I finally got around to updating my Free Patterns page. Basically I decided to try out Bloglines (I felt really lame at only 3 subscribers — why don’t you subscribe even if you don’t read regularly just to make me feel more popular? 😉 ) and found out that my Free Patterns page has more subscribers than my blog! So I added two patterns, a link to my Daily Knitter pattern, and my Sockapaloooza socks, I called Waving.

I’m not sure if it’s obvious but I try to make all my pattern names come from song titles. Some are obvious and some are not as much, and FYI, “Waving” is a really amazing Bevis Frond song.

When I’m not trying to jumpstart my burgeoning knitting design career, I’m dyeing yarn. I redyed my purple yarn (not the dark one) from two days ago, so there are no white/pink areas, and it’s pretty much dry so I’ll spend the evening untangling it. I should be able to post a picture tomorrow. My French Market Bag is also drying (though not fast enough — I am not a felting fan) and if it’s not ready tomorrow I’m considering putting it in the dryer. Would this be a mistake?

I discovered in my Bloglines excursion that my Knit Sock Kit Swap person is a well known blogger (or at least by some) so now I feel more pressure and I hope she likes what I’m putting together. Hopefully after Monday I’ll be able to finish up the Knitty SP7 and start on my Favorite Color Swap package. The Punk Rock Gift Exchange doesn’t start until September so I’ve got some time to relax (yeah, right).


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