehensive exam, and I just found out that I was supposed to submit my graduation application last semester! So I guess I’m not graduating until Spring. But I can’t work full time until at least summer so maybe that works out.

Finally, knitting. I am still working on my Crystal Palace Deco Ribbon bag. I have used up the two skeins I had and am untangling the last one to start the handle. When the handle is done I can finish up the bag part with the leftover yarn, sew it up in the strange way they show on their website and be done with two (three if you count the purple and black felted bag that I put through the washer two more times) purple bags in a month! A record for me, definitely.


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