So we should be getting back to normal soon. My dad came back with us so I didn’t have to deal with the kids by myself on the flight back, and he’s going home tomorrow so we have to get back into our own routine. The summer also officially started today as DL went off to Lego camp. I also had a bit of a milestone as IM started school today. It’s a long story, but basically he had to start in the summer because of a waiting list and new policies at our school. It was a traumatic day for all of us.

It’s really hard to get three boys to take a good photo:

Can you believe my baby started school today? I already felt old after visiting home, and this doesn’t help. Speaking of which, I actually found my first knitting project. I was making a sweater for school (we had a uniform). Apparently I knew nothing about gauge because this would have almost fit a football player, but at least I was almost done when I gave up. I saved you looking at the pattern picture, but suffice it to say it was the late ’80s …

My mom frogged it while I was at home and offered me the yarn, but it was definitely an acrylic blend so I told her she could just throw it away. I think she’s giving it to a friend who collects yarn and knits literally anywhere.

Also while I was visiting I started my “Savory” blanket for my friends’ baby who is 3 mos. old already. It’s a light summery blanket that I hope to finish by the fall!


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